How to choose the right sofa for a girl

If you see that your beloved baby has become cramped in her first crib, it's time to look for a new bed. If the size of the children's room allows, you can just buy a bigger bed. In case of shortage of square meters it is better to look at the children's sofas. On sale you can find many models that easily fit into the interior and underline the gender of your child, but how not to get lost in this variety of mechanisms, shapes and colors? Read on and find out what to look for in order to make the right choice.

Sofa for a girl with butterflies

Sofa for a girl with a canopy

Requirements for children's upholstered furniture

Choosing a sofa in the children's room for a girl, you should pay attention to how and what it is made of. From this will depend not only the life of this piece of furniture, but also the health of your child.

A sofa bed for a girl should be:

  • made of high-quality material;
  • durable and reliable;
  • with a simple and safe sliding mechanism;
  • with wear-resistant upholstery;
  • attractive externally.

Children's sofas for girls must necessarily be made of environmentally friendly materials. You can not save on this, because in fact you will save on the health of the child. For the production of furniture should be used natural fabrics and quality raw materials for the substrate, glue and paint are extremely non-toxic. The filler is preferably made of polyurethane foam. A good solution is the orthopedic base, it's more accurate to treat the spring block.

White sofa for girls

Frameless sofa in the room of a girl

Before purchase, check the connection points. If something is already hanging, it will only get worse with time. The sofa should not be unsteady, otherwise it will fall apart when the children jump on it (and they sure will, do not doubt).

The frame is the most important element of the product. A good supporting structure is made of metal or specially processed natural wood. If in the model you like the frame from MDF, it is better to look for something else. Such sofas have very low durability.

If you chose a sliding sofa, do not be afraid to check how the system works. Be sure to try to fold and fold the sofa several times to make sure that the transformation system is working. If the mechanism is decomposed tightly, refuse to purchase. If an adult needs to make an effort, the child will not be able to prepare his bed by himself.


Wooden sofa for girls

Sofa for a girl in a nursery

Choose a model with upholstery made from natural materials to avoid allergic reactions. The surface should not be too hard to not damage the delicate skin of the girl. Also, the material should simply be cleaned. This item is optional if you plan to use removable covers. Appearance is very important for the child. Let him choose the color of the upholstery fabric or cover.

Sofa for a girl from MDF

Blue sofa for girls

Types of sliding mechanisms and their features

There are a lot of mechanisms for laying out sofas for children. On the basis of what kind of sliding system is used, the ease of transformation depends. Below are the most popular types of mechanisms.


This mechanism is very durable, it has a long service life and good stability. When folded, it takes up almost no space. To decompose for the night, you just need to pull the seat to yourself. It should be noted that the height of the berth will be lower than the height of the seat when folded. For the children's sofa is an advantage.

Wrought iron sofa bed for girls

Red sofa for girls


This mechanism is distinguished by its compactness and simplicity of transformation. Even a child of 7 years old can independently manage it. The sofa consists of two parts. If you pull the loop, which is in the lower part of the back, the structure will quickly turn in a horizontal position. The bed will look like a bed with armrests.


This sliding mechanism was invented by the French. It looks like a sofa-book. Noiselessly transformed, assumes 3 positions: sitting, lying and reclining. The side cushions can be either armrests or headrests. This model is more suitable for older girls (from 8 years old).

Bed for a girl

Bed machine for girls


Such a transformation system is used for corner sofas. To get a berth, you need to pull the strap located at the bottom of the product. With the help of the hinge, a block, hidden under the seat, will pop out. This option is suitable for a teenage girl who lives in a spacious room.

Model of the sofa, depending on the size of the room

Before buying a sofa for a girl, decide on the place where he will stand. It's good if your child has his own big room. Then you can make a choice based on external characteristics. We advise you to take a closer look at the angular model. Such a beautiful and stylish sofa will be a wonderful bed.

If you have a spacious nursery, but not one child, buy a sofa bed with an accordion system. So both children will have a good bed, folding which will have a place for games. For uneven-aged children, you can choose different models. For example, for the eldest daughter, take a sofa, click-clack, and for the youngest - roll-out or an armchair with bumpers.

Owners of a small room with a choice is more difficult. Do not limit yourself to an armchair, it is relevant when the child is very small or he does not have his own room. Choose a small pull-out model or an accordion. If you have one child, there is enough room for a click-and-click. There are also two-tier sofas-transformers. They put forward at night, in the afternoon the design is hidden in a niche.

When buying, pay attention to models with boxes. In a small room, they will be very welcome. During the day, bed linen and bedding can be added.

Sofa bed for a girl from MDF

Sofa for a girl's room in a marine style

Sofa along the window for a girl

Choosing a sofa by age

Children's sofa beds for girls need to choose, not forgetting that babies grow quickly. So the age factor is very important. The length and width of the product should be taken with a margin, given the dynamics of growth and development of the child. So you can understand if there is enough soft surface for rest and games.

Usually the first children's couches parents buy for children from three years, because it is at this age that girls grow out of their cradles, but even if you have already bought a mini sofa, do not rush to throw out or give someone a crib. The kid should gradually get used to the sleeping place. Only when he fully mastered his new bed, you can get rid of the old. The service life of the mini-sofa is 3-4 years, after which it will have to be replaced by a more spacious model.

Also take care of safety. The furniture should not have protruding parts and sharp corners, which can be hit. If the age of the child does not exceed 5 years, the presence of rails is mandatory. They will allow you to enjoy a sound sleep and protect your baby from falling. Strips of soft tissue will protect against injuries of even a one-year-old child. By the way, the sides are not only in the sofas, but also in special folding armchairs. This option is worth considering if a bed for a baby is necessary, but housing conditions do not allow you to allocate a large plot in the room.

Sofa for a girl in the style of Provence

Carved sofa for a girl

Pink sofa for girls

For girls over 5 years old, buy low furniture "for growth". For children from 10 years, a folding sofa will do. If the family has two different sex children, you can save space by buying sofas-transformers. They are rolled out of the wall just before bed, at other times they are stacked and do not interfere with playing. It is better that in this case the beds of the boy and the girl differ in color.

From age depends on the shape of the product. Kids will be delighted with a sofa bed in the form of animals, flowers or sailboats. Girls from 5 years like asymmetrical shapes and an abundance of pillows. Teenage furniture is more minimalistic and resembles the usual adult models, only more colorful.


When choosing a sofa for a girl, pay special attention to the upholstery material. You do not want to get upset a couple of days after the purchase, seeing hard-to-remove stains from watercolors or chocolate?

Consult with the seller and choose a fabric that will not soon fade and rub away. Also the selected material should be pleasant to the touch, so as not to inconvenience the child.

Discard the velor. A child's sofa with such a gentle surface will quickly deteriorate. Also quickly wiped and flock.

For upholstery it is possible, but it is not advisable to use the skin or its substitutes. If your daughter is small, she, most likely, will accidentally spoil not cheap natural material. So there's no point in taking chances. Leather is not so expensive, but also for its restoration, in which case you will have to give a lot of money. The variant with a skin will approach for those parents, whose daughter has already matured. The girl will appreciate the beauty of her bed and will carefully handle the leather sofa.

The ideal solution for a children's bedroom is the upholstery made of fabric with Teflon impregnation. It does not leave traces of spilled drinks, and it is immune to stains. Also suitable is a chenille and a tapestry. With these natural materials, household waste is easily removed. In addition, these tissues are breathable. If you are still worried about the safety of the upholstery, then get a removable cover and a blanket, which can be easily washed as needed.

Sofa for girls

How to choose the right sofa for a girl

How to choose the right sofa for a girl

Design of sofas for girls

The design of the room for the girl is traditionally done in a soft pink color scheme. Some furniture manufacturers support this trend and produce sofas of pink color, which are often decorated with ruffles, ruffles, embroidery, rhinestones and pillows-hearts. On such a bed, the baby will feel like a real princess. A fabulous atmosphere will help create a canopy. For a colorful canopy, the child will not only comfortably sleep, but also play fun.

However, do not focus on pretty pink sofas, because your girl in the favorites can have a different color. And if the kids quite calmly accept the choice of their parents, then with older children it is advisable to consult and take into account her preferences. Especially it's worth doing if you buy furniture in a room for a teenager. Now in the shops you can find any color upholstery, so that the young owner will definitely be satisfied.

Also, the color of the child's sofa can be chosen, focusing on the nature of the child. For active fidgets buy furniture muted colors with blurry pictures. If your daughter is passive, give preference to bright colors and saturated images. For two girls it is not necessary to choose the same shape and color, let the little ones show individuality.

How to choose the right sofa for a girl

How to choose the right sofa for a girl

How to choose the right sofa for a girl

If monochrome sofas do not appeal to you, then there is a huge number of models in strip, flower, cage and peas on sale. Furniture will also attract children's attention with pictures of animals and birds or cartoon characters. Especially upholstery material with pictures like girls from 3 to 12 years. Some modern sofas stylize under the objects. So in the pumpkin, a simple girl will feel like Cinderella, and a berth in the shape of a bear will turn her into Masha.

As you have already understood, the choice of a children's sofa is a very important task. Take into account all the nuances and make the right choice. Choose such a model that the girl was comfortable to sleep at night and play during the day.


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