A roomy wardrobe in a small room: storage features

The issue of compact storage of things has high relevance among the owners of one-room apartments. What if there are no extra meters in the house, but there is a great desire to place all your favorite clothes in a specially equipped dressing room? Naturally, in such conditions it is impossible to allocate a lot of space or even a separate room for storing things. But, with the help of modern furniture and built-in structures, you can make a very compact, but roomy wardrobe even in an apartment with one room.

Beautiful dressing room

Cloakroom instead of a pantry

Now in one-room new buildings as a rule do not do pantry, because of their uselessness. In the old typical Khrushchevs, almost everyone has a small pantry in the corridor or room, and sometimes even two.

If you have a pantry, you solve two problems at once. First, you have the desired wardrobe, the second - in your house there will be no place to store junk, and so the rubbish itself will not be. The only thing that is worth noting is that with this option it will be necessary to take care of ventilation in the pantry and good lighting.

If we talk about the design of the dressing room, then for the design choose light colors, put a good laminate on the floor, make a beautiful door. For visual expansion of the space, use mirrors, as additional lighting, LED backlight. All this will make your wardrobe an ideal place for storing clothes from delicate fabrics.

Shelvings for shoes

The pantry door will also serve to house your belongings. It can be attached to hooks for handkerchiefs, bags and scarves, belts and ties. You can use special devices for glasses and clutches, as well as any other accessories.

Part of the room under the wardrobe

If space allows, then under the wardrobe can be allocated part of the room, about 3-4 sq.m. In this wardrobe will fit not only racks for things, but a large mirror so that you can try on clothes right there. Gypsum plasterboard partitions are perfect for organizing such a dressing room - they are thin and will occupy very little space. For the resulting room, it is worth choosing the right lighting, for example, install wall sconces or make spotlights in the ceiling.

To equip the wardrobe, you can use special metal frames, which are made in order to be able to place a maximum of clothes and shoes in a small area. Such systems are not cumbersome, they look easy and modern.

In addition to plasterboard partitions, you can use sliding doors of the compartment for the wardrobe device. If your apartment has a free groove, until you just need to make wide doors from wall to wall. Or this space can be separated by a screen.

Design of a dressing room

Closet-compartment to the ceiling

Instead of the equipment of the dressing room, you can do with a simple closet cabinet that is high up to the ceiling. Depending on the area and layout of the room, such a cabinet can be either angular or conventional rectangular. If the room has a niche, then the closet compartment will fill it perfectly.

Needless to say, properly laid out things that have their place for storage for a long time will retain their original appearance, they will not melt and deteriorate. The dressing room solves all these tasks, especially if it is sufficiently light and spacious.

Practical storage systems

Sometimes it is impossible to make a full dressing room available space. In small one-room apartments about 30 square meters. m. It is problematic to put a simple wardrobe, let alone a small room for storing clothes. Then an acceptable alternative would be compact storage systems that can be partitioned on walls and doors. Such systems include various trunks, textile folding shelves, hooks and many other modules.

System for storing clothes
Clothes hangers
Original hanger

Beautiful design of cloak rooms

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