Yellow kitchen (50 photos): bright and classic colors in the interior

Looking for something original to decorate the kitchen? Pay attention to the yellow color - it will create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth, bring a positive and sunny mood. Correctly selected design of the yellow kitchen will expand it visually and add notes of drive to everyday life. However, the design in yellow tones can quickly tire the eyes, so you need to gently use its shades in the interior, adhering to the right combinations with other colors.

Beautiful yellow kitchen set
Stylish black and yellow suite in the kitchen
Yellow glossy kitchen facade

Gray-yellow large kitchen
Gray-yellow kitchen

Features of yellow color in the interior

A special look gives the room yellow kitchen furniture, solar walls or golden stretch ceilings. For those who are not ready for radical changes, the best solution will be a classic kitchen with original additions - this could be a kitchen sofa, a table, chairs, tableware, curtains, tablecloth or a working apron, aged in yellow colors.

The main background of the walls should not cause discomfort and merge with the overall decor of the room. It is important to know that a small kitchen does not tolerate saturated colors - the smaller the room, the softer and more tender the shades of yellow should be.

Modern glossy yellow kitchen

White and yellow kitchen with live plants
Minimalistic yellow and white kitchen

Yellow accents in the gray-white kitchen
Yellow kitchen with a nice apron
White and yellow kitchen with shelves
Corner yellow kitchen
A large island with a yellow table top

Correct combination of yellow with other colors

Yellow is easily combined with other colors. Warm yellow shades are well combined with orange, brown, red. Dark shades are supplemented with silvery, blue, lilac, burgundy. In the interior design it is important to correctly choose the colors of the base palette and maintain a balance of saturation of the multi-colored scale:

  • White balances, creates an atmosphere of coolness and purity.
  • Green gently shades the kitchen, saturates the room with freshness and cheerfulness.
  • Light gray shades make the kitchen design luxurious and serious.
  • Black gives extravagance and practicality.
Gray-yellow suite in the kitchen with island
Yellow chairs, dining table and kitchen unit
White-yellow apron in the kitchen
Yellow facade of the kitchen in Scandinavian style
Interior of a small white and yellow kitchen
Kitchen set of pastel yellow color
Yellow wall in the kitchen

Classics of white color

The combination of yellow and white is most firmly embedded in the interiors of the dining rooms. White color balances hot tones, creates freshness and purity,
is well suited for classical interiors. The best combinations are soft yellow tones with milk, cream or neon-white. A successful solution will be to dilute the white-and-yellow range with silvery, beige or light gray interior details and accessories. For example, white wallpaper or wall tiles, white floors and stretch ceilings will be an excellent background for "sunny" furniture sets.

Small white and yellow kitchen
Corner white and yellow kitchen

Stylish gray-yellow shades

The yellow kitchen with a gray or silvery decor has a modern, stylish look. Here the whole focus is on the right choice of accessories: metal chairs or table, chrome surfaces of kitchen appliances and appliances, stainless steel utensils, a hi-tech chandelier, skins with black and white photo printing. Gray-yellow cuisine is a frequent option for the design of modern European houses and apartments.

Corner Radius Gray-Yellow Kitchen
Stylish Radius Gray-Yellow Kitchen
Gray-yellow modern kitchen set
Pastel yellow kitchen set
Round yellow island in the kitchen
Radius yellow kitchen

Careful combination with black

Black with yellow looks extravagant and exquisite, especially the yellow gloss on the kitchen set. But the kitchen in black can act overwhelmingly, so it's important to withstand the proportions and not allow unnecessary busting. The main advice is to dilute the yellow-black range with white or light gray paints.

Black-and-yellow kitchen-living room
Black and yellow corner kitchen unit
Yellow and black suite in the kitchen
Corner kitchen with yellow apron
Black top with yellow headset

Natural combination with green

The yellow-green kitchen looks fresh and gentle - bright shades are great for modern design, and soft tones emphasize the classic style. Popular is the style of country-style straight or corner kitchen in eco-style that recalls the warm summer, tender grass and joyous sunny days. This style is especially popular in England, North America and Scandinavian countries.

Light green salad

Olive coloring is highly valued in the design of dining rooms. Olive kitchen furniture looks gently and at ease, and olive gloss with a yellowish tint easily harmonize with warm shades of orange, beige, red.

Green-yellow narrow kitchen
Green sofa in white and yellow kitchen
Black, yellow and white colors in the facade of the kitchen set

Interiors in beige and brown tones

The beige and brown palette are neutral, so it is reasonable to decorate the wooden furniture with yellow, add accessories of sunny colors to the interior of the kitchen in brown style or hang a beige-yellow tulle on the windows. Traditional curtains in yellow colors, a bright mosaic with sunny ornament and even an apron with huge sunflowers will add fresh colors to the brown kitchen, and contrasting gray-black and white-cream tones dilute the "hot" sunny idyll.

Often, designers offer the design of the kitchen furniture from Wenge. Exotic wood of dark tones is in harmony with the light yellow background of the walls, and the combination of gold with wenge is the most successful option and gives brown kitchen an unobtrusive luxurious look.

Yellow table top in beige brown kitchen
Yellow, brown and beige in the interior of the kitchen

Yellow, brown and beige in the interior of the kitchen
Brown floor and table in the kitchen with a yellow apron
Brown-white kitchen set with yellow apron
Yellow-brown kitchen set

Cheerfulness of lilac and violet flowers

Purple mosaic, bright pink print on wallpaper or beautiful curtains with lilac flowers can revive the room with new colors. The most suitable combination is a lilac kitchen (furniture) and a light ceiling or a floor in a yellow tone. Beautifully look in the yellow kitchen of the supplement in purple colors: napkins, apron, tender tulle on the window, lovely violets on the windowsill. Purple or purple colors of accessories are a drop of freshness in the color of the yellow kitchen.

Purple walls in the kitchen with a white and yellow suite

Union of blue, blue and turquoise

The yellow-blue kitchen is a harmonious combination of cold tones with bright yellow color. For example, on a blue background the mosaic of yellow flowers looks great. To design was not too bright, you need to complement the main palette with white and cream tones.

Well combined yellow and turquoise palettes. It can be a beautiful yellow wallpaper, favorably underlined by the turquoise suite, a bright tile of sand color, laid on the floor, a turquoise tablecloth or a chandelier resembling the sun - there are no limits to fantasy.

Blue-yellow accents in the bright kitchen

Rich red and orange

For Europeans, the kitchen in the red style is too aggressive. Therefore, a yellow kitchen with a red decor will be more like a Chinese style. Beautifully looks angular or straight red kitchen on a gentle yellow wall background. Also, a magnificent decoration here will be the yellow glassware in the red kitchen sideboard. The Russian style is characterized by a golden color combined with red additions. It can be red dishes or wall decor in red.

Orange and pink accents in white and yellow kitchen

The combination of orange and yellow flowers is not frequent in the interior of the kitchen rooms. Orange cuisine requires an attentive attitude, where a special highlight is the use of strict geometric shapes. Perfectly complement such an interior curtains in a strip, table or kitchen sofa in blue, blue, purple.

The yellow color is bright and warm. Light green, beige, orange, brown, red kitchens are well combined with yellow accessories and supplements. Do not be afraid to experiment - only you know what is best for you and your family.

Yellow, brown and white in the interior of the kitchen
Yellow kitchen with black and white apron
Small kitchen with yellow facade
White and yellow kitchen with a peninsula
Yellow, black and white colors in the interior of the kitchen with an island

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