How to choose the right sofa for a teenager?

In modern stores there is a huge assortment of sofas and beds in the nursery, and parents who come to the shopping center behind the sofa, it is better to forget about the savings. If you want the child to have a correct posture, and the body does not hurt in the mornings, be ready to buy an expensive children's sofa made of quality materials with an orthopedic mattress.

What should you pay attention to first?

In choosing a children's sofa can not be trifles. A sofa for a teenager and a toddler should be:

  • safe;
  • qualitative;
  • comfortable;
  • functional.

White sofa for a teenager

How many years there was no child, you need to worry about his safety. A sofa for a small child should have high sides, which will not let it fall to him on the floor. For older teens, the couch may not have such boards, but it must not have sharp corners. It is especially important to find a sofa with corners covered with a thick cloth, without any iron elements in the children's room for boys, because the boys are constantly on the move, and do not want them to be hurt when they accidentally encounter a sofa.

In the room for a teenager you need to choose a sofa made of quality materials. If you want to save money and buy a cheap piece of furniture, be prepared for the fact that very soon it will start to deform and lose its market appearance. Choosing a sofa in a room for a teenager, you need to pay attention to:

  • filler;
  • skeleton;
  • upholstery.

It is best to buy sofas for teenagers with a wooden frame. The main advantage of wood is its ecological compatibility. The wood has no unpleasant odor, does not emit any harmful fumes, but the frame must be well sanded and treated with varnish or other compound. If a sofa for a teenage boy has an unworked frame, a splinter and scratches can not be avoided. A wooden frame is expensive. You can find sofas with a combined frame, part of the parts in which is replaced with chipboard.

Also, the frame can be made of metal. This is a very reliable, but heavy construction. This sofa weighs too much and move it from place to place will be problematic. Modern sofas can be with a plastic frame - the design is light, but very unreliable. If the child starts jumping on it, the piece of furniture can simply not withstand the load.

Turquoise sofa for a teenager

Choosing a filler for the sofa

Inside the sofa for a teenager should be only quality, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material. The sofa, filled with foam rubber, will be cheap, but it will quickly lose its appearance. For sleeping and sitting, such a sofa will be suitable only for the first couple of months. Then foam rubber, especially lumpy, will collapse and deform, and it will be very inconvenient to sleep on such a couch.

Optimum version of upholstered furniture - sofas with polyurethane filler. For the bedroom, a sofa is suitable, with the lower layer hard, and the upper one - softer. On such a teenager it will be comfortable to sleep: he will not fail and roll down. When a person lies on such a design, the muscles of the back relax, stretch and come to a normal position. This is especially important for those who write a lot or sit at the computer.

Remember, how much your child spends for lessons, and be sure to buy him such a sofa. Particularly convenient if the polyurethane is additionally covered with a layer of sintepon, but such a sofa will cost several times more.


Black sofa bed for a teenager

Parents who are worried about the health of their children are advised to pay attention to the sofa for a teenager with an orthopedic mattress. In such a sofa are inserted special springs, which create the necessary rigidity. These springs can withstand heavy loads and do not deform. Sleep on such a mattress is good for health - the body occupies the right position and relaxes as much as possible. Especially for a teenager with an orthopedic mattress it is recommended to buy a sofa for those children who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic mattress will help to solve the problem, which is known to no generation of schoolchildren - scoliosis.

Despite the fact that the design withstands a lot of weight, it requires careful treatment. If your children jump on it, sooner or later the spring may break, get out and break the filler and the upholstery. A child's sofa with an orthopedic mattress should definitely be bought for boys, but since this is not a cheap thing, try to bring to the forefathers that you need to handle it carefully and carefully.

Wooden sofa bed for a teenager

Sofa for a teen girl

Determined with upholstery

Today, the sofas are covered with a variety of types of fabrics. As an upholstery use:

  • microfiber;
  • velours;
  • jacquard;
  • flock;
  • cotton;
  • arpatek;
  • chenille.

These fabrics differ in price and have their own characteristics. For the nursery you need to choose a sofa, which is lined with a natural, safe cloth for the child's health. It should be hypoallergenic and well washable. All children love to eat and drink while sitting on the couch in front of the TV. If you do not want to spend many hours trying to remove stains from juice and fruit from the couch, look for the upholstery with which they can be quickly brought together. Also for the sofa in the nursery arpatek is suitable - this material, similar to artificial leather, is easy to clean and does not require special care.

For the ottoman in the nursery will approach a chenille. It does not stretch and you can easily remove any contamination with a vinegar solution. Also in the children's room will look good sofa, upholstered Jacquard - this material over time does not lose color, does not burn out and does not overwrite.

Couch, upholstered with velor, for the nursery will not work. This material is very soft to the touch, but wears out quickly, and since children spend a lot of time on the couch, it will quickly become unpresentable. Just like velor, cotton quickly wears out. However, it is difficult to find a more natural and safe material than cotton for sofa upholstery.

You do not need to buy a sofa flocked in a teenage room. This material quickly accumulates fine dust, and it can not be cleaned with chemicals. Microfiber also requires special care.

Sofa eurobook for a teenager

Leather sofa for a teenager

What color to choose?

It's important for parents not to make a mistake with the color of a sofa for a teenager. The child spends a lot of time in his room, so it should be framed in those colors that favorably affect his psyche.

For a teenager boy, you need to order a sofa in quiet colors:

  • Gray;
  • the black;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • brown.

The couch for boys should be dark not because they are not always neat and can pour something on it. It is in adolescence that the boy begins to develop a male character, his life rules and habits. The formation of character is influenced by the fact, in what interior the guy grows. It is important to find a "golden mean". Adolescents are prone to a sharp change in mood and depression. If there are too many dark colors in the room, the emotional state of the teenager can worsen, so if the room is made in neutral colors, there may be one dark spot - a sofa, and if the wallpaper, floor and ceiling are dark, then the sofa should be light gray or beige .

Red sofa for a teenager

Sofa for boy teenager

For a teenage girl, you can choose a sofa of pastel or bright, saturated colors:

  • pink;
  • olive;
  • purple;
  • turquoise;
  • blue.

The older the girl, the calmer the color scheme should be. For babies it is possible to get a bright pink sofa, and for the girl it will already be necessary to choose soft furniture of powder colors. Also for a woman's bedroom is a sofa, upholstered in fabric with a floral or geometric print. A sofa in a small rose, chamomile or lavender will become the center of any children's room.

Design and functionality of the sofa

A sofa can be put in a room in which one child lives. If you have a daughter and a son, and they share one room for two, then it is better to choose a single bed. Two couches in the room do not fit, but two beds - completely. The bed for the girl can be forged, and for the boy - from the unpainted wood, but if different beds do not fit into the interior, it is better to choose the same neutral color and simple design. The main thing is that the bed for a teenager is comfortable and made of quality materials.

If there is not enough space in the room, you can install a bunk bed. It is more suitable for two sons. This design not only makes it possible to economically use space - it becomes an object for games. Two-level beds are suitable for teenage boys. When they grow up, you'll have to think about buying more adult furniture.

In order to save space, you can also buy an "attic" for a teenager - a bed that is mounted on high legs almost under the ceiling. It can be climbed only by using a ladder, and below it is located, for example, a table with a computer, a sports corner or a play area. Bed-loft is not suitable for young children, and a teenager will be interested in sleeping on it.

Sofa made of metal for a teenager

Sofa for a teenager

The loft bed with a sofa below will look original. If the room has one owner, then in the daytime on the couch he can spend time, and in the evening climb up. If the children's room is divided into two, then one sleeps on the attic bed, and the second on the sofa-bed below. Lay out each night, such transformers are uncomfortable, but if the room is small, and it is necessary to accommodate everyone, then there are no other options. It would be prudent to put a bed with boxes downstairs in the nursery. In them you can lay down toys, bed-clothes, clothes.

For a child's room, a sofa that fits easily. The mechanism should be so soft that the teenager could collect it himself. Parents should pay attention to the eurobook book - a sofa, which in one movement understands a double bed. Eurobook will fit into any interior, and in assembled form it will not take up much space.

Corner sofa bed for a teenager

Built-in sofa bed for a teenager

For the children's room, convertible folding sofas are suitable. Look for models that have wheels - they can be disassembled by a child without the help of their parents. Also the child will cope with a folding sofa "accordion", but from the "French clamshell" it is better to refuse. It should be put in the living room, where it will be laid out once a year for the arrival of relatives.

Buying a sofa for a nursery is not an easy task, and you need to approach it carefully, but you do not need to save on buying a sofa - it should be convenient, high-quality and easy to use, preferably with an orthopedic mattress. The best option for a child will be a sofa with a wooden frame, filled with polyurethane and covered with a cloth that is easy to clean.

Sofa with boxes for a teenager

Among the huge variety of designs, it is better to choose an eurobook or a pull-out couch - these models the teenager can disassemble himself.


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