Turquoise color in the interior (64 photos): a combination of colors and shades

The sea backwaters, illuminated by sunlight, delight the look with a shining turquoise. What will be the interior, in the decor of which there is a turquoise color? Inspiring, airy, free! You want to breathe a full breast and wake up every day with a smile!

Beige and turquoise interior in studio apartment

Turquoise door

Turquoise kitchen set in the kitchen

Useful characteristics of turquoise color

The turquoise color fills the space with freshness and purity. Psychologists recommend using it for decorating walls or different furnishings to easily overcome periods of decline in strength or stress. Light blue wallpaper in combination with azure curtains is a good way to charge the soul with the power of the ocean depths!

Turquoise is a precious stone of amazing beauty. A symbol of well-deserved wealth and a talisman guarding against losses. The rooms, ennobled with turquoise flowers, are set to achieve heights in career and creativity, following the cherished dreams. The sky-blue color inclines to spiritual searches and filling of life with light moments.

Gray-turquoise walls in the interior of the living room

Turquoise living room

Turquoise carpet in the interior

Natural shades of turquoise color

Sky blue

Bright, exciting. Used for fragmentary wall decoration (ornament, partial decoration of the room), as a color accent with curtains, cabinet or upholstered furniture, pillows or other interior items. Often found in decorating a bathroom, living room or kitchen. The combination with yellow or light green gives rise to a stable association with sea resorts. Needs a balancing color - a background for walls, ceiling or furniture is to choose one of the shades of white.

Sky blue turquoise in the interior of the bedroom
Sky blue turquoise in the living room

Turquoise armchair in the interior

Turquoise bed in the interior

Turquoise furniture in the interior


Bluish Blue

Soft, soothing. Used for large-scale decoration of the room, often serves as a background color for brighter or darker elements. In large quantities is present in the decor of the bedroom, living room and nursery. Less common in the hallway - with its help create smart accents when using brown furniture or dark wallpaper. It goes well with dark blue, gray-green and muffled-white. It brings about peace-loving moods, calms the psyche.

Bluish-blue turquoise shade in the living room
Bluish-blue turquoise hue in the bedroom

Turquoise mosaic in the interior

Turquoise tiles in the interior

Interior of the turquoise hallway

Bluish green

Deep, silent. Green-blue turquoise is an excellent material for decorating walls in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the hallway. You can fill this shade of working classrooms to adjust to a deep immersion in business. As color accents it is necessary to use orange and yellow colors, green and dark blue elements will help to emphasize the depth. The color of the sea wave is considered a symbol of peace, helps to concentrate on solving important problems.

Bluish-green turquoise shade in the living room
Blue-green turquoise shade in the interior

Turquoise plaster in the bathroom

Turquoise Bedroom

Turquoise walls in the living room

Faded green

Neutral, balanced. Often used in the interior of kitchens and hallways, less often - living rooms and workrooms. Usually acts as a background when decorating walls, or as a balancing shade in combination with brighter colors. It needs to be revitalized with the help of screaming accents - perfect flicker bright yellow, saturated green or flashy red. In the offices and hallway
s it blends well with dark brown and light green. Sets up for quiet work, helps to better control emotions.

Which shade of turquoise color to choose? Depends on the personal preferences and purpose of the room being decorated. It's one thing to look for bluish-blue wallpaper for the living room, another - to choose for the bedroom curtains, the color of the sea wave. All shades are good in their own way - boldly experiment, if the royal turquoise you like!

A faded green turquoise hue in the bedroom
Faded green turquoise in the bathroom

How to apply turquoise color in the interior?

Designers, using a turquoise color, to decorate the premises, try to follow the rule: "Turquoise loves harmony", - recommending that the nature of successful combinations with different colors be spied on.

A win-win is the combination of turquoise with cold and warm shades of white, green, brown, yellow and gray. The saturation and scale of the use of turquoise color depends on the size of the room, as well as the wishes for the future atmosphere.

  • Muted shades are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and corridors.
  • Bright turquoise wallpaper or curtains favorably emphasize the interior of a baby, kitchen and living room.
  • Gray-green, faded tones look good in workrooms, dressing rooms and hallways.
  • Follow the rules: bright wallpaper requires the use of muffled curtains; Turquoise curtains look good in combination with pillows, bedspreads or furniture.

How will your house become if turquoise reigns in it? Impeccable!

Turquoise candles in the interior

Dark turquoise color in the interior

Beige and turquoise interior in studio apartment

Turquoise Bathroom

Dynamics of the kitchen - brightness without borders

Kitchen - the only room in the house, where a glaring brightness is permissible. Azure apron, sky blue technology, blue-blue curtains - all shades are good! Turquoise color in the interior of the kitchen rarely prevails, but often accentuates attention to detail.

In the kitchen should be as light as possible to quickly cheer up after hard work or fill up with positive before a new day.

Turquoise color in the interior of the kitchen
  • The ceiling and walls are desirable to be dressed in white, or a gently-turquoise color. Suitable neutral wallpaper, paint or textured plaster.
  • Bright-turquoise can be: a kitchen apron, curtains or blinds, appliances or furniture (partially).
  • Different colors of the kitchen are helped by shades of brown (floor, furniture, windows and doors), causing yellow, green or red decorative elements (vases, utensils, pillows on stools, tablecloth).
  • Kitchen is often decorated with washable wallpaper - the sea theme can be quite appropriate.
Turquoise color in the kitchen with island

Luxury living room - royal colors

The living room should be regal, so when decorating walls and selecting furnishings, you need to use saturated shades of turquoise. Turquoise color in the interior of the living room requires careful selection of "allies". Harmonious combination of colors - a guarantee of a successful decor!

Noble look blue-blue, as well as dark-turquoise. Especially in combination with natural wood, masonry walls, waves of blue or white curtains.

Turquoise wall in the living room
  • Use wallpaper with large ornament. The gray background of the walls, diluted with azure and yellow plant patterns, is perfectly combined with sky-blue curtains, a coverlet and pillows.
  • It is not necessary to add turquoise to each of the living room walls. Interesting are the rooms, where only one wall is turquoise, and the rest are white, gray-green.
  • Suppose a gray, black, brown background color of the walls, provided that the turquoise will create a lot of bright accents. Incredibly refresh the space of azure curtains, cushions and bedspreads of the color of the sea, turquoise soft or cabinet furniture.
  • Wallpapers in the living room rarely appear in the main role - most often turquoise is found in furniture, various decorative elements, window drapery.
Black and turquoise walls in the living room

The Kingdom of Dreams - the decor of the bedrooms

Turquoise bedrooms inspire and fill the soul with power. The healing effect of turquoise is fully revealed in the air decoration of the walls. A successful combination of colors will create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Turquoise color in the interior of the bedroom will quickly restore vitality and inspire new achievements!

  • Do you want to arrange a branch of an elite sea resort from the bedroom? Use light turquoise wallpaper, creating accents with the help of dark blue elements. The wallpaper can be monophonic, or with unobtrusive ornament - choose patterns with gray-green, yellow-orange and dark blue elements, reminiscent of green slopes along the coast.
  • Strive to wake up with thoughts: "I'm in paradise"? Fill the space with snow-white cleanliness, drape the high windows with azure waves of curtains. Choose the most light wallpaper - let's admit the snow-white decor of the walls, animated by sky-blue elements (picture frames, photos, furniture, vases).
  • Boudoir courtesans can be done in any bedroom. Choose wallpaper muted shades (gray or green-blue, dark blue or brown, gray or black). A combination with a turquoise color, which is 2-3 shades brighter or darker than the prevailing tone of the walls, will be successful. Desirable heavy drapery of curtains - use heavy fabrics (velvet, canvas, furniture fabrics, linen, cotton, wool).
Bedroom with soft turquoise walls and white ceiling

Sea bathing - turquoise in the bathroom

The sea in the bathroom? Great idea! In the decoration of the walls, a tile of gray-blue or greenish-blue tint is suitable. The ceiling can be made gently-blue or white, and on the floor it is good to put a gray or dark blue tile. However, a variety of options are possible.

  • The bathroom is rarely too spacious, so turquoise walls should not be too dark and oppressive.
  • Lack of light in combination with depth can lead to depression. Choose azure shades of turquoise, or harmonize with a muted white background or repeating light patterns.
  • Avoid monotony - revitalize the bathroom space with bright waterproof curtains, large mirrors and fluffy towels.
  • The surplus of turquoise is inadmissible in a large bathroom. Stylishly it looks like a combination of tile in the bathroom of two colors - turquoise (heavenly and gray-blue, gray-green) and white (cream, light azure).

Turquoise blends seamlessly with a multitude of colors! Correctly choose the appropriate shades (for the bathroom, living room, bedroom or kitchen) will help intuition and observation of the divine beauty of the sea and sky spaces. Learn from the nature of courage, fill your home with a luxurious turquoise!


Turquoise-white bathroom
Turquoise-white bathroom interior
Turquoise-beige kitchen
Original turquoise chandelier
Turquoise accents in the interior of the living room
Beautiful baby for girls
Bright turquoise bedroom interior
Bedroom with turquoise wallpaper
Bathroom with a tile of a color of a sea wave
Turquoise decor of the living room
Light sofa on a turquoise background
Bedroom in dark colors with turquoise accents
Turquoise carpet in the interior of the living room
Turquoise carpet in the interior of the living room
Sea color bayonet
Bathroom with turquoise tiles mosaic
Turquoise walls in the interior of the living room
Bed with turquoise shades
The color of the sea wave in the interior of the kitchen

The color of the sea wave in the interior of the kitchen
Bedroom with turquoise walls and windows
Beach towels
Turquoise accents in the gray-beige interior
Turquoise shades in the interior
Bright bedroom interior with turquoise accents
Several shades of turquoise in the bedroom
Classic living room in turquoise colors
The dining room decor is in a soft turquoise color
Bedroom in turquoise colors
Light turquoise walls in the interior of the bedroom
Living room with turquoise walls
The original interior of the living room
Bathroom in turquoise colors

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