Decorative vase in the interior (20 photos): beautiful and original design

Bright, noticeable, fascinating ... The one that has become not only a practical and functional capacity for storing bouquets or just created flower compositions, but also one that has become the focal point of your interior. Yes, this is it, a decorative vase or a whole group of a single collection, creating an iridescent mood, serving the main and auxiliary purpose. Understand the types, materials, marvel at the ease of use!

Beautiful glass vase in the interior

Types, forms and materials: the unifying principle

Modern vases in the interior - it's all sorts of bizarre shapes, various colors, a few "classic" and a couple of innovative materials. Such a combination of parameters will help a certain vase (or a couple) to become not only your favorite, but also as naturally and organically fit into the interior of the office created in the style of English classics, or in the living room in high-tech style, or in the bedroom in the style of Provence . Find a vessel for flowers, which will play a more decorative role, it's easier than it seems!

White and green vases in the interior

The decorative vase that you liked, can be created by masters-magicians from:

  • crystal, special tempered glass, decorated with decorative fusing techniques and the like. Such a vase of any shape will bring ease into the room, play of light, airiness. The flowers in long stems will look as effective as possible, and you will once again want to see the bubbles and the play of water in the vessel, having stood for a moment in front of the table / shelf / any other surface;
  • ceramics, porcelain. In such models, the national color, ornamental designs, plant tunes, "belonging" to this or that century of this or that people are most appreciated. Modern variants are a vase decorated with carpet, geometric or figural painting;
  • metal. The idea of ​​copper or another metal - an excellent option for the style of rustic or country, especially if the vessel is a bit old with decorating. A unique idea is a completely forged vase, serving as a stylish aesthetic component or storage capacity for non-living plants and flowers, such bright decor elements;
  • plastic. Such a vase is a "spot of attention" in the room of modern interiors, steel and cold, requiring bright inclusions-elements. A plastic vase is a kind of statuette in a residential or business room, emphasizing its decoration, stylistics, colors and special "chips". The advantage of this capacity is obvious - minimal weight, reliability, practicality, all kinds of colors and shapes;
  • wood, rattan or vines. Original and unique will look in any room a wooden vase in the form of a huge ball, or in the image of clear geometric shapes, or a vessel of a classical type with a unique carving of handwork. It will become the embodiment of mood and powerful energy, peace and naturalness. At the same time, chocolate, cognac, terracotta, sand, birch shades perfectly "fit" into the interior of national and natural styles, but a tree painted in steel, blue-black, brown will become an adornment of loft style, minimalism and the like.
Table vase from blue glass

For the floor. An outdoor vase in the interior should be noticeable. Therefore, bright and rich colors and shades, as well as large sizes are appropriate here. Any of these models will become an independent decorative objects of the room, concentrating on itself the attention of family members and guests. At the same time filling it with fresh flowers is not necessary. Succulent dried branches, vines, flowers and even light paper embellishments.

Beautiful outdoor vases

For surfaces. A table vase will decorate not only the kitchen table or rest areas in the office, but also the work surface, and the shelving, and the shelves, and the coffee table-display, for example. It is important to combine the dimensions so that the vase is not invisible or eclipsed by the rest of the space. Harmony and once again harmony!

White table vase with flowers

As for the form ...

A unique decorative vase is the vase that optimally "fits" this interior, that is, it harmonizes with it in color, filling, performed functions, shape, material. No need to invent rules, just exit the room, for which you choose a vase in the form of the main element of the decor. Enter it again. And "feel" its form: pastel shades, semi-darkness and natural materials will be "inclined" to streamlined shapes and ornate pattern, but the rooms of strict pristine lines will require the same decorative elements. Only in this way, after evaluating every subtlety, detail, interior detail, you choose a round or square, elongated or curved, conical or straight, another form of vase. Experiment!

High glass vase with stones

White vases in the room
High glass vase in the interior

Glass vase of unusual shape
White, black and transparent vase fit well in the interior

The mood of the moment, or how to place the vase in the room competently

Infinite range - and the vases in the interior will "leap" with their beauty, sophistication and some note of aristocracy in any of the rooms, whether it's an oriental-style room, or in the style of an avant-garde, or a functional, or rustic or loft, or ... The main thing here is
- fine observance of harmony and a combination not only with finishing materials, surfaces of furniture items, floor coverings, but also other unrestrained decorative elements.

Bright green vases

The charm of the vase in the interior is its "duality" or twin sister. Choosing 2 identical vases you will never lose. Ceramics, vines, metal, shape and dimensions do not matter, the main thing is identity and "parallelism" to each other. In this case, 2 identical vases filled with the same colors or different, will pay attention to everyone, appreciating stylistics, presentation, other features. If you do not want to experiment and "play" in large sizes, ornate shapes and expensive materials, select a pair of plastic vases and play around with space. This will show you the weaknesses and strengths of such design and will lead to new creative ideas.

Glass flower vase

Creating a festive mood - that's what vases in the interior. Choosing a model in full accordance with the style of the room, you can make a vase different every day or ... different at any time of the year, decorating it with decorative branches, twigs, flowers, even berries, fruits. As a decoration can be crafts in the technique of quilling and scrapbooking, all kinds of satin and textile, paper ribbons, stucco and other "little things." At the same time, you can find the elements of the composition everywhere: in the winter forest and autumn park, in the unnecessary things of your best friend and your own hobby elements. Creativity and imagination - the very thing!

Filling the void in the room with a vase is the ideal solution. At the same time, it can be neither one nor a pair of vases, but a whole collection of different shapes and even shades, but made in the same style. Determine such a place on the rack, in the corner of the room, near the doorway, in the falsh-fireplace - and the room will receive a new sound, powerful, long-lasting, provocative.

White vases of unusual shape in the interior

Decorative vase - the ideal model of the formation of space, which requires a logical conclusion. Here you are waiting for 2 options: naturalness (naturalness) or contrast. The first idea is relevant to the embodiment when the styling of the room is already finished, the design is completed and the vase becomes one of the components of the interior. The second variant of creativity and fantasy is a room in which you want to add a bright "something", stylish, challenging, bold. It is in this case that the vase becomes a harmonious opposite of the color of upholstery furniture, or finishing materials, or used accessories. And it will focus everyone's attention!

Yellow floor vases in the living room
Beautiful vases with drawings in the interior of the living room
Knitted covers on vases in the interior
Soft elastic bands in vase decor
Elegant white vase
Set of white vases
Decorative wooden vase

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