Interior of the yellow bedroom (44 photos): juicy interiors for relaxation

The yellow color is summer, warmth, cheerful mood and childish spontaneity. It would seem that more is needed to create a cozy and beautiful interior? Yes, in principle, nothing. Yellow color is perfectly combined with other shades. Especially stylish looks the yellow bedroom, the main thing is to properly and responsibly work out its design.

Yellow panel and bed linen in the bedroom
Bedroom with a yellow wall in the attic
Child with yellow accents

The combination of shades

  • Yellow looks good with almost any neutral colors: purple, green, white palette, etc. If you use a black and white background in the bedroom (decoration of walls or ceiling) and yellow-orange accessories, you can get an elegant and original atmosphere.
  • No less interesting is the French suburban design - brown scale with the use of yellow, light gray and white-yellow color.
  • Another option that is suitable for decorating the bedroom is the orange finish of the room with blue. The latter in this case is used in the decoration of textiles.
  • Dark yellow color is ideally complemented, for example, dark blue wallpaper with a rich golden pattern.
Yellow accents in the attic bedroom

To the note: according to psychologists, the yellow bedroom, or rather the color itself, helps to calm down and regain composure.

  • Wallpaper for the walls of yellow color, "diluted" with bed linens with the original pattern make the interior bright and unusual. Of course, it requires a competent approach, otherwise it will not be a spectacular yellow bedroom, but a room with a defiant design in "rough" tones.
  • Do not use in the interior of the room and a clean yellow color. It is better to dilute the design with muted neutral shades, and also use light green or purple colors (yellow walls, green, white or brown furniture, beige ceiling, etc.)
  • Couples of Provence style will no doubt like the yellow soft color in combination with white-blue, black-gray or gray-green: lemon walls, orange ceiling, purple or turquoise furniture, light-green curtains and sky-blue accessories.
White-white bedroom
A beautiful combination of yellow with other flowers in the bedroom

Yellow wall and bed linen in the bedroom
Brown-yellow bedroom

Turquoise-yellow bedroom
White-yellow children's

Select background


To decorate the walls in the yellow style, you can use decorative panels or wallpaper with a beautiful pattern. In this case, do not be afraid of saturated yellow flowers - these walls are easy to "balance", for example, white and pink furniture or accessories in calm tones.

Gray walls in the bedroom with yellow decor

A good solution is a turquoise bedroom with only one yellow wall. As for the other surfaces, they are made gray-white or in harmony with the accent wall.

In addition, often use wallpaper with a large print of plant subjects - for example, with a picture of a sunflower, as well as wallpaper with the presence of blue-yellow petals or green flowers.

Yellow walls in the bedroom
Yellow accent in the bedroom
Pastel yellow walls
Gray walls in the bedroom


As a floor covering it is necessary to choose a parquet of brown color or gray-black kovrolin.

Brown floor in gray-yellow bedroom
Striped carpet in the bedroom
White floor in the bedroom
Gray floor in the yellow-gray bedroom


But it's better to trim the ceiling with a white stretch design, plaster or cover with blue-blue panels. It is possible to have original contrasting patterns or drawings: animals and even fictional heroes in yellow tones. It is especially appropriate if a child's bedroom is made in yellow.

Yellow-blue ceiling in the bedroom

Yellow-blue ceiling in the bedroom
White ceiling in the bedroom with black and yellow furniture
White ceiling in the bedroom with yellow walls
White ceiling in the bedroom with yellow curtains


The yellow bedroom provides contrasting furniture (relative to the walls). The choice here is quite wide: a blue bed with a headboard made of natural wood, bedside tables with a blue and white polish, green-salad wardrobes, etc. The use of calm tones makes the interior in the yellow bedroom softer and more natural.

Yellow and white furniture in the bedroom

Yellow and white furniture in the bedroom

Important: furniture, which has a natural yellow color, is rare in stores. Of course, if the budget allows, you can order furniture on an individual project.

Excellent fit in the yellow interior and wickerwork or objects decorated with elements of forging.

White furniture in the bedroom
Gray bed and white and yellow armchair in the bedroom
Black and yellow furniture in the bedroom
Black and yellow textiles in the bedroom


The bedroom in yellow tones will be as cozy and spacious as possible only if there is soft, but quite intensive lighting. These are ceiling lamps, wall sconces and beautiful outdoor floor lamps (the desired color is a soft white color or a light blue palette).

Beautiful spot lighting in a yellow and white bedroom
Original pink chandelier in the bedroom with yellow accents

Original pink chandelier in the bedroom with yellow accents
Wall lamps in the bedroom
Spot lights and table lamps in a white-and-yellow bedroom
Chandelier, floor lamp and table lamp in white and yellow bedroom


There must necessarily be a variety of accessories and a large number of textiles. For example, curtains should be selected for several tones brighter than the color of the room itself: a green-lemon wall or ceiling will be complemented by bright yellow curtains on the windows, and vice versa. Similarly, coverlets, pillows, bed linens, etc., are selected.

Yellow and white chest of drawers and beautiful decor for the bedroom

There will be appropriate and various paintings, figurines, vases, brown or purple finishing the head of the bed. The yellow bedroom is usually not trimmed in the style of minimalism, and therefore without stylish decor and original furniture can not do. And it does not matter whether the child is a room or an adult.

To the note: in the bedroom of yellow color the graphic black-and-white subjects, the green invoice, the combined pink wallpaper and a turquoise or blue palette are ideally looked.

It is highly undesirable to use one color scheme in this style. It shadows the borders, makes the situation unpleasant, faceless and heavy.

Beautiful mirrors and other decor for the bedroom with yellow accents
Blue walls in a nursery with yellow accents
White and yellow bedroom in country style
Yellow, white and brown in the interior of the bedroom
The combination of yellow, gray and white in the bedroom
Pastel yellow walls in the bedroom
Mirror panels in a bedroom with yellow walls
Accessories in the bedroom in yellow and white colors
Simple decor black and yellow bedroom
Yellow accents in the children's bedroom

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