Decorative pillows in the interior (60 photos): beautiful decoration of the house

The creation of any interior requires detailed elaboration. The overall picture will undoubtedly change the mood in the room or the house, but many small elements will make the picture complete and logically designed. Using accessories in the room allows you to update the interior without resorting to major repairs. This is a huge plus when you want something new and fresh, and radical measures are hard to decide. So you can check whether it will be comfortable in a certain color scheme or unusual design.

Bright decorative pillows in the bright living room
Pillows for the classic interior
Pillows in a hanging chair
Unusual bedroom with decorative pillows
Pillows with leopard print
Pillows in the imperial style
Lovely pillows in a light interior

There is no house where there is not a single pillow. Almost always decorative cushions on the couch come complete with a new sofa. And often even from our grandmothers we necessarily went to decorative pillowcases on pillows, which they did with their own hands. Pillows of various sizes appeared much earlier than furniture. In every house there are definitely sleeping pillows, so why not add and at least a couple of decorative ones?

Decorative pillows with owls

Decorative cushions on the sofa
Bright cushions as an accent in a simple interior
Pillows in the interior of Art Nouveau
Pillows with original print
A variety of bright pillows for home decor

What can bring such pads? The main purposes of this decor element are the types of decorative pillows:

  • Softening and creating coziness.
  • Increase comfort and convenience, if you use them at rest.
  • Allow to emphasize a certain color palette in the room or add new smears to the mood of the room.
  • They allow you to more accurately withstand a certain style in the interior design or skillfully combine several directions.
Decorative pillows with roses
Decorative gray-white roller
Bright cushions for interior decoration
Satin pillow is suitable for decorating a classic interior
Such pillows are suitable for decorating a modern interior

The functionality of this accessory

It is difficult to say unambiguously whether decorative cushions are practical, much depends on their shape, filler material, appearance and size. Hardly, on a pillow with volumetric colors it will be convenient to sleep, but admiration it unequivocally will cause. Any cushion causes the desire to lie down or at least hug her, but some serve solely to decorate the decoration. Subconsciously, such a decor like absolutely everything, because it immediately calms, disposes to yourself and relaxes. Also decorative cushions in the interior immediately positively set up for themselves the owners of the house, for such people do not inspire any fear and always seem nice and caring that they love comfort and coziness.

Decorative pillows for decorating the oriental interior
Comfortable decorative cushions on the couch on the terrace

Red cushions for beige sofa decor
Lovely cushion with seals
A set of pillows of different shapes

Materials can now also be selected for any requirements. Both covers and fillers can be made of natural or synthetic materials. Inside there may be even medicinal substances: buckwheat husks, intoxicating cones. Of natural feathers and down, the artificial - foam rubber, sintepon, hollofayer, foam balls. The latter is often filled with large outdoor cushions-armchairs.

Bright pink decorative pillow with circles
Bright cushions are able to diversify any interior
Pillows for decorating beds
White decorative cushions with a black pattern
Pillows for the decor of the armchair

For special connoisseurs, the fabric can be made to order and be completely unique. For this, a special "yaga" technique is used, making an incredible texture of the canvas, and from it you can already sew not only pillowcases, but also other decorative accessories for the house.

This pillow is perfect for a classic interior
Restrained interior with a sofa in the form of pillows
Bright orange cushions on a light couch
Pillows as a decorative element of the interior
The combination of pillows of different shapes

If there is no confidence in the need for such an accessory at home, go to visit someone who already has them and just put a couple under your back. Immediately there will be a desire to have a couple at home! This is so nice, especially if the window is bad weather or the day is not set, and even with a small pillow you can cover your legs and they will immediately get warm. Watching movies will become much more pleasant, and with such a beautiful pillow dozing, a bright, magical dream is sure to happen.

Large decorative pillows in the interior are often used on benches, chairs or stools, other hard surfaces. This will surely save you from the limbs and the unpleasant footsteps. Yes, and the most unremarkable plastic chair, immediately transformed into unusual furniture.

Beautiful gray decorative cushions with green accents
Brown decorative pillow with beads embroidery

Pillow styles in the interior

Decorative cushions complement the style of the interior in which they are located. They give the space special features, for example, a gentle lady's boudoir with elements of lacy textiles. In this case, and cushions should match the style of the-lace, quirky bows, ribbons, embroidered letters.

If the living room is decorated in a cold Scandinavian style, then the cushions can be monochrome, or two colors. If there is a fireplace in the room, the floor cushions combined with the floor mats and floor lamps will be very much combined. Against the background of monochrome walls and pastel textiles, bright stylish cushions that create color accents can be a good accent.

Multicolored bright decorative cushions with trees
Green cushions on a light couch
Pillows as a bright accent in the decor of the bed
Pillows with original print
Pillow with a picture of a tree

The Slavic ethnic style is rich in variety of design. Decorative pillows in the interior of the ethnic space can be embroidered with a cross, decorate
d with large wooden or painted beads and ribbons, thematic stripes depicting plants and animals, especially in the style of Russian fairy tales. Pillowcases on decorative pillows can be natural colors - green, white. All this creates a peaceful and cozy atmosphere, where there is no room for fuss and rush, and residents of this house will add a sunny mood and good-naturedness.

Small colored decorative pillows

The elegance of the east is expressed in the tradition of spending a lot of time on the floor - having dinner, taking guests, and trestle beds enriched with a huge number of cushioned pads of various sizes and shapes. Especially popular pillows - cylinders, finished with cords and brushes.

Japanese style is rich in images of hieroglyphics and traditional there are cherry branches. And if you want to feel like a little Sultan, surround yourself with colorful cushions of silk and velvet, with images of elephants and camel caravans walking about in yellow deserts.

Each child in the children's room needs a pillow-toy. Do you seek a combination of beauty, brightness and functionality in the nursery? Then the pillows in the form of toys of different sizes from small dumas, to large floor cushions - is what you need. Pillow toy can become a gorgeous stylish gift. Pillows are used even in a car, especially if you are often driven by children. The interior of the nursery should correspond to the hobbies of children or one child. An excellent game for the guys, which in most homes is banned - a pillow fight. You can supply the baby with special pads. Decorative cushions, which are made especially for children's games, must be made of strong materials to avoid tearing, but to be light and soft enough to eliminate troubles - injuries and broken chandeliers. A set of pillows for battles will save you from unnecessary nerves, and the child from excessive prohibitions. The beauty and safety of the home where children live is a paramount task for parents.

Pillows with animal images suitable for decorating a children's room
Decorative pillows are able to embellish any interior
Original form of decorative pillows
Interior in pastel colors with pillows on the couch
Funny cushions in the form of mice for the nursery
Stylish interior with yellow striped pillows

And what pillows will suit your home, make it more comfortable and comfortable? Maybe they will become your best friends - reliable, soft defenders and talismans? Everything is possible, if you decide to turn your sofa into a place of admiration and relaxation.

Bright beautiful pillows for home decoration
Tie up the pillow with a bright ribbon - and the decorative decoration for the interior is ready
Modern gray pillow with metal rivets
Decorative cushions with crocheted covers will add comfort to your interior
Uniform maroon pillows with drapery
Pillows in the modern interior of the apartment
Pillows with different patterns
Effective cushions with inscriptions
Turquoise cushions in a light interior
Pillows in pastel colors for a quiet interior
Combination of pillows with different prints on a white sofa
Green and yellow pillows for a cozy light interior
Interior of the living room with decorative cushions on the couch

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