Overview of WC with bidet function (20 pics)

Now there are a lot of construction shops and manufacturers that offer plumbing of various shapes and colors, as well as for every taste. In this case there is also a bidet of different size and design. But if the toilet can not be installed simultaneously, then the toilet combined with the bidet is the best choice. It has the design of a standard toilet with a built-in hygienic shower and has several advantages:

  • Saves space if it is limited.
  • For people of age who are hard to take a bath, and pregnant women, it helps to monitor their personal hygiene.
  • They are easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • They are better than an ordinary toilet, because the producers produce them in the best quality.
  • Also available models with electronic control, ventilation and heating.
Toilet bowl with bidet function
Toilet bowl with bidet function

Of course, everyone tries to make the bathroom look nice and cozy. To do this, it is necessary that all the details of the interior are in the same style. Therefore, manufacturers produce them different in style and color.

Suspended toilet bowl

Corner toilet bowl

Application of toilet bowl and operation modes

Every year, manufacturers try to produce a toilet with a bidet, which uses new technologies.

  1. Wash regime. It can be wavy, pulsating, with vibration or light.
  2. Position of the union. It can be fixed or automatically extended. The second view starts working after pressing the "start" button and starts to feed water of a certain temperature. In general, it is fed no more than forty degrees. Also in the pull-out connection, it supplies water under different pressure, and in some models there are seven stages.
  3. The degree of extension has seven steps. Thanks to this, everyone can choose for himself the necessary position. It is well used for medical purposes, adding there medications or decoction from herbs.
  4. A toilet with a bidet function is also called two in one, only because it simultaneously produces surface disinfection and destroys unpleasant odors. The injectors are cleaned after each use with a special disinfecting solution.
  5. Heated water. To heat the water, a heater is specially installed, which starts to heat the water after you sit down on the toilet.
  6. The device covers and seats. The latest models are equipped with a microlift, and some begin to rise smoothly when a person appears. The automatic flushing starts after the lid is closed.
  7. Some models have a backlight and a hair dryer, which is equipped with a drying mode.

In addition to the fact that the coating is dirt-repellent, it is also antibacterial due to the use of silver.

Toilet bowl with bidet function
Toilet bowl with bidet function


Externally, the toilet with a built-in bidet differs from a simple one only in the size of a drain tank. Because of the built-in electronic system, it is slightly larger. A simple plumbing fixture turns into a modern bidet when you press the button.

Toilet bowl with bidet function

The toilet with bidet is equipped with a mechanism that is located in its bowl. This is an injector or a bidet, mounted in the rim of the toilet bowl. It can also be a retractable or fixed fitting. Thanks to this, it is easy and simple to monitor your personal hygiene.

Toilet bowl with bidet function

Use a special regulator to set the water temperature. If you want to use the bidet function, you need to press the button and after that the nozzle is pulled out and the water supply goes. Recently, manufacturers produce electronic toilet bowls, which are equipped with additional functions that turn on automatically. To use them and set the water temperature, no intervention is required.

Toilet bowl with bidet function


This plumbing is divided into three types:

  • Floor.
  • Suspension.
  • Angular.

The toilet bowl with the bidet function belongs to the classic models. It is installed directly on the floor and differs from the usual only in that it has a supply of water to the sprayer and control the heating.

Suspended toilet with bidet compact in the bathroom takes up little space. In this case, the drain tank hides in the wall, which gives additional space in a small room.

To install it, you need an installation of strong material that can withstand the whole construction with the person. During installation, the drain buttons are placed on the wall, one serving to completely empty the tank, and the other partially, and as in all models it has advantages and disadvantages.

Toilet bowl with bidet function
Toilet bowl with bidet function


  • It is easy to clean.
  • Compact and takes up little space.
  • Noiselessly working.


  • Heavy access to its drainage system.
  • It requires a lot of effort in the installation.
Toilet bowl with bidet function
Toilet bowl with bidet function

Corner toilet bowl

Corner toilet bowl with bidet function is well suited for very small bathrooms where there is no space for a classic model, because it takes up less space than a hanging toilet. Install it in a corner, it has a triangular tank shape and has its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Takes up little space.
  2. The bathroom produces smoothed corners.
  3. Has a noiseless kind of work.
Toilet bowl with bidet function


  1. To install it you need a special fastener.
  2. At a cost, it is more expensive than conventional models.
Toilet bowl with bidet function

Advantages of electronic devices

Choosing a toilet bowl or a bidet, it is better to stop your choice on an electronic device - they have a number of advantages:

  • A wide variety of functions.
  • Easy adjustment for each member of the family.
  • Built-in filter for cleaning, which is warm water, and you can add liquid soap as needed.
  • Aero- or hydro-massage.
  • Thanks to the built-in micro-lift, the lid closes smoothly, and only after that the flushing is switched on.
  • It has an ultraviolet backlight that disinfects, killing germs and sterilizing the air.

Doctors say that the toilet bowl is a good preventive remedy for many diseases.

Toilet bowl with bidet function

Cover-bidet for toilet

If the repair in the bathroom is still too early or there is no money for a new toilet-bidet, but you really want to have it or you just need it to be, for this the manufacturers began to produce a cover with a bidet function.

Above everything was told about the toilet with built-in bidet, so it's very easy to understand what the toilet cover with the bidet function is. This is the same device with the same functions, only built-in the seat. There is also a choke, which, if necessary, is pulled out, water is mixed and the seat is heated.

Toilet bowl with bidet function

Its advantage is that it does not require effort in installation. It is installed very simply, and simple models have a mixer and only hot and cold water must be connected.

The electronic bidet cover is much more expensive than a simple one, because it is controlled by a remote control or a control unit.

Toilet bowl with bidet function

Types of sink

Each model is divided by the location of the drain pipe, which coincides with the sewer. On the parameters they are divided into horizontal, vertical and oblique.

Toilet bowl with bidet function

The optimal option with horizontal parameters. It does not require additional connection angles and refers to classical models. In such cases, the drainage system is located horizontally from the rear and is connected by means of a corrugated hose. During installation, the inclination angle must be taken into account so that the water supply system is not clogged.

Vertical draining was previously used in old buildings. The system is connected to the bottom of the toilet and hides in the floor, while using a rigid system of connections.

Toilet bowl with bidet function

How to make the right choice when buying a toilet bowl?

When buying a toilet bowl with a bidet, you must pay attention to the warranty coupons and quality certificates. Having a warranty card, if it breaks down or if the goods do not fit, it is subject to a free replacement.

It is necessary to check the product for damage, which in the future can affect the operation and shorten the service life.


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