Fountain with illumination: an exclusive decoration for the apartment and villa (20 photos)

Both the dacha and the indoor fountain itself is a true work of art, always bringing a special cosiness, chic and respectability to the surroundings. Everyone who decided on such an acquisition for their own apartments, initially thinks about how to make the model you like an exclusive and unique. Perhaps the most unbeatable option is a spectacular highlight.

Pool with illumination

Fountain with illumination in the country

Species diversity

Decorative or functional lighting can complement the construction of any hydraulic structure: from a compact fountain to a huge pool. All lighting options of this kind can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Underwater;
  2. Surface illumination.

Decorative underwater lamps give a special mystical gloss to the fountain, make it unusual and exclusive. The light does not blind the eyes, because the rays of the lamps get through the water much softer. This is a good option for miniature items designed for home or apartment decor.

There are two types of underwater lamps. This is underwater lighting, the key elements of which are located in special bowls on the bottom or sides of the structure. There are also mobile lamps that float freely over the water surface of the fountain.

Decorative fountain with light

Fountain with diode illumination

Nuances of underwater and surface lighting

The main disadvantage of underwater lighting: a high level of danger of leakage current. Waterproofing wiring, as well as all components must be of the highest quality. Even the filigree and precise work is not a guarantee that the light will not suddenly get into the lighting fixture.

The overhead illumination of the fountain is considered a safer option of decor. To "flood" the waterway with a certain color, different types of spotlights and lamps are used.


Design of functional lighting

From the point of view of operation it is possible to equip a fountain with illumination only with very strong, all-season, durable and high-quality materials. If the fixtures are selected for water decorative elements for the dacha, it makes sense to think over not just the decor of a particular element, but to form a holistic landscape design. The illumination of the fountain should be harmoniously combined with the illumination of the country site.

Too bright light is best not to use. The maximum level of brightness usually focuses on some interesting attributes: gazebos, patios, green hedges, flower bushes.

Fountain with illumination in the house

Cascade fountain with illumination

Types of fixtures for functional lighting

For functional lighting of the courtyard and fountain, as an important decorative element on the site, use a variety of lighting equipment: incandescent lamps, energy-saving, luminescent, LED installations. It is allowed to combine several variants of lighting devices.

At the same time, if you can use any kinds of lamps for poles, gazebos, around fences and other locations in the yard, then only the constructions that are safe in all respects should be located directly with the fountain. Actual and such options:

  • Lamps-floor lamps. Devices are mounted near the fountain vertically, equipped with diffusers of light from frosted glass. Such designs can be styled "retro", choose interesting options in the direction of modern or high-tech;
  • Spherical lamps for fountains are represented by devices of round shape, which are equipped with low power lamps. Products made of polycarbonate or carbonate usually do not give powerful streams of light, so to give some romantic flair near the fountain for a dacha ideal;
  • The solar-powered lighting is suitable only for outdoor (above-water) illumination of the garden fountain. Installations are available only in the warm season (in winter, usually removed from the yard) in locations flooded with sunlight.

There is one good rule that will help to avoid mistakes, choosing the lighting for the suburban area and for the fountains in particular: the richer the landscape design, the laconic the devices that illuminate the space and the fountain itself.

For example, if the yard is decorated with all sorts of flower beds, patios, unusual carved fountains, original garden furniture, alpine slides and other things, then to illuminate all objects it is better to take in simple spherical bulbs.

Fountain with red illumination

Fountain with led-backlight

LED-lighting for fountains - a modern solution

We should also study the fountain with LED lighting. Considering the most modern, progressive and safe in all respects products for lighting water points, LED-devices pay special attention. LED spotlights and tapes are ideal for "coloring" water jets, as well as the most fountain bowl.

They are flexible, convenient to install. You can install primitive illumination with your own hands, without even having a solid experience. A special advantage is the extremely low level of energy consumption. At the same time you can manually set this or that glow mode, changing the decorative elements to the mood.

The disadvantages include the high cost of such equipment. However, in the course of operation, an expensive purchase justifies itself by 100%. In addition, alternative lighting options in good quality are also not cheap.

Fountain with LED strip

Fountain with illumination in the Art Nouveau style

Fountain table with illumination

Selection of fixtures and preparation of a place

To illuminate a large fountain, it's enough to place lamps with a pointed foot on the edges. They are elementary installed directly on the ground. In order for the "picture" to look bulky and playable, tap
es with LED clusters are also mounted on the bottom of the bowl.

Create a "floating fountains" with their own hands is also quite realistic. For installation, RGB light fixtures with 12V voltage and protection class IP 68 are suitable. Such constructions are characterized by a high degree of safety. The moisture is not able to penetrate the details of the instruments. The housing of the luminaires is usually represented by reinforced plastic or stainless steel.

On the nuances of installing LED equipment

Before you manually build decorative lighting, you need to make a markup. Experts recommend doing this even before buying the materials themselves, in order to know exactly what materials and in what quantity may be required.

With the LED tape remove the protective layer and the adhesive base is pressed against the work surface. If it is necessary to cut the canvas, do it only in marked places, where the incisions are permissible. Also, it is strictly forbidden to squeeze the tape. It is allowed to bend to 20 mm - no more.

The glued device is connected to the controller, and then to the power unit by means of a step-down transformer. It can happen that the controller "does not pull" too long a tape.

The situation will help fix several amplifiers. In order to ensure that the resulting design complies with all standards, it is important to remember the main rule: the recommended fragment length for smd 3528 tapes is 5 meters, and for smd 5050 - 3 meters.

Fountain portable with illumination

Fountain with illumination

Fountain with underwater illumination

Special Precautions

Any electrical equipment requires careful treatment. When it comes to electricity and water structures, it is important to follow all the rules. This guarantees not only safety, but also a long service life of all components.

It is important that the network is equipped with a device for protective shutdown. Such an adaptation today complements any electrical installations.

Fixtures must have a sealed enclosure. Sealed box protects the backlight from moisture. If there are any doubts about the reliability of the design, it is better to abandon the experiments, in time referring to people who are well versed in this.

Fog and light: a magic combination

Decorate a table fountain with a backlight in the apartment and overall street structures can also be using a diffuser. This device allows you to create incredible effects over the water surface, which LEDs will help to emphasize.

Fountains with fog and illumination look truly magical. The diffuser generates an artificial mist, and LED strips are illuminated both by the bowl of water itself and by the steam clouds rising above the fountain.

The diffuser is rather miniature. The body is usually protected from moisture. This allows you to place the device directly in the reservoir with water. The device divides the water into microparticles, thus generating a "cold vapor", which resembles the usual fog.

Fountain in a pond with illumination

Fountain garden with illumination

Fountain illuminated in the garden

The steam clubs hang for a while on the water bowl, gradually dissolving in the air. Room diffusers perform not only the role of decorative equipment, but also qualitatively moisturize the air. It's worth noting that without the appropriate backlighting, the effect from the artificial mist will not be so impressive.

With illumination and fog there are not only fountains, but also indoor waterfalls. Similar designs can be made with their own hands, armed with good instruction and preliminary studying all the nuances of installation.

Reminder for buyers

It is important to understand that with street lighting (especially if the appliances are located in close proximity to water points) will constantly contact dirt, moisture, dust, the sun will be blazing and the wind blowing. When choosing a product, the buyer should be picky and attentive.

Main rules:

  • Always ask the seller-consultant for quality certificates, as well as other documents indicating that the product is of good quality and does not carry a potential threat;
  • Carefully study what is written in the quality certificates themselves, as well as in the documents that are attached to the product;
  • Specify the terms of the guarantee and possible specific nuances regarding the operation of the goods;
  • Pay special attention to the materials that the device itself must protect.

Considering the future purchase, it is worth seeing whether the interior of the lighting fixture is painted. If not, there is a high probability that deformations and breakdowns will begin from here. "Stainless steel", cast iron and aluminum are the simplest but profitable materials in terms of operation.

Fountain with LED backlight

Fountain with illumination and fog

Fountain with green backlight


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