Porcelain in the hallway: features of stone, advantages, textures (28 photos)

When choosing the finishing materials for the hallway, first of all you should pay attention to the quality and reliability. If you do not know what to finish the floor, then take a closer look at the models from porcelain stoneware. This finishing material will surprise you with reliability, excellent quality and expensive, noble appearance.

White granite in the hallway
Tile for brick from porcelain stoneware in the hallway

What is porcelain stoneware?

Ceramic granite is a certain type of artificial stone, which is made from such raw materials as quartz sand, clay, kaolin, feldspar, pegmatites, water. The material is produced by pressing and high-grade roasting. Porcelain products are used primarily as floor tiles in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Black and white tiles from porcelain in the hallway

Porcelain in the hallway in the classical style

Thanks to modern technologies, manufacturers are easy to give an artificial stone any texture. The material can ideally imitate a natural stone or a tree. Today's buyer is offered a variety of shades, color palettes, which are easy to choose for a particular stylistic design.

The floor made of artificial stone is a practical and reliable option for a corridor in a house or apartment. The porcelain in the hallway will look spectacular, noble. They can complement any interior, regardless of its orientation.

Tile from porcelain stoneware diagonally in the hallway
White granite in the interior of the house

Textured tiles from porcelain stoneware in the hallway

How to choose the right porcelain for the hallway?

The porcelain tile surpasses ceramic and tile in its technical and operational properties. All this is thanks to a special impregnation and super-strong paint, hence the durability of ceramic products. Still, when choosing products, you should be extremely careful and attentive.

Before buying, pay attention to the integrity of the tiles, it should not be chipped and scratched. The paint should be applied smoothly, without divorce. The picture should be clear. As a rule, many trust those manufacturers who have been presenting their products on the market for several years.

Ceramic tiles with geometric patterns in the hallway

Glossy tiles from porcelain tiles in the hallway
Ceramic granite tiles in the hallway

Selecting granite for the floor in the corridor, determine the exact number of tiles. When calculating the amount of finishing material, account for the floor area, length and width of one tile. As a rule, the received sum is rounded to the highest value. To calculate the exact amount, you can use a special program online.

Tile for brick from porcelain stoneware in the hallway
Porcelain in the corridor

Porcelain: the main advantages

Tiles from porcelain stoneware are chosen for finishing the floor of the hallway zone more often than ceramics and tiles, which are much inferior in strength. These models are more suitable for bathroom and toilet design. In the hallway it is better to choose a more durable and wear-resistant finishing material. The richness of colors and textures will help you choose exactly the option that will be appropriate to combine with the decoration of walls and furniture.

Tile from porcelain tiles in the hallway
Matt tiles from porcelain stoneware in the hallway

Each type of tile has its own characteristics and advantages. Speaking about ceramic granite material, it should be noted its advantages:

  • high quality of products due to the use of modern technologies in production;
  • environmentally friendly composition of components present in the tile;
  • increased wear resistance - perfectly withstands mechanical and static loads, is not afraid of chemical and thermal impact, ultraviolet;
  • low moisture absorption;
  • not afraid of fire;
  • well withstands temperature changes, has frost-resistant properties, so the material is often chosen for the street;
  • increased hardness and reliability; therefore, chips, scratches and other defects are not formed on the tile;
  • suitable for floor heating;
  • long service life - granite can safely last more than 20-30 years and at the same time preserve its original appearanc
  • practicality - the tile is excellent and easy to clean, it is very easy to clean any dirt;
  • A rich palette of colors and shades;
  • wide selection of invoices.

In the corridor, the ceramic granite tiles look stylish and effective. It is not accidental that it is chosen for these premises, because it can withstand very different loads, it is distinguished by high wear resistance. Even with strong impacts, the tile remains flat, no chips are formed on it.

Fine tile from porcelain stoneware in the interior of the hallway
Porcelain in the hallway in the Art Nouveau style

What kinds are there?

If you choose a floor from the tile, then first determine the type of ceramic granite material. Today, the following options are distinguished:

  • matt;
  • polished;
  • structured;
  • glazed;
  • two-layer and so on.

Each option has its own features and advantages, as well as a specific texture. The models are manufactured according to certain technologies, which make it possible to give the finishing material not only enhanced strength, but also a certain shade, overflow, shine.

Porcelain in marble in the hallway
Polished porcelain tiles
Tile from porcelain in the interior of the hallway

Ceramic tiles on the floor in the corridor also has a different texture. For example, matte, polished or polished models can be monophonic or with a pattern, a pattern. Manufacturers also offer products with a glossy sheen. If you want to choose a tile with an imitation, for example, a tree, it is better to choose a glazed or structured version. The main advantage of such models is that they have an upper anti-slip layer. Some for the hallway choose tiles, but it is known to be slippery enough, so it is better not to choose such a flooring material for houses where there are small children.

Tile from porcelain in the interior of Provence
Gray tile from porcelain tiles

A practical and reliable option - porcelain tiles under the tree. He looks noble, restrained, while ideally imitating natural material. Due to special processing, the texture of the tile acquires a wood structure. Such models are no less durable, they serve for a long time, while they do not fade with time, they do not lose color.

What kind of interior is suitable for ceramic tiles?

The floor of ceramic granite tiles will be a perfect addition to the interior of the hallway of a house or apartment. This padding material is combined with any furniture, wall and ceiling decoration. Artificial stone is always relevant, and it is especially suitable for floor design in the hallway. First of all, it is chosen for the classical interior, as it perfectly matches with furniture made of wood.

Floor tiles from porcelain stoneware in the chess layout in the hallway
Hexagonal tile from porcelain stoneware in the hallway

As a floor variant, ceramic granite is also chosen for modern design. A diverse design, an abstraction on the tile will complement the interior, made in the style of high-tech, modern, minimalism, loft. Tiles can also be used to trim a wall, for example, a bottom so that the view is more complete and complete. For the design of modern design, you can choose a tile of absolutely any shade. If you are a creative person, you do not need to dwell on neutral tones. Manufacturers offer a mass of bright colors that will create an interesting contrast.

Terracotta tiles in the hallway
Floor tiles with a pattern of porcelain tiles

How to take care of the floor of porcelain?

If you have chosen ceramic tiles for the floors in the hallway, be sure to find out the specifics of caring for it. As a rule, any tile is practical, it is easy to clean, it is easy to remove dirt, dust and other contaminants. For washing, you can use ordinary water, if desired with the addition of detergent. The floor covering perfectly tolerates chemical influence, therefore it is not afraid of alkalis, acids.

Ceramic tiles with inserts on the floor of the hallway
Gilded tiles from porcelain stoneware in the hallway

Pay attention to the fact that the installation of ceramic granite is better to trust professionals. Only the correct finish of the floor in compliance with all standards will extend the life of the finishing material. After professional laying the tile looks more beautiful, neat, effective, especially when it comes to models with a pattern or pattern, where it is necessary to adhere to a certain sequence.

Beige porcelain stoneware in the hallway

Is it worth choosing porcelain in the hallway? Certainly worth it if you want to see in your home a floor that will last you for many years. A variety of shades and textures will allow you to choose exactly the option that will not only decorate the corridor, but also the object of your pride before the guests.


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