Patio in the garden: relax area with your own hands (23 photos)

The patio is a comfortable place for leisure and communication in the open air, it is increasingly decorating the exteriors of private estates outside the city. The idea is to create a special zone of relaxation, a secluded area, protected from extraneous views. To build a patio on the dacha with their own hands, in most cases, choose a place at the wall of the building - where it is sunny and cozy, and in case of sudden weather, you can quickly move into the house.

Patio on the balcony
Patio with barbecue

In ancient Europe, behind the deaf palace walls, courtyards with luxurious green spaces and fountains were built, where celebrations, family fun, special guests were held in the open air. Cozy grounds inside the courtyard were erected not only in the aristocracy, traditionally beautiful patios were built in every house.

Patio in the gazebo
Patio area from pavers

Today, the patio in the garden is a secluded place where it is comfortable to luxuriate under the sun, to have dinner on fine days, to communicate with loved ones, to meet guests or to organize romantic meetings under the starry sky.

Patio at the cottage

Features of the structure

The classic design of the patio includes a base in the form of a paved area. The space is equipped according to the expected load: traditionally a small table and comfortable chairs made of wood. For fans of a particular holiday you can install a hammock, benches-swings, rocking chairs. In the design of the patio at the cottage with a swimming pool are suitable sun loungers.

Patio made of wood
Patio in the courtyard of the house

To create an atmosphere of privacy, the building is surrounded on all sides by exterior elements:

  • walls of the country house and economic buildings;
  • fence - a blind fence of the territory of suburban property;
  • branched flowering bushes and trees with thick foliage;
  • living hedge;
  • decorative fence of twigs.

The main concept of the arrangement of the garden patio is the use of elements exclusively with natural components to ensure harmony with the environment.

Patio area of ​​stone tile

Patio with fireplace

Surface Finishing

To create a comfortable base surface, the patio area on the dacha is decorated with cement slabs, stone, terracotta tiles or exteriors.

Stone decoration is distinguished by its thoroughness and splendor, as well as the high cost of the material. A decent alternative to a stone is considered to be a brick - it is easy to fold beautiful ornaments and patterns on the site, and the cost of production varies in the available range.

Especially popular is decking, which has excellent aesthetic characteristics and high resistance to external influences. The wood-polymer composite is performed by the method of processing chip-sawdust under the influence of high temperatures. Decking is not subject to destructive influence of climatic factors, it is resistant to mechanical loads, its application is easy to imitate various kinds of wooden coating. The material has an edge lock connection, it is mounted on the basis of the frame, which is made of metal elements or a beam of wood.

Forged furniture on the patio
Patio Furniture

To build a patio in the dacha with their own hands, often use a mosaic of colored tile fragments. The fragments of the material, assembled into a single ornament, look original, you can also lay out the mosaic by the chaotic arrangement of the individual elements. The availability of broken tiles allows you to beautifully decorate the site without much financial expense. To the democratic types of material for paving beautiful patios also include paving stones and cement tiles.

Patio in Art Nouveau style
Small Patio

Decorative components

Traditionally, the patio in landscape design is surrounded by scenery from green spaces, and also in decoration:

  • garden sculpture from natural bases - gypsum figures, geometric forms of stone, etc .;
  • small fountains, pools, ponds with fish, brooks;
  • decorative fence made of twigs;
  • pergolas and arches framed by climbing plants;
  • ceramic flowerpots.

To competently build a patio in the country, you must also provide a beautiful view - build nearby an alpine hill or waterfall. Equally impressive is the environment with ornamental plants and fruit trees of rare species.

Patio in the house by the lake

We choose a place for patio

To build a summer nook in the open, you should choose the appropriate place in the garden:

  • in the classical variant of the arrangement the patio is erected directly at the wall of the house;
  • for a secluded holiday in the cool shade with a book or laptop, a playground near the sprawling tree in the garden is suitable;
  • To make a patio in the country for fans of natural tan, choose an open area.

If you decide to make a patio in the dacha with your own hands for romantic evenings for two, then choose a place in a remote corner of the garden. Free a small area, make a cover of the site and a path to it. Provide the area with appropriate lighting and place a table with two chairs. Here, the couple in love will not get an annoying noise, nor a curious look from the side.

Patio design

To communicate with friends, they build a beautiful patio in any accessible garden area. The choice of the place in this case is dictated by the nature of the gatherings: for quiet conversations a cup of tea is decorated with a cozy place near the living area, but if the playground is intended for noisy parties of young people, it is better to build a complex at a distance from the holiday home so as not to interfere with the rest of the household.

For gay meetings in the company of friends in the design of the summer corner under the sky, you can use a set of chairs and armchairs or equip the area with benches along a long table. A frequent component of the arrangement of this dacha structure is the brazier. Friendly gatherings are usually delayed long after midnight, then the hearth after cooking shish kebab can be used as additional lighting, and as a source of heat on a cool evening.

A practical option for arranging a summer relaxation corner for a family is to choose a wall area in the front or back of the holiday home. Wooden benches and chairs can be equipped with removable cushions for convenience. Favorably emphasize the sophistication of arranging a beautiful patio rattan furniture.

Patio with oven

Exterior attributes with forged elements are also relevant here: garden swings with luxurious decor made of delicate metallic, chairs with expressive curves and smooth lines. For small households, it is worthwhile to build a sandbox or set up a compact playground under a shady pergola with lianas or grapevine.

Patio with pergola

Features of the patio building with their own hands

Flawless flatness of the surface is an important condition when choosing the terrain for erecting a future site for a comfortable rest in the yard. Otherwise, it is necessary to eliminate the relief faults on your own and smooth out the selected area.

If you have not decided how to make a patio at the dacha, then know that the configuration of the structure can be round, square, polyhedral or other geometry.

Wicker Patio Furniture

Prepare materials and devices:

  • shovel shovel and bayonet, building level, rubber kiyanka;
  • a trolley, a broom, a device for compacting sand;
  • a spray with water;
  • a herbicidal solution;
  • fine sand.

To cover the surface, purchase a quality paving stone or cement tile, having previously calculated the required amount of material.

Patio in the garden

Sequence of work:

  • mark the external boundary of the erected site with stitched twine;
  • clear the terrain from the plantings, thoroughly clean from the weeds;
  • carefully align the ground, while the height of the selected area should be below the general surface level by about 10 cm;
  • thoroughly soil the soil, treat it with a herbicide formulation;
  • on the perimeter of the designated area excavate a pit not more than 20 cm deep, make sure that the fertile layer has been completely removed;
  • fill the foundation pit with sand and diligently pound it, pre-wetting with water for a quality seal.

The tiling is started from the perimeter of the site. Between the fragments of the coating, a distance of 8-10 mm is maintained. Use the building level, adjust the irregularities of the trim with a rubber kyankoy.

Garden patio

After laying the interlacing gap is filled with sand, the excess is removed by a broom. To speed up the compaction of sand in the crevices between the finishing fragments, the surface of the coating is carefully poured with water, preventing the sand from washing out of the gaps. The procedure is repeated several times at intervals to absorb the liquid.

Patio on the veranda

Final touches

To the finished construction of the site a path is made of the same materials. Then follow the work on lighting and ennobling the patio in the garden:

  • install lighting fixtures on solar panels or electric lights for a garden with a matte glow. High-quality illumination contributes to the creation of additional comfort in the allocated space;
  • make sure that the furniture arrangement harmoniously fits into the surrounding exterior. Use a small table and a minimal set of chairs, do not clutter up the rest space;
  • decorate the perimeter of the site: arrange sculptural forms, flower pots and other exteriors;
  • if necessary, build a pergola with climbing plants to create a shady zone.

Patios with spacious dimensions are decorated with decorative benches or a sofa, they are completed with a comfortable table height.

Patio in the backyard of the house

An obligatory element of the design of an open area for leisure is the green plantations that surround the perimeter of the site. Moreover, the surrounding flora is designed to create an unobtrusive effect of improvement, but should not attract insects with a bright color and aroma. Do not overdo the planting near the patio of vegetation with motley inflorescences and honey trees, it is fraught with bee-hive, wasps and flies, which threatens with unpleasant consequences for holidaymakers.

Patio of a country house

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