White furniture in the interior (18 photos): beautiful room design

Unconventional, bright, boldly and boldly looks in any interior white furniture. The set made in this color attracts a kind of "inner" freedom, a great space, harmony. However, this choice is a delicate matter, presupposing at least a basic knowledge of the stylistic design of premises, as a maximum - an exquisitely delicate taste. But nothing is impossible!

White bed and curbstones in the bedroom

White furniture, or a precise understanding of color

Deciding to choose for your bedroom, living room, baby room or kitchen furniture set in white, think about its saturation, depth, energy. Despite the fact that the white color is white for everyone, each owner of the room, the designer will "see" in it his own shade, from which he will repulse, creating an interior in a certain color range.

White sofa in the living room

Therefore, white furniture - it's matte-flawless, and cocktail-dairy, and fresh-frosty. Listen to your desires, appreciate the creative possibilities and only after that get a furniture set in white!

At the same time, it is worthwhile to understand whether white furniture will be the main decorative unit of the interior or will be its peculiar complement, which "dispels" the view and focuses it on other subtleties and elements. The first option is the idea of ​​decorating rooms of a small area so that space "expanded", became voluminous and "shined up" as much as possible. Large areas of the living room or kitchen can make pieces of furniture in white color a single whole with finishing materials, accessories, lighting. You decide!

White furniture in the living room

Features white, or according to one or another style of the interior

Flawlessly white furniture in the interior is a classic solution for modern styles, intriguing - for historical, creative - for natural and national. However, white is white, therefore, looking at the options, considering the models and series of white bedrooms, kitchens, children's or hallways, do not forget that white:

  • refers to simple, restrained and concise colors. And in order that it interestingly "leap" in your interior, does not resemble a hospital ward, you need an opposite, contrasting hue or sufficient presence of bright and voluminous decorative elements, accessories;
  • can be glossy and matte. The first idea is not at all banality and the desire to express "nothing", but a certain way to beat a room in which there is little natural light, which is a passage room, for example, and make it more expressive and attracting attention as much as possible. The second idea is the embodiment of the innovator's dream of a white room with its many shades in order to rest a little in the creative way;
  • universal, because it harmoniously combines with any colors and shades. The main thing here is your mood and the atmosphere of the room, which you want to achieve from a room with white furniture. Expressed shades, giving peace and serenity, pacification, you can consider terracotta and lavender, lilac and turquoise, pink and birch. To create "focal points of attention" will help orange and green, blue and burgundy, purple and chocolate, but the classics of black and gray will give unsurpassed charm, aristocracy and sophistication to the room in one of the modern styles;
  • requires care. Dust, stains, stains on glossy or matte furniture are unacceptable, so when choosing white furniture, remember the need for careful care. Only in this way a furniture set can charm, subdue, subordinate!
White furniture in a classic kitchen
Black and white furniture in the living room
White bed with black linens in the bedroom

White and materials, or compliance with interior styles

Intriguing white furniture for the living room, or kitchen-dining room, or bathroom - it's furniture from certain materials. The structure, texture, naturalness of metal, wood, glass, innovative plastic will be one of the decisive influences on the overall perception of the interior in this or that style. Here, as in everything, harmony is important: if furniture is made in the style of historical eras - there are a lot of decorative elements, non-trivial forms, carved legs - the finishing materials should be smooth and "calm" and vice versa, for simple and discreet white furniture you can pick up finishing materials of different textures and textures, as well as pay attention to textiles made from natural fabrics with an obvious relief-texture.

White-gray bedroom
White leather sofa in the living room

Natural styles: harmony of nature

Simple, hand-crafted furniture made of solid wood, valuable woods, painted white - this is the prerogative of rustic, country or ethno style. However, an impeccably uniform layer of paint, varnish is not an option for this case. Flows and scratches, small chips and visible mechanical damage, scrapes and even the roughness of individual pieces of furniture - this is the white one for this style.

White furniture in the bedroom in the style of Provence

Décor options for creating a certain note are many, ranging from fantastic decoupage to painting with paints to craquelure, creating a magical cobweb on the surface. The latter option will allow "to examine" a layer of cobwebs of a couple of tones of furniture that were "here" to white. This decoration under the antiquity will bring a note of originality, harmony, bliss and calm to the room, it will adjust to a lyrical and romantic mood.

Another pleasure in choosing furniture for natural styles is the possibility of preferring furniture from metal. However, it's not about restrained and laconic furniture on a metal frame, but about, for example, a forged bed that will amaze wi
th monumentality and elegance, ornate pattern-pattern and impeccable work of the master. The coloration of the metal frame in white is not only a long and impeccable service life of a forged bed, but also its harmonious union with a bright room in the style of eco or Provence. A pair of decorative elements of olive, pink, blue - and the mood is playful, luxurious, idle!

White bed and chest of drawers in the bedroom in the style of Provence

Modern styles as a tribute to practicality and functionality

Quality white leather furniture - "party" style loft, minimalism, high-tech, functional or similar. She will express respectability and luxury, consistency and the pursuit of excellence. However, one thing is important here - the skin should not be superficial, but completely colored in white, so that dark spots (aniline skin) do not appear through the pores. Such a furniture set will give harmony not only due to refinement and hidden dynamics, but also due to pleasant tactile sensations.

White semi-circular sofa in a modern interior

Leather white furniture is ideally combined with tables of glass, with other pieces of furniture that have a metal base. However, here one limitation is the classic shades of steel, slate, white and black in case you want laconism, simplicity and restraint. Do you prefer the share of creativity and fantasy? At your disposal are uniquely decorated countertops, facades of chests of drawers, cabinets with elements of decoupage, fusing, painting.


Leather furniture will serve for a long time, regularly, charming and bewitching with high-quality characteristics and excellent appearance. The only requirement is regular wet cleaning in order to prolong the beauty for the longest possible period.

White corner sofa in a modern interior

Classical-historical styles, or is, where to play out to the white

It seems that white furniture is not created for classical styles, in which chocolate and wheat, cognac and dark brown predominate, and historical styles are also characterized by shades of bordeaux and red, blue and gold, green and ... white. The main thing - the right choice of shade, glossy or matte surface. And you are amazed at the interior, the main dominant of which is white furniture.

White in the historical interior - a lot of decorative "chips", eye-catching shapes, decoration and some pretentious texture and texture. However, people in past eras have been allowed a lot!

White and brown furniture in the dining room
Kitchen furniture with white facade

White furniture in the interior, or how to make exquisitely, beautifully, easily and simply

Many, buying white furniture for their own living room or kitchen-dining room, forget to take care of its harmonious combination with finishing materials, textiles, other architectural elements, such as columns, arches, openings. If this happened to you - it does not matter, there will be enough time for prosperity, and making the interior alive and playful, expressive and bright despite the prevalence of white color can be simple and easy.

National and historical interiors with white furniture will complement decorative items. It can be an old, decorated wicker basket that served your ancestors, or a table made of handmade vine in addition to a white furniture set, or bright pillows of all kinds of colors and shapes scattered on any seating surfaces, and even an ordinary broom!

Black and white furniture in the living room

But to make a bright living note in a modern interior with white furniture will help a huge plant in a tub. The green "friend" will become a part of the interior, in which practicality, coldness, detachment and functionality come first. It is he, the ficus of Benjamin or the monster, that will help make space one whole, cozy, fantasy, exquisite in a special way.

And you will understand that such a simple in choosing white furniture is in fact a fine line between style, sophistication, drive and creativity. The experiment is worth it!

White kitchen set in the combined living room and kitchen
White Bathroom Furniture
White furniture in the Scandinavian interior

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