How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

Carrots are a garden beauty, a real storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. But how to store carrots at home, in a private house, at a dacha or apartment?

Without carrots, you will not get a delicious borsch, and vegetable side dishes will lose their taste. From her bake pancakes, prepare sharp snacks and original salads.


In our diet, the orange root must be every day, both in winter and in summer.

In a private house, the harvest is, of course, easier and more convenient, there is a cellar, an underground, a barn, but in urban flats you can find a great place to store vegetable supplies.

We will find out which variety of carrots to choose and how to store reserves at home until spring.

So, we touch the carrots.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

For long-term savings we take away the ripened, whole and uncultivated root crops.

"Consider, one spoiled plant will infect the entire crop."

Sort by fruits to large and small, you will keep them separately.

If there are root crops soft, with dry rot or damaged when harvesting - they will go into use immediately.

You can also thoroughly wash such carrots, peel, grate or use in a food processor and freeze.

A few tips to help keep carrots long:

  1. 1 Vegetables intended for storage, It is impossible to wash. Shake off large clumps of earth, cut off the tops.
  2. 2 Before storing carrots for storage, it must be ventilated and dry thoroughly, having covered from direct sun.
  3. 3 Wherever you store carrots, in the basement, garage, on the balcony, temperature in this room should be 0-2 ° C. Put different varieties of root vegetables separately, because Some species can also germinate at zero temperature.
  4. 4Do not forget periodically check your supplies, whether the vegetables have frozen, whether there is mold there.
  5. 5 Experienced gardeners noticed that the best varieties are carrots of medium size conical shape.

For those who understand the grades.

From middle-ripening varieties choose the Red Giant, Moscow Winter, Flakke, Viking, Altair.

Late-ripening species perfectly tolerate storage: the Queen of Autumn, Cascade, Carlene, Chantana.

Early varieties, of rounded short form, deteriorate fairly quickly and are not subject to winter storage.

How to store carrots in a private house and in the country

Basement or cellar - the best place for winter storage of root crops.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

Knowing the owners, before you lower the vegetables in the vault for the winter, carefully clean them in the bins, sweep away the remnants of the last harvest, dry it and, if necessary, disinfect the shelves and the floor.

Keep in the cellar the optimum temperature, good humidity and ventilation.

And store there carrots in boxes, bags, sand, sawdust, onion husk, claye etc.

Let's see what method is right for you.

Do you have a large enamelled saucepan?

Place in it vertically dry and clean root crops, cover the top with a dense cloth and close the lid. So the carrot will last until February.

It's even easier to store vegetables in bags.

  • In strong polyethylene or canvas bags, fold together with fresh carrot filings.
  • Above you can sprinkle onion onion.
  • Fill the filled bags in a dark corner.
  • Keep them open, do not tie.

Many gardeners store carrots in boxes.

Put root crops in a box, pouring each layer coniferous sawdust.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

Needles kill bacteria and fungi. Vegetables will remain in this way until the middle of March.

By the way, sawdust should only be fresh.

Last year, from past wintering, sawdust can no longer be used. They can remain microbes and spores of fungi.

By the principle of sawdust, but in boxes with carrots - garlic and onion husks. Essential oils of onion and garlic prevent decay of vegetables. Garlic smell with carrots quickly washed away with warm water.

Well preserved fruits in boxes with sand.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

Sand keeps a constant temperature and reduces the evaporation of moisture from vegetables.

Wet (but not wet!) Sand is poured on the bottom of the box, approximately 4-5 cm layer, and stack the carrot so that the roots do not touch each other. Fall asleep on top of the sand, and so on each layer.

Do not put more than 20 kg in boxes.

You can use dry sand, and instead of boxes aluminum buckets.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

Some modern housewives store carrots in drawers with moss.

Special sphagnum moss It is used in floriculture, it is rich in nutrients and retains moisture.

Put the carrots and sphagnum in layers in plastic boxes, and do not cover anything. Boxes with moss are light. Agree, it is very convenient for women.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

Do not want to pick up boxes, sacks and buckets? Keep the carrot straight on the shelves!

If you have a free shelf in the basement, put carrots on it, tails out, top with a good sand or sawdust on top.

Another option from experienced summer residents - store carrots in clay.

The way is dirty, not everyone likes, but effective. Fruits in the clay chatter are stored up to 9 months.

  • In a bucket of warm water, dilute the clay to a liquid consistency;
  • With this sticky mass pour the bottom of the box, pre-cover it with a film, and put a layer of vegetables there;
  • When the liquid clay dries, again put the carrots and pour clay, etc.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

And for some gardeners, carrots generally hibernate on the beds!

Part of the crop is left in the ground, and in the spring dig up and eat it until a new crop.

  • Experiment, allocate to itself pair of rows with biennials for the winter.
  • Cut the top of the soil, sprinkle the soil with moist sand and cover with a dense waterproof film.
  • The glue is covered with foliage, chips, humus and covered with a sheet of roofing material.

In this house the carrot will withstand all the autumn rains and winter winds, will long be juicy and fresh.

How to store carrots in an apartment

How to stock up on vegetables for the winter, if there is no cellar, cellar or shed in the city's apartments?

Suitable for glazed balcony or loggia.

Of course, we'll have to make sure that the temperature does not go below zero, the sun's rays do not get on carrots.

Otherwise, your whole crop will sprout and rot.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

So, let's look at the options.

The simplest and most effective way - fold root crops in a box, tamp them with coniferous sawdust, wrap them in a thick old blanket.

In the same way is stored on the balcony of carrots in polyethylene bags. Suitable and bags of sugar.

When freezing vegetables are transferred to another place or even more are wrapped in dense material, for example, felt.

Root in the loggia of root crops in boxes with wet sand.

Vegetables will be as crunchy and juicy as from a cellar, but they will not be kept on the loggia for long, only until the middle of winter.

Mix the sand with ashes or ash and bury the carrot there. This will save vegetables a little longer.

Carrot storage in the garage.

If the crop at you small, it is possible to wrap up each root-crop in newsprint and to combine all in a wooden box. At first, you will have enough of this stock.

How else are the city housewives getting out?

Carefully washed and cut carrots are wrapped with a food stretch film, stacked in a container so that the fruit does not come in contact (this will last for 45 days).

And carrots are treated with paraffin. The paraffin is melted in the saucepan, the washed and dried carrot is dropped into it, it is covered with a paraffin layer and can be stored on the balcony for as long as 4 months.

And, of course, an assistant to every city hostess - fridge.

Clean the carrot, clean, dry and cut from the tops, into small plastic bags and store them in the refrigerator drawers.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

It is very convenient to store vegetables in special plastic containers with sealed lids (sailboats).

Rinse, dry carrots, place a paper towel on the bottom of the container, fold the fruits and close the lid tightly.

In supermarkets a huge assortment of such containers: round buckets, rectangular bins, transparent and colored jars. There are on sale even containers with tags and windows for inscriptions.

Frozen carrots in the freezer.

How to store carrots at home: 10 ways

Clean the carrots cut or grate and fold them into ordinary sachets. Better yet, prepare some kulechkov.

For soups and borsch, grate the carrots with a small grater. In another bag, add the carrots, cut into cubes and circles. Another one is straw.

"A little trick: you can pack vegetable kits on sachets."

Fold in a small bowl diced carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, sweet pepper. At you always near at hand there will be already ready vegetable assortments.

A few tips

  1. 1 Try to save carrots in several ways. Some part of the frost, a little lower in the basement or leave on the garden. By the next season you will know where the carrot is best preserved.
  2. 2 If you notice that there were rodents in the cellar or basement, encase boxes and sacks of vegetable stocks dry mint leaves. And in the corners of your bins, spread the napkins, moistened with peppermint oil. This oil you can easily find in any pharmacy.
  3. 3 Do not store carrots near apples. From the neighborhood with apple ethylene, the orange root vegetable will lose its taste qualities. Also, many gardeners advise carrots to store away from potatoes.
  4. 4 If you harvest your crop, you note: the most suitable "age" of carrots for long-term storage - 100 days.
  5. 5 If you need keep already grated carrots in the fridge for a day or two, cover the bowl with carrots with a damp waffle towel and put it on the top shelf.
  6. 6th Peeled Carrots in a container of water, in a refrigerator, can last 3-5 days. Just do not forget to change the water every day.

Now you know everything about carrots! It remains only to sort out the carrots, process and prepare for storage.

Fresh and tasty vegetables on your table!


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