Siding under the beam – an incredibly beautiful design of the facades of houses (25 photos)

Recently, a wide range of construction materials is on the market of building materials. Each of them has its own aesthetic and technical characteristics, but siding is very popular today. We will talk about it in this article.

You knew, for example, that there are several varieties, the most popular of which is vinyl and metal siding under the bar, but this is only a small part of what will be covered today.

Beige siding under the beams

White siding under the timber

Types and varieties

Siding is a stable, durable and beautiful material. And as mentioned earlier, its appearance simulates a wooden beam. To date, there are many varieties.

Vinyl siding under the beams

Recently, it is considered the most in demand in the market of building materials for facing. Especially often this choice is made by the owners of large country houses. Reliability, unsurpassed quality, low cost and resistance to negative effects of the environment are just a small list of the positive characteristics of this skin.

Vinyl siding under the bar in addition to its immediate function also fulfill the role of insulation. In addition, with the help of it you can greatly improve the appearance. The material that imitates a wooden beam looks very respectable and statistically. And, despite the large number of obvious advantages, finishing the house with a siding will cost quite inexpensively. Having done all the necessary work and made the installation once, you will forget about the replacement of the decoration for decades.

Siding under a log

Siding under the timber

Siding surprisingly resists the aggressive impact of the environment. He is not afraid of rain, snow, frost and other weather conditions. Installation work does not take much time and does not differ particularly difficult.

The main component of vinyl siding is polyvinyl chloride. The thickness of the panel is 1.2 mm. For a quality joint on the sides of the panels there are lock lugs, which provide a reliable fastening. Also in the panels there are special fixing holes. They are necessary in order to fix the material to the crate. You can only determine the size and buy the finish in the nearest construction store.


In addition to all the listed functions, it is worth noting and the fact that the siding perfectly hides the insulation. The choice of customers is represented by a wide range of colors.

Some manufacturers, engaged in the production of this type of finishing materials, have taken care that the existing shade lasts longer in its original form. When purchasing it, ask the seller if there are any substances in the composition that protect against sunburn.

Siding under the basement plinth

Siding under the bar of white color

Siding under a tree

With regard to installation issues, the installation of the siding under the bar is quite simple technology. You just need to watch a few videos and read the articles giving full information, and see for yourself how easy it is to decorate the outside of the house. By the way, you can carry out such work at any time of the year, and it does not matter at all whether you are creating a façade for an old country house or a newly built multi-storey cottage.

If you understand that the siding will not be enough, you can buy additional materials for warming the house. It should also be noted that he is quite unpretentious and practical. It does not require special care, because any dirt is easily removed with a wet cloth soaked in soapy water.

Summarizing all of the above, vinyl siding under the imitation of the bar practically has no flaws. Probably, this is the secret of popularity of this kind of materials for outdoor decoration.

Wooden siding under the timber

Siding under the curb for the house

Facing siding

Metal siding (metal siding)

As you have already guessed, this species is a metal sheet that simulates a log wall or a beam of wood. It is an excellent alternative to the already familiar to us vagonka or so expensive wooden furnish.

Siding under the metal bar has a number of advantages with almost no flaws. For example, it is characterized by high resistance to changes in ambient temperature. This type of skin is characterized by high strength and reliability. Some manufacturers give a guarantee that metal siding under the bar can serve the owners of the house for more than fifty years. Indeed, after 20-30 years on the facade it is impossible to find defects, and the color does not fade during this time.

Many buyers, preferring this kind, are worried that it will be eaten by corrosion after several seasons. It's a delusion. Manufacturers always apply a special agent on the surface of the sheets, which prevents the negative effects of prolonged interaction with moisture.

Siding under the bar for the garage

Siding for imitation of timber

Brown siding under the timber

Siding under the tree is capable of self-cleaning. Thanks to the rounded surface of the logs, moisture along with dirt flows down to the ground, leaving the lining clean and well maintained. By the way, some people use this material for interior decoration. Particularly impressive are the separate zones, decorated with white siding.

As for the installation, there are several features. If you want to do all the work yourself, do not be afraid and do not worry about spoiling several panels. The fastening system is simple and understandable even to t
hose who are far from construction. It does not even need helper. Sheets have a small weight, they are easy to hold in hands. As a crate, small blocks of wood can be used, but with skillful use of the material, knocking may not need additional protection.

All work must be done from the top down. Secure the starting bar and start the process. With the screws, fix the first panel and set the ebb.

Metal siding under the timber

Siding installation under the timber

Siding for external work beam

Siding under the ship's beam

It should immediately be said that such houses under the bar look very impressive and respectable. This material is an intermediate link, because vinyl and metal are used in the manufacture. What is the secret of such popularity and demand? It's simple: the shape of the profile is as simple and convenient as possible, and this applies not only to operation, but also to installation work, but the most important advantage is probably the affordable price. Owners of large country houses have a chance to receive significant savings: the larger the area of ​​the facade, the lower the cost of the entire material.

Precise geometric dimensions allow making sealed joints that will reliably protect the walls from the harmful effects of the environment.

Facing siding under the timber

Siding by siding under the timber

Siding under the timber

Siding L-beams

The production of such a finishing material was launched in Russia only recently, so most of our compatriots do not even know about it. In most cases, it is used for filing roofing overhangs and facade insulation. This cladding perfectly imitates a timber wall and creates a unique appearance of a country cottage.

Plastic siding under the timber

Gray siding under the timber

Siding under the beam with a heater

Which is better: a tree or its imitation?

Many property owners often wonder: to finish the house with natural wood or to use materials that mimic the beam? The specialists who have been dealing with construction for a long time have a simple answer: if the house is built of wood, then it is best to use thin boards that mimic the bar, but stone buildings should be bestowed with a lining made of quality siding.

Summarizing all of the above, I want to say that the external lining of housing from the siding is, perhaps, the best solution for those who prefer to do everything necessary for a long time. And be sure that such a shell will not be a single ten years old to preserve the original bright shade.

Siding for vertical beam

Vinyl Siding

Siding under the curb for a country house


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