Black and white hallway (50 photos): a universal solution

The black and white hallway is bright and clean, but in the absence of functionality, it is a kind of protest against the prevailing clichés. A white hallway will enable the hostess to demonstrate her talent in maintaining cleanliness. Moreover, this is a very unusual decision, which will not be decided by everyone. But to create such an exclusive interior, you need to understand all the subtleties and adhere to several rules.

Black and white hallway in Scandinavian style
Black and white modern entrance hall
Black and white hallway in the Art Deco style

Combination of white and black areas

The fundamental moment in this design is the successful expansion and narrowing of the space. All dark things will be visually narrowed, and the light ones will be vice versa. It can be very successfully used for such a small room as the hallway. If it is small, then you should use more light, here in a large space you can afford more black shades.

Interiors of small black and white vestibules

The only option of black, which expands any space - is a bright glossy black. Using such a black one, you can make the texture of the surface somewhat multilayered and multifaceted, turning everything into an unusual black mirror. This can be successfully applied to floors and ceilings to slightly "lift" the room.

Black and white country hallway

However, white ceilings are almost classics, because they make a great room higher. To emphasize the whiteness of the ceiling, you can use black edging, dark overlapping or create a pattern. This method is original also looks on the massive closets.

Black and white modern entrance hall

Black and white spacious entrance hall
Narrow chest of drawers in a black and white hallway

Black glossy wall in a black and white hallway
Golden accents in the black and white corridor
Black chandelier and black and white wall in the hallway
Black chest of drawers in the hallway

A game with shadows on the walls

It is recommended to make one of the colors the leader, and the other only as its complement. So the space will not be annoying. Most often the main color is white, so that the hallway does not look small, heavy and gloomy. To make the leading color black, you will have to apply a lot of effort to harmonize the room.

Black and white walls in the hallway

White areas should be really accents, and lighting needs to be significantly increased. Surprisingly, all inaccuracies and divorces during cleaning on the black surface are noticeable much more than on white.

Furniture is recommended to immediately choose the most closed. That the various clothes, footwear and accessories did not spoil all harmony of an interior. Ideal for this fit wardrobes, special shoe cabinets and cabinets with a sufficient number of drawers. Such furniture for the hallway can be bought ready or make a unique design.

Black glossy floor in the hallway

Black glossy floor in the hallway

In a dark color, it is recommended to make out the sections that are closest to the entrance door. Usually this is the most marquee place and spots on the white wall will have to constantly wash or update these areas. In general, it is desirable to immediately select such materials that will not deteriorate from intensive cleaning and cleaning products:

  • For floors - this is a laminate. But chemical cleanings are contraindicated.
  • If in the future cleaning will be necessary and with various means, then it is desirable to lay out the floor with tiles.
  • Also suitable is ceramic tiles.
  • Mosaic panels.
  • A special charm will give the room a stone. You can use both natural and artificial.
Black, white and cream colors in the interior of the hallway

All these options are widely filed in black and white. There are monotonous variations, with different patterns, patterns and even whole pictures.

Those parts of the hallway, which will not need to be washed often, can be decorated with wallpaper or different types of special decorative plaster. Do not give up the idea of ​​painting large surfaces. It will be much easier to maintain, clean and update. If the monophonic coating bores you, it will be much easier to decorate it by adding a pattern or a whole picture. You can also create
it with paint or special stickers.

Beige wallpapers in the black and white living room
Black and white hallways with color accents
Closet in a black and white hallway
Black and white furniture in the hallway
Black and white floral wallpaper in the hallway
Black and white pictures in the corridor

Decoration of the floor in black and white design

Both black and white refer to the colors of the brand, especially if it is a carpet floor. If you have a choice, then instead of these colors, give preference to grayscale. A radically white or black floor will exacerbate the problem. You can make the floor not only with a soft coating, but also with linoleum, laminate, tiles and a pattern of tiles treated with marble. Graphic drawings on the floor look modern and stylish. Tile helps to solve the problem of cleanliness. Even black or white enough to wipe with a wet rag so that it shone with pure colors again.

Black and white tiles on the floor in the hallway

Rugs at the doors should also become a continuation of the hallway style, observing the black and white dress code. Both the mat and the textile are perfect if they are stylized as Dalmatian wool, zebra or chess. Perhaps another black-and-white drawing or ornament, which already met in other elements of the hallway interior, is designed.

Black-gray tiles with a pattern on the floor in the hallway
Black and white tiles with interspersed on the floor in the hallway
Black and white floor in the hallway
Black and white floor in the apartment
Black and white tiles in the hallway
Black and white mat in the hallway
Black and white floor design in the hallway
Black tile in the hallway and white parquet in the living room
Unusual black and white floor in the hallway in the Art Nouveau style

Monochrome Romanticism

Agree, more charming and romantic style, than the retro is difficult to find in the black and white interior. Only a little can compete styles in Greek performance or art deco. And each has its own characteristics and special details, of which the whole mood will consist.

Black and white living room in retro style

In retro it will be unacceptable to use modern technology and materials. They must correspond to that magical epoch. In the Greek manner of design it is desirable to use specific twisted ornaments, and space can be separated by contrasting strips. Art-deco is characterized by its forged and carved elements, air circular weaving. All these styles are very fond of natural materials and soft textiles, they are easily realized in a white and black palette.

Living rooms in black and white colors with a touch of retro
Living room in black and white in Art Deco style
Minimalistic black and white anteroom
Black and white entrance hall in a rustic style
Black table in the hallway
Black stretch ceiling in the white hallway
Black and white small hallway
Black and white floral wallpaper in the hallway

Black and white merging

Monochrome entrance hall - an opportunity to show the designer's imagination in all its breadth. This is the unique case when high-tech elements can harmoniously co-exist with baroque, and next to the style of the northern wenge can comfortably inhabit the African flavor.

Black and white hallways with brown accents

An example of such an entrance hall can serve as the proposed description: majestic black walls, pasted wallpaper with a velvet effect, in the center of which is a black front door in a snow-white minimalist loot. On the sides of the door you can arrange painted in white chairs in the style of rococo, with backs in the form of lyre, over which to place lamps simulating candles in transparent cups, or mirrors in frames corresponding to the style of the door. The wardrobe in such a hallway can be, like in a rocaille style, match the chairs, or a wardrobe made in black and white minimalism. Such an interior can not be forgotten by your guests, but you will want to return to your fabulous beautiful house all the time.

Black and white hallways in private houses

Another variant of the hallway is absolutely white wardrobes, or a coupe, the same white walls, and the doorway is painted with black glossy paint, making one with a glossy black floor, decorated with tiles. Good accents can be a white pouf on the floor, or a black chandelier on the ceiling. These accents will dilute the space separated by a clear color boundary.

Black and white hallways with a predominance of white

Although the black and white gamma is more known as a symbol of minimalism, it can express bizarre forms, a fantasy game, its embodiment in lines and forms like:

  1. High-tech, where laconism and geometry justify any element, as functional, combined with transparent and opaque surfaces
  2. Classicality that can be freely enriched with silver elements, gray accents, points of concentration, floor tiles under the expensive finishing stone
  3. Art deco, like the flowery cobweb of lace, airy decor
  4. Southern or eastern ethno-styles, expressed in radically-contrasting colors, that will add some kind of fabulousness
  5. Pop art, in which images and lines are stylized, as if from animated comic books
Black and white Scandinavian hallways

Previously, it was customary to assume that the hallway should be designed in the same style with a common apartment design. A new look at home repairs allows you to design all rooms in different independent styles, which makes the space a kind of unique collection of treasures in one casket.

Black and white corridor with beige floor
Black glossy door in the hallway
Black and white staircase in the hallway
Black and white minimalist anteroom
Black and white hallway with red accents
Black and white cozy anteroom

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