Pink bedroom (20 photos): how to create a beautiful interior design

Pink color is tenderness, romance and children's dreams. Designers often use it in the design of various rooms, but, you see, a special delight is caused by the pink bedroom! At the same time, one can realize his "pink dream" in life on his own. The main thing is to know certain nuances and cunnings.

Rose-golden bedroom
Child with pink accents in the interior

Wall decoration

The bedroom is a resting place, and therefore the interior for it should be chosen calm. This concerns, among other things, pink shades. The best option - the decor with pink wallpaper with a white pattern. You can also make one of the walls pure white or gray-white, and all other walls covered with pink.

Note: in the presence of bright wallpaper in the room should be white accents, otherwise the design will be "tiresome".

Pink wallpaper in the bedroom


One of the most effective methods in the design of pink interior - walls with gray-pearl coating in a wide band. To the pink bedroom does not seem too "cloying" designers advise to dilute such ensembles with bright accents: purple, lilac, lilac palette, etc.

White, gray and pink in the bedroom

White and pink

But to create a more delicate interior it is worth using a white and pink color scheme. This combination gives an opportunity to get a contrast palette. In addition, the white and pink bedroom visually seems more spacious.

To note: a similar range is often used in the design of other rooms, where a small enough area.

If the walls will have a pink wallpaper, then the ceiling can be made white, and the floor beige. By the way, such an interior will perfectly complement the turquoise or "creamy" furniture.

In general, the combination of pink and white is very favorable for the bedroom. This makes the atmosphere in the room gentle, clean and more fresh. But, so that this design does not irritate the eye, you can add a veil and curtains of pale pink shade.

Pink and white children's bedroom

Pink and gray

This is another good combination for decorating a rest room. All pink (including wallpaper) will be complemented by a gray palette. Very nice in the general pink style is a light and cold base color with gray - expensive and elegant. Typically, this option is used in the "glamorous" bedrooms or in the design of the room for the girl.

Pink and gray bedroom

Pink and black

Create a spectacular and even a little daring situation in the room will help a combination of pink and black colors. As a result, a very dramatic and dynamic bedroom will turn out in pink tones.

Important: this combination does not fit too sensitive and nervous people, because, for example, black wallpapers oppress the psyche.

Pink and black bedroom

Pink and olive

Pleasant and at the same time original is the combination of pink and olive. Of course, such an interior is a rarity, for that it looks just great. The bedroom in this style will radiate peace and tranquility.

Pink Olive Bedroom

Pink and blue

Such a combination must be diluted with white color (for example, to lay a white blanket on the bed), as a neutral accent. The blue palette acts soothingly, it gives a sense of spaciousness. This is especially true of the so-called "heavenly shades."


In this case, the bedroom in pink can be decorated using white as the main color, and pink and blue will act as accent colors. If the main color is bright pink, then the ideal complement to it will be all sorts of details of sky-blue and pale pink shades.

Rose-blue bedroom

Pink and purple

This option is suitable for a bedroom whose windows face south-east or south. Violet range in the interior softens the bright rays of the sun. This combination is considered very refined and perfectly complements any styles, but you should choose the shades carefully.

Pink and purple bedroom

Pink and green

The interior of the bedroom, which combines pink and shades of green or green, looks incredibly stylish. These shades stimulate the development of fantasy, which is very important if a child or teenager lives in the room. As a supplement, various decorations and accessories of bright and screaming light green colors (again, bright green shades are also acceptable).

Rose and salad bedroom

Pink and Yellow

Pink bedroom with the presence of peach-yellow shades - ideal for active people or for a small girl. Such a combination will fill the room with sunlight from the inside. As the main one you can use pink color, but the furniture should be pure white or beige-cream color. Also, one should not forget about curtains, bedspreads and pillows of bright yellow shades.

Important: the ceilings in the pink bedroom are finished following the same principles.

Pink and yellow bedroom


An important role in creating any interior is lighting. The optimal option for a pink or white-pink bedroom is the installation of common and local light sources. The latter, as a rule, place near a mirror or a bed: beautiful sconces, nightlights and floor lamps.

If we talk about the general light, then it must be soft and scattered. As a luminaire on the ceiling, the ideal solution will be a matte glass chandelier or spotlights with a soft and warm color. For good lighting, you need to place them around the perimeter of the bedroom. The main thing is that there are no sharp shadows in the room.

Beautiful chandelier in the pink bedroom


Best in the pink bedroom will look a set of calm, cool shade. But brown furniture in this case is absolutely not good. Furniture items should not create a discord with the color of the flooring and walls.

Also it is necessary to avoid too bright catchy products. Excellent complement to the pink interior of the furniture is a gentle golden color. But it's important not to overdo it, as a lot of gold will look vulgar.

If there are white walls in the bedroom, you can prefer pink furniture warm shades.

As for the shape of the products, then any one, except for complex geometric variants, will do.

White furniture in the bedroom in pink tones
Pink and white furniture in the bedroom


And, of course, when decorating a rose bedroom, curtains deserve special attention. They will add a certain coziness and beauty to the interior of the room. For example, for a classic light pink design, massive curtains with an original pattern are suitable. Do not look bad in this case, and blinds in brown.

Dense curtains and tulle in the bedroom in pink tones

Dense curtains and tulle in the bedroom in pink tones

Visually enlarge the space in the room can be with the help of gray-cream, peach-yellow and white-pink curtains, but dark curtains on the contrary visually reduce the bedroom.

Note: the design and color of curtains must match the rest of the textile in the bedroom.

In addition, it should be remembered that too bright curtains in the pink bedroom is not recommended, especially burgundy or peach red.

Rose-gray interior of the bedroom
Bright pink bedroom
Pink and gray pastel bedroom
Beautiful bedroom with pink elements

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