Sofas for the bedroom: compact furniture with a maximum of comfort (21 photos)

Most often, the bedroom has a modest size, and it's not surprising, because in her tenants mostly sleep and sometimes just rest, so in order to save space, many prefer to install a sofa instead of a bed. Correctly designed bedroom design with a sofa allows you to place in the room all the necessary items and things and create an atmosphere of relaxation and coziness.

Sofa with an animalistic print for the bedroom

Booth for the bedroom

How to choose furniture?

The modest size of the room can cause difficulties in placing items of furniture, but should not interfere with the creation of an atmosphere that is conducive to sleep and rest, so you should take advantage of some of the designers' advice:

  • when choosing furniture it is desirable to give preference to multifunctional models. As an option - a sofa with a built-in drawer for laundry. This sofa is also a place for sleeping and storing things. The shelves at the head of the bed are not only convenient for placing items, but are also a stylish decorative element;
  • sofas with rounded edges visually "eat up" space, so the models of strict rectangular / square shapes are the optimal choice;
  • so that the upholstery of furniture fits into the interior of the bedroom, they acquire sofas with the material combining / contrasting with the shades of walls, ceiling, flooring.

The room's furnishings should be compact and comfortable to use, so the closet compartment is an ideal choice. Sliding doors do not need space for opening, and mirror doors visually increase the room.

Optimal models of sofas for the bedroom - transformers, which keep the area free, and in disassembled form create a full sleeper.

Velvet sofa for bedroom

Types of sofas according to the unfolding mechanism

When choosing a model, it is the type of unfolding of furniture that plays the main role, since it determines the simplicity and ease of use. There are four types of popular sofas for the bedroom.

  • Retractable - in the process of transformation involved three parts of the design (one of which is located in the back, and two are the seat). To decompose the furniture, you need to pull the seat. In this case, the part located in the back of the couch leaves. A seat part fits into the free space of the slats. Advantages of the model - the sleeper is put forward and in the folded form the construction has very compact dimensions and exquisite appearance.
  • Click-clack is a somewhat improved model of the book-sofa, since it allows you to fix the backrest in three positions: for poses sitting, half-sitting and lying down. The compact form makes this furniture a worthy option of accommodation in the adult and children's bedroom.
  • Eurobook has a simple mechanism of transformation, allowing you to easily manage the model to children and the elderly. When unfolding the sofa, the seat is pushed forward, and the back is lowered into the free space. Comfortable sofas with a drawer for laundry are quite suitable for furnishing a room for a girl or a teenager. A simple control system makes this model a longevity among other designs.
  • Accordion - is popular due to the simple device of transformation and small parameters. The place for rest includes three folding sections, one of which is a seat, and the other two are a backrest. The principle of unfolding: the seat is pushed forward, before the back section is unfolded. Then the seat is raised to a characteristic clatter and lowered. An important advantage of the model - the sofa does not have to be moved away from the wall.

The cost of a sofa plays an important role in choosing a model. A significant part of the price is exactly the mechanism of transformation, so saving does not always justify itself, since a cheap folding device breaks more often.

White sofa for a bedroom


Multi-colored sofa for a bedroom

Form of sofas

In small bedrooms it is very important to use the area rationally so that comfortable conditions create a rest, therefore, depending on the layout of the room, choose a straight or angular sofas. Each of these models has advantages and disadvantages.

Straight shape models

These sofas can be called universal, as they fit into the interior of any style. Folding and non-folding models are produced. Non-folding sofas are advisable to install only in large bedrooms, where there is a full bed. On the sofa in this case you can just sit down, and it will look like an element of the environment, which has no special functional significance.

Direct sofa for bedroom

Pink sofa for bedroom

Gray sofa for bedroom

Sofas for the bedroom, as furniture for rest, it is better to choose transforming ones, as with modest dimensions they easily and easily form a full-fledged double / three-bed bed. In one-room apartments, where the room combines the functions of the bedroom and living room, this soft sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture. A special comfort in the bedroom will create models with fabric upholstery. Velours provide a soft and pleasant touch, the tapestry will create an atmosphere of dignity and tranquility, the flock will look modern.

Wooden sofa for bedroom

Sofa for a bedroom made of wood

Corner Sofa

A bedroom with a sofa instead of a bed is an excellent option to keep the room space free. Corner models most fully meet this requirement, because most often the sofa is installed in a corner, which allows you to use the "dead" zone and leaves the center of the room free.

A beautiful range of furniture is simply amazing. You can buy a sofa with sides, different or equal in length. There are designs with complex geometry and components.

In a small bedroom it is more rational to install a sofa-transformer. It is the folding sofa in the assembled form that forms the style of the interior, and in the folding sofa it provides a quiet and cozy rest in a high-grade sleeping place. It will be ideal if the design is equipped with a storage box, as this will
allow you to quickly clean the bed linen.

From the many variants of sofas for a bedroom, it is better to choose a model with the following transformation devices: euro-book, dolphin, accordion. All these types of furniture in assembled form are compact in size, so they are popular with owners of small apartments.

Corner sofas are great for a teenager's room. The assembled sofa will comfortably accommodate many guests, and the dismantled design will serve as a spacious place for rest and a strong sleep of a teenager.

Sofa for the bedroom in the house

Sofa for a bedroom from plywood

Color palette of furniture

It is the right choice of shades will create a harmonious view of the bedroom with a sofa. The color of the product depends on how the bedroom will be perceived by the guests (although, in fact, it should only please the owners). Of the numerous rules for interior design, there are several important wishes:

  • so that the sofa becomes the main accent of the interior, models with upholstery of bright and contrasting shades are selected;
  • Always stylish look combinations of light and dark shades. In the rooms with walls of warm light tones, the sofas with the upholstery of dark color are perfect;
  • a one-color upholstery material suitable for interiors in the style of high-tech, minimalism. Colorful mood is typical for Provence, country.

Light pastel shades are considered a traditional upholstery palette. In the room of a teenager you can put a sofa of gray or brown tones, and the girl's bedroom will decorate furniture with upholstery of olive, beige, white shades.

Couch for the bedroom

Metal sofa for bedroom

Soft sofa for bedroom

Interior of a bedroom with a sofa: recommendations for decoration

Near the corner sofas, bedside tables can look ridiculous, so an excellent alternative for them - wide armrests with wooden lining.

For quiet sleep, it is preferable to place the structure so that the head is at the wall.

To the quiet design of a small room does not become boring, around the furniture you can install bookshelves or arrange a niche.

Wicker sofa for bedroom

Striped sofa for bedroom

Sofa for a bedroom in the style of Provence

The space for the sofa should be chosen so that the bedroom furniture, in the unfolded form, does not prevent the tenants from moving freely. For comfortable movement, a walkway with a width of 50 cm is enough. If this recommendation is taken into account, the product can be left in disassembled form for a long time.

A huge amount of furniture for sleep can make it difficult to choose the right model. A non-standard way of solving the problem of choice is the "by contradiction" method. To do this, it is enough to understand what exactly you do not want to see in the bedroom. If the method does not help determine, it's worth turning to professional designers. The specialist will take into consideration the wishes of the tenants and the room's possibilities.

Sofa bed

Sofa for bedroom

Corner sofa for bedroom


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