Sofas in classical style: the elegance of lines (27 pics)

Classic - the progenitor of many modern trends in interior design - remains at the peak of popularity. Its success is determined by universality, restraint and comfort. An example of this - the sofas in the classical style. Their exact proportions easily fit into Art Deco, high-tech, Empire, Neoclassic and other styles, allowing elite upholstered furniture to occupy a central place in the interior of your apartment, country house or office.

Sofa in classic style with satin upholstery
Sofa in classic style with velvet upholstery

The standard of beauty

What is a sofa in a classic style? First of all, it's volume. Aerial neo-Gothic or fundamental baroque is not inferior to each other in the place that the sofa occupies in space. Therefore, designers recommend it for spacious rooms with high ceilings. But even in a small living room, it will be appropriate to look through soft lines.

Beige sofa in classic style
Flower print on classic couch

For such a sofa is characterized by an abundance of pillows, rollers of different shapes, decorated with fringe, ruffles, tassels, applique and embroidery. The frame is made of valuable wood, and the base is decorated with carved forms, inlaid, gilded and silvered. In some styles of interior design, textiles and wood artificially grow old, which gives them a special chic.

So, outlines. Rounded high backrest and armrests, depth of sitting create comfort for the seated person. But not always the shape resembles a cozy shell. In this gradation, there are models with direct, but non-sharp forms. For example, leather corner sofas - universal, practical and at the same time solid - also belong to the classics. They occupy much less space than conventional ones due to ergonomic geometric construction. High-quality leather or high-quality textiles, a natural wood frame plus an orthopedic spring base make it an excellent option for a small room.

Sofa in classical style with decorated armrests
Sofa in classical style on a wooden frame
Purple sofa in classic style

Clothes for the sofa

The newest technologies today allow to create materials with the most different properties and imitate any natural fabrics: silk, wool, cotton, leather. At the same time, they have excellent consumer properties: they look great, waterproof, do not burn out in the sun, they are easily cleaned and treated with antistatic compounds. Their use makes folding sofas affordable for a wide range of customers, and the appearance will not spoil the most refined interior. Among them are strong corduroy suites, soft flock, velvet chenille and elegant stretch jacquard.

Classical sofa

Blue sofa in classic style

The decision to use natural and expensive materials, drapery and noble textiles for the buyer. Such roll-out couches can resemble a work of art worthy of being represented in the palace chambers. Care for them, too, is appropriate.

  • Leather: practical, solid, but with insufficient quality has properties for abrasion and cracking. Need treatment with special means.
  • Cotton: comfortable, soft, safe. It has a short service life, but it is ideal for children's rooms and people prone to allergies.
  • Natural silk: smooth, bactericidal, hypoallergenic. Despite the fine fibers, very durable.
Sofa in classical style in the interior of the living room
Classic sofa with brushes and fringe

Interior for a sofa

Often the sofa becomes the key figure in the room: family evenings with household members, business conversations with business partners and gay friendly parties begin with him. What interior design options are offered by designers? From democratic to luxurious, but both have common features.

Classic sofa of combined material
Brown sofa in classic style

Democratic - natural materials and their good imitation. Floor covering: high-quality laminate or parquet board. Walls: beautiful wallpaper with silk-screen printing and complex structures. Ceiling: plastic stucco, decorative stretch ceilings, classic chandelier with forging elements. Decor: reproductions of paintings, mirror surfaces, fireplace.

Classic sofa of combined material
Brown sofa in classic style

Luxurious - the absence of unnecessary details, quiet restraint. Chic due to the use of expensive natural materials. Walls: silk, textiles with in
teresting texture. Floors: massive parquet boards from valuable species of trees. Windows: drapes, velvet, draperies, massive curtains. The fashionable idea is to sew the pillowcases onto the cushions of the same fabric as the drapes, to pick up contrasting laces, ribbons and brushes for decoration.

Wrought-iron sofa in classic style
Leather sofa in classic style

Furniture set

Add a furniture idyll chair in a classic style or a couple of such comfortable chairs, depending on the number of square meters in the room and the need for places of rest. A set of upholstered furniture is most often located:

  • In the recreation area with a coffee or tea table in front of the fireplace.
  • In the dining room.
  • In the bedroom, if the sofa replaces the bed. In this case, the seats can be placed symmetrically and used as bedside tables.

Symmetry and pairing in general is characteristic of classical design. Twin sparkling sconces, elegant floor lamps, high vases, paintings of the same theme and color, repeated print - this set makes the interior more complete and complete, focusing on the true harmony of furniture and decor.

Sofa and armchairs in classic style
Classic sofa on a metal frame

Types of sofas

Earlier we have already mentioned the corner sofa and its construction, here we consider the withdrawable and folding versions.

The sofa is streamlined in classic style

The first, a sofa with a roll-out mechanism can differ in the type of mechanism, the number of boxes, sedentary and sleeping places, additional pillows and upholstery.

Sofa with classical ornament

The simplest and most reliable mechanism is the "eurobook", when the front part for sitting rolls forward along the metal guides, and the back is laid on the vacant seat. The simplicity of the design ensures the duration of daily use and reduces the likelihood of breakage.

Sofa in classic style with shelvesDiwan in classic style with shelves

The popular "dolphin" has an additional internal construction, easily pulled out by a loop of textiles, which is moved apart and moves forward along the guides using metal rollers. It is often installed on corner models. At installation it is necessary to consider length of a berth.

Striped sofa in classic style

French, Belgian and American folding sofa (sedaflex) model - three-fold and two-fold metal mechanisms of transformation and different thickness of the mattress of the berth. Less than 6 cm - French, more than 10 cm - American and Belgian. The mattress is made of a special lightweight version of textiles and filler. The transformation itself somewhat resembles the old kind clamshell of our childhood, only improved, modern and installed on the sofa.

Semi-circular sofa in classic style
Sofa in classical style with gold leaf

Any of the listed options is safe for floor covering, does not scratch or damage the delicate surface of natural wood.

Sofa in classical style with carving

Classic means fashionable

This is the conclusion we come to in the 21st century, when technology has moved so far forward that the world had to change beyond recognition. However, the furniture industry and interior designers are reviving old traditions, forgotten forms, adding innovative fillings and modern materials to the classic style and furniture.

Sofa in classic style
Corner sofa in classic style

Inspiration for them are the samples presented in the palaces of the Hermitage and Renaissance paintings. The beauty of natural stone and valuable wood, hand embroidery and carpets woven in restored patterns from the past, and many other things from which warmth and good energy are blowing. Upholstered furniture, sofas and armchairs create a unique comfort, like a hundred and two hundred years ago, inviting you to relax among soft pillows.

Classic sofa with a patterned upholstery

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