Sofa-ottoman: a practical element of modern urban interiors (24 photos)

Traditional or corner sofa-ottoman is a very popular, universal type of upholstered furniture, which has a worthy combination of operational and aesthetic characteristics. Outwardly it looks like a deep and fairly low rest area without armrests, which has one low back.

Sofa-ottoman in antique style

Ottoman on the balcony

Classic models are not laid out, but they usually have a couch, thereby opening access to a spacious space for storing pillows, bedding. This is the main difference of the ottoman from the usual beds.

Beige sofa-ottoman

White sofa-ottoman

A wide low sofa without a backrest will be appropriate both at home and in the office. In the afternoon it is a place for rest, accommodation of household members and guests, and at night it can be used as a comfortable bed.

The main advantages of the ottoman in front of other furniture

A mini-sofa or a full-fledged double ottoman combine the strengths of traditional sofas and beds, so the following operational advantages can be distinguished:

  • economy - the corner sofa-ottoman without armrests combines the functions of two pieces of furniture (it is a sofa for everyday pastime and a bed for sleeping);
  • the possibility of a harmonious complement to the interior of any style, but especially advantageous, such models look in rooms with oriental design;
  • ergonomics of the product due to the fact that it has a smooth surface without seams and joints, which can not boast the usual corner and single sofas;
  • versatility of application - a narrow or wide sofa without a backrest can be successfully used both in a bedroom or a drawing room, and in a children's room and in the kitchen;
  • practicality - lack of armrests and a massive backrest contributes to a significant saving of useful space.

Oak twisted oaken sofa

Basic lineup

Ottoman with a bed and pillows can have the following varieties:

  • Folding. It is equipped with a durable working mechanism, a comfortable leisure area and an impressive drawer for storing laundry. Ottoman with a lifting mechanism is functional and practical.
  • The corner. This variety of ottoman frees the useful part of the room and occupies non-functional corners. This piece of furniture is usually equipped with a comfortable back, which provides a more comfortable use and prevents the wiping of the wall. When unfolding, the corner sofa-ottoman takes an impressive size and can accommodate two people.
  • Rolling. The design includes a withdrawable mechanism. To organize the space for sleep, you only need to roll out the sleeper outside. This is the most durable design. The main thing - the presence of soft rollers, which will not scratch the surface of the floor.
  • Children's sofa-ottoman. Such furniture can be made in the form of a large toy. It can cause children to delight. However, it is worth considering that children are growing rapidly, so soon you will have to purchase a model for teenagers more seriously. Much attention should be paid to fabrication materials, they must be safe and not cause allergies.
  • For kitchen. The sizes of many apartments do not allow to allocate each role to each room, therefore it is necessary to make premises multifunctional. In the kitchen, an ordinary bed is inconvenient to use, so a folding sofa-armchair without armrests will come to the rescue.
  • From the solid wood. For the production of such furniture, you can use laminated chipboard with a decoration for maple, beech or cherry, and for variants the birch or Karelian pine massifs are taken more expensive. This couch pleasantly smells of wood and provides a healthy sleep.

The ottoman can be with or without armrests. The height of the backrest varies depending on the size of the furniture. Classic compact sofas with a sleeping place and pillows are equipped with a low small back. Modern double models have full-size headboards.

Ottoman with a lifting mechanism can last a long time. Unlike inexpensive spring construction, it can withstand heavy loads. Gas shock absorber allows you to withstand weight from 70 kg. The selection of shock absorbers is based on the weight of the mattress. Information on the possible maximum weight can be found in the instructions.

Single models can have two options for lifting: horizontal and vertical (lateral). Double interior items rise only vertically.

Sofa-ottoman in classic style

Sofa-sofa in the nursery

Common dimensions

The classic corner sofa-ottoman has a length of up to 2 m and a width of up to 1.8 m. Depending on these parameters, there is a division into variations:

  • single to 90 cm;
  • one-and-a-half to 1,5 m;
  • double bed up to 1.8 m.

Before buying, you need to decide: one or two people will be on upholstered furniture, a sofa to be placed. The optimal option for a small room is a couch with a width of 1.2 meters. It is suitable for both one and two people. A huge advantage of this size is the compactness and the ability to choose among the two lifting mechanisms.

Sofa-room in the house

Sofa-ottoman in futuristic design

What can be the base and upholstery?

Comfortable sleep is not possible without the quality foundation of the ottoman. It is better to give preference to curved up lamellas from steamed beech veneer. They are movably fixed to the frame by polymer or rubber.

Sofa-room in the living room

Brown sofa-ottoman

The size of the lamellas is optimal for parameters 53 mm by 8 mm. The two-meter ottoman should have 20 lamellae with a distance of 5 cm between them. The main advantage of such a base is that it is able to actively ventilate and prevent the formation of mold.

When choosing a couch, you need to pay attention to the upholstery material.
He is able to create comfortable conditions or deprive them. The quality of the material and tailoring affect the durability. It is necessary to carefully inspect all the seams, all should be stitched evenly without punctures and other defects. For a frequent use, a dense and fade resistant fabric is suitable. Luxurious appearance will create silk or durable leather of high quality.

Care of the upholstery can bring a lot of trouble, avoid this help a removable cover. With it, the ottoman material will not suffer, and the surface can always be easily cleaned.

Leather sofa-ottoman

Round sofa-ottoman

Selection of orthopedic mattress

To create comfortable conditions for using the ottoman you can choose an orthopedic mattress. There are two options for choosing: to buy a ready model or make to order. To order a mattress in accordance with individual characteristics and preferences is much more practical.

Sofa-sofa from solid wood

An unfolding corner sofa-ottoman in size and characteristics of the surface is similar to a bed, it means that all types of mattresses are suitable here. Maximum comfort will bring a spring model, capable of adapting to all the features of the body. Before purchasing the product, it is necessary to consider the following features of future furniture owners:

  • the weight;
  • age;
  • health;
  • physiological parameters.

All of the above will help determine the optimum degree of rigidity. For children and adolescents during the formation of the skeleton is suitable orthopedic sofa-couch with a hard mattress. Elderly people will be more comfortable and useful to sleep on a soft product. Scoliosis patients should choose the maximum degree of rigidity.

When buying a mattress separately from the ottoman, attention should be paid to selecting the appropriate size for the base. It is better to give preference to the polyurethane base of the orthopedic mattress. Today it is the most popular. The main indicator of this material is its density. The higher it is, the more expensive and quality will be a folding sofa.

Sofa-couch made of textile

Sofa neo-classic style sofa

Provence Sofa Sofa

The most expensive and comfortable material for the mattress is natural latex. He has a number of positive qualities:

  • hypoallergenicity;
  • repulsion of odor and moisture;
  • beautiful orthopedic properties.

Orthopedic mattress made of latex will become a pledge of quiet rest and undisturbed sleep.

For lovers of hard surfaces or suffering from diseases of the back, a product with fillers from a coconut coir is suitable.

Sofa-ottoman in pink color

Gray sofa-ottoman

Diwan-ottoman in Scandinavian style

Tips for choosing an ottoman

Give preference to models with low legs. They increase storage space for laundry.

Sofa-couch in the bedroom

Corner sofa-ottoman

Make your choice according to the interior design, so that the sofa with cushions and sleeping place does not look indoors inappropriate. Choose the options in which the frame and frame are made of a quality wood with a thickness of more than 60 cm. This product will easily withstand a critical load. The volumetric ornament, duplicated on the pillows, visually protects the upholstery from stretching, which contributes to the long preservation of the original appearance.

Green sofa-ottoman

Finally, directly in the store you need to comprehensively assess the external state, all the operating mechanisms and convenience. Pay attention to the small details. Inaccurate sewing, asymmetrical elements and other defects directly indicate the fragility of the sofa.


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