Sofa telescope in the interior: design features and options (22 photos)

The main elements of this model include a mechanism that transforms different furniture positions. Indicators of its work are:

  • convenience and efficiency;
  • large operating time;
  • reliability of moving parts;
  • functionality;
  • comfort;
  • affordable price.

The sofa telescope refers to universal models: in the afternoon it is a miniature seat, during sleep a full bed.

Beige Sofa Telescope
White Sofa Telescope
Children's sofa with retractable mechanism

The frame of furniture is made from high-quality hardwood (birch, hornbeam, ash, oak). The basis is wooden armor. The mechanism is located under the seat, which is two-thirds of the sofa, one-third is the backrest, which goes to the bed when it unfolds.

Children's sofa telescope
Double sofa telescope
Sofa telescope in textile upholstery

What attracts a sofa telescope?

All types of upholstered furniture have their own characteristics, because of which they are eager to buy. Has them and a sofa telescope. It is difficult to replace it where there is not enough useful space.

Sofa telescope with animalistic print
Sofa telescope in disassembled form

Sofa gray telescope

It is compact, cozy, assembled, resembles a beautiful toy in comparison with its massive counterparts. It is no accident that they have it in small or children's rooms, where it is especially important to preserve the living space for the games and entertainment of the child.

But it is difficult to recognize this small furniture at night, when it turns into a luxurious bed, equal to 2-3 beds. Day giants here find it difficult to compete with it. The mechanism of transformation encompasses the secret of this popular functional furniture. It is a sample of compactness.

Sofa telescope in the living room
Sofa telescope in the interior of the living room
Sofa Telescope for Living Room

On the principle of operation of the mechanism

The mechanism of transformation is very simple: the entire disassembly and assembly algorithm represents a few easy movements that children can easily cope with. Elements resemble the telescope's retractable parts (one from under the other forward). They easily move due to rollers, which are distinguished by reliability. The procedure for decomposing is as follows:

  1. First, a seat is put forward. At the same time, the headrest of the bed appears from behind the back.
  2. The niche is filled with an additional seat.
  3. Fold it like this: put in place an additional seat, and then slide the main.
Sofa telescope in the interior
Sofa telescope on wheels
Brown Sofa Telescope

A variation of the model is the corner sofa, which has an additional module, under which is a capacious box for laundry. Such a sofa is popular due to the thoughtfulness of details that allow to take into account all the features of the human body during the rest:

  • high backrest with the right angle to support the neck;
  • rollers under the back and knees;
  • soft armrests.
Leather Sofa Telescope
Sofa with telescope mechanism
Orange Sofa Telescope

Models with the telescope mechanism have gained popularity among other t
ypes of them, because they are distinguished by high indices of universality, reliability, high degree of functionality, and the need to use them in small rooms.

Sofa Telescope
Corner Sofa Telescope
Sofa telescope with a pattern
Sofa telescope in suede upholstery

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