How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

How to wash the hood off old fat - several working methods

If you, putting order in the kitchen, noticed that the hood has become too dirty, it's time to clean it. But, the degree of contamination can be an unpleasant surprise for you.

Pollution clogs the cross-section of the grid, preventing optimum air movement, thereby effectively reducing the draw efficiency to zero.

Therefore, you need to decide how to wash the kitchen hood from the accumulated fat with minimal hassle for yourself.

Let's start!

Light pollution

If your hood is used neither too long, and the dirt on it is not particularly strong, then, most likely, it will be enough just to rinse the grate in a hot soapy solution.

How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

You can make such a solution, for example, on the basis of your dishwashing liquid or ordinary household soap.

A good effect is obtained by using a well-known to everyone «Fairy», eg.

Ideally, if you succeed fully Place the grate in the prepared solution and leave it there for a few minutes.

Hint! The baking tray can ideally be used to soak the grate. Try it!

How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

Then you can walk on the surface with a stiff washcloth or brush, removing the softened dirt.

It remains only to rinse the rinse thoroughly from the soap residue.

If your kitchen has a dishwasher, you can load a metal filter into it by turning on the wash mode with a minimum temperature. As a rule, it is 30 degrees.

How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

But, if, after the conducted procedures, the pollution from the lattice has not left, it will be necessary to try more, so to speak, decisive measures.


Boiling is an effective way to remove even old fat accumulations from the surface of your extract filter.

How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

To make this simple procedure for you need a large pan, It can accommodate the entire grid or at least half of it.

  • Initially prepare the solution based on salt, soda and laundry soap.
  • For this: rub on the grater about half a bar, add a glass of salt and 2-3 tablespoons of soda, mix it thoroughly until completely dissolved.
  • The water level in the tank must be such that it completely covers the filter (or simply the maximum permissible).
  • Boiling time an average of 7-10 minutes.
  • If your grill does not fit completely in the pan, then it must be turned the other side and continue boiling for 5-10 minutes.
  • In case there are old-old spots of fat on the grill, leave it in this hot solution for another couple of hours (turn off the cooking zone at the same time).
  • After the specified time, we clean the grid of the residual fat with a sponge or brush.

It remains only to rinse well under a stream of running water and admire the brilliant result of their work.

be ready to the fact that after the "cooking" of the dirty filter, a counter and fatty solution is formed in the pan.

Strong household chemicals

Sometimes the grille of the hood is so stuffed with old fat that it looks like a lattice of beehive with honeycombs full of honey. In particularly neglected cases, this fat begins to drip onto the stove.

In such cases, people's funds will not help much, you need to connect "heavy artillery" - household chemicals.

Now we will tell, how to wash the hood in the kitchen from the heavily stale and old fat with the help of such modern potent means.

How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

The arsenal of such chemistry is more than impressive. We advise you to pay attention on such means as:

  • Foam, intended for cleaning of ovens, grills, braziers TOPCleanner or PowerWash;

    How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

  • oven cleaner from Amway;

    How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

  • gel for cooking surfaces and plates Sanita, Milam;

    How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

  • cleaning powders, in particular Bagi Shumanit.

Dealing with any household chemicals, and especially such aggressive, do not forget to use rubber gloves, which will protect the skin of your hands from chemical burns.

Another The cardinal way of cleaning the metal mesh of the extract filter is means for removal of blockages sewers and sewer pipes.

Such household chemicals are guaranteed to remove even very serious pollution, But they are worth using only in case of emergency, because the substances that lead to their composition are able to resolve the metal.

If you are not afraid to lose an important element of your own hood, then put the grate in any stainless container, sprinkle the granules from the top or apply the appropriate gel.

Now pour hot water. You should see how everything starts to sizzle and bubble.

Leave for a short while, no more than for 20 minutes, after which very thoroughly rinse with water.

The used solution is best poured into the toilet.


How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

Each of us understands that it is unlikely to eliminate the subsidence of grease and soot on the filter grid.

Of course, if you predominantly prepare food for a couple, the contamination will not accumulate as much as if you were constantly frying.

But in the Slavic cuisine there are so many delicious dishes that you can not cook without frying or putting out :).

But you can eliminate the serious accumulation of fat by regular cleaning. Take for yourself the rule of washing the hood once a month.

This procedure will take you an extra 5 minutes, but the hood always will please you with its cleanliness and high functionality.

And by the way, once you decide to take up the washing of the grill, then do not forget to wash the outer parts of the hood (facade, sidewalls, lower part).

How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat


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