Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Photo of the design of a modern small kitchen: ideas of 2017

Many owners of "Khrushchev", as well as apartments with plans of this type, do not want to put up with the depressing closeness of the kitchens that they got.

Everyone is trying to find projects, photos, modern, for example, in 2017, the idea of ​​such a small kitchen design that can make them more comfortable.

We have collected all the most interesting and relevant in one place, in this article, there will be a lot of pictures!


1 Choosing furniture
2 Features of the layout
3 Which style is best for you?
4 Lighting
5 Flooring
6th Wall decoration
7th Ceiling
8 We select textiles and decor

Minimalism and practicality are an integral part of the interior design of any small kitchen. Remember that if you have a small area you need to place all the most necessary elements that are convenient to use.

With such a task it is not so easy to cope as it seems at first glance, but it is absolutely real. In fact, all the below described tips can, one way or another, be attributed to an attempt to follow this concept.

Modern materials and technologies - sounds quite generalized, but this is the key to diversity and finding the ideal options. First of all it concerns furniture.

Furniture for a small kitchen

It is important for you to know and understand, that the furniture for the kitchen is best ordered, and not to buy ready-made kitchen sets in the furniture store. For small rooms, this rule is especially important, because in the account literally every square centimeter.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

In the photo the kitchen is in a modern style with a bar counter. Such a design solution helps to solve the problem of lack of space for a dining table.

To date, furniture manufacturers can offer you a variety of options for the kitchen set for a small kitchen both in terms of external parameters and internal filling.

The most popular material for furniture is the use of MDF. This is an optimal solution for most consumers both in the price range and possible color solutions.

Moreover, do not forget about the new technologies and mechanisms: you can order all possible retractable systems, comfortable and light shelves, glossy or matte surfaces, mounting the backlight in any corners of the headset.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Bright juicy shades are also popular with interior designers in 2017.

Transparent elements allow one to get several benefits at once.

At first, this is modern. Such elements as transparent fittings and plafonds for hanging lamps create an amazing visual tandem.

Secondly, that is transparent, it is almost invisible. For example, chairs made of transparent plastic do not practically "eat" space and look very nice.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Retractable furniture and trasformer tables are particularly relevant for the design of a modern small kitchen, the photo projects of which are shown below.

More and more people are giving up cumbersome tables and chairs in favor of furniture that hides in the headset or leans back against the wall. The use of these elements allows you to actually change your kitchen as convenient for the hostess.

Furthermore, At the "hidden" dining table there is a lot of space for both adults and, for example, for children's games.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Maximum use of usable area kitchen is in this initial design of the headset, in which he will occupy the entire area assigned to him - from the floor to the top.

Do not hesitate to order high furniture, because it will have more space for kitchen utensils. With limited space and, as a rule, a budget, this approach will help to maximize at minimal costs without creating a warehouse effect.

Household appliances it's better to buy a built-in, as this will save a lot of space in your small kitchen. There are special narrow models of dishwashers, hobs, hoods, and even ovens, which are ideal for tiny rooms.

The worktop (work surface) is best made from MDF or acrylic. A natural stone or quartz will be too heavy for a small headset, which can adversely affect its design.

Layout of a small kitchen

Sometimes it makes sense to abandon the door to the kitchen and make an entrance into it with the help of arches. The refusal of the standard doorway in favor of the arch is due to a positive visual and spatial effect.

This solution saves a small room from "squeezing" and feelings of tightness in the four walls. In such a miniature kitchen, for example, an area of ​​5 or 6 square meters, or Khrushchev, it is much more comfortable and cozy to be, than in the same, but with closed doors.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Continuing the theme of the doors, a good option is sliding models. Their installation will save a bit of useful space, plus it looks very modern.

Also, in some cases, you can go for more radical measures and combine the kitchen with your living room.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Such a solution can be increasingly found in modern projects, especially youth apartments. Similar layouts are called "studio" and allow you to smooth out the shortcomings of a small area, while making the kitchen comfortable and functional.

By the way, this kind of design of small kitchens, as shown below, is one of the most popular modern ideas among young families in 2017.

If you have a small corner kitchen, then you have, in fact, two options for planning: L-shaped or F-shaped. Each of them has its pluses and minuses, which must be taken into account before the final decision.

Choose a style for a small kitchen

The most popular and suitable styles are the following:

  • Modern. This is a broad concept, which includes a number of stylistics, including those that will be described below. But in general, this style implies the use of fashionable and modern materials in everything: furniture, decoration of walls, floors, lighting. Most of the photos that we posted in this article show interiors in this style.
  • Minimalism. Even the very name of this style pushes the idea that he should come up for a small kitchen. And there is. Practicality, functionality, minimum decor and maximum use of useful space: this is its main features. See more examples of kitchens in the style of minimalism.
  • Classical, does not mean old or outdated. This means abandoning the catchy and evocative forms, colors, contours, which are not to everyone's liking. Such examples are very many and the design of the kitchenette in the classics is common. Traditional designs of sets, floor and apron of tiles, without stretch ceilings and fanciful chandeliers, solid steel sink and flowers on the windowsill. You can look at a separate selection of kitchen interiors in the classics.


Lighting it is necessary to pay special attention. Since the room is small, the central part can be illuminated with a compact chandelier or a pair of hanging lamps.

It is advisable to lighten the working area separately with an LED tape or spotlight headlamps.

Single window Do not shade and it is desirable to ensure maximum penetration of natural light.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen


We must understand that the design of any small kitchen, without the use of modern ideas and approaches, is initially doomed to failure. In particular, it concerns the choice of material and picture for the floor. One wrong step, and you will make an already small room visually even smaller.

Our people are used to using the old fashion to spread a large tile on the kitchen floor, which is not right in the root. If tile, then only small or medium-sized. This, you might say, is the law.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

It is also important to consider a variety of cover, because it's about the kitchen. The floor in it should be easily washed, resistant to moisture. Ceramic tiles, moisture resistant laminate, linoleum - the most optimal solutions.

TO natural wood It should be treated somewhat wary, because the material under the influence of moisture can be deformed.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Modern manufacturers today produce a board from an array, which is treated with special moisture-resistant compounds, but only its price is quite impressive. Therefore, not every owner of a small kitchen can afford high-quality wooden floors.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

A more budget option, capable of visually expanding a small space is the glossy tile. Look closely at the plain white, creamy, beige options.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

If desired, it can be combined with a dark-colored tile (black, dark blue, burgundy, brown), laying out the pattern in a checkerboard pattern. Whether to make a drawing with an even square or a diamond, everyone decides for himself.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Do not underestimate the glossy surface of ceramic tiles. It perfectly reflects both natural and artificial light, visually increasing space.

Many designers spread it not only the floor, but also the walls and even the ceiling of a small room. We venture to assume that such a move will be very popular in 2017.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Also suitable and moisture-resistant laminate, in its design imitating a natural boardwalk. Please note that such panels should be laid not across the room, but along.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Effectively it will look and installation of a laminate on a diagonal. Only you need to understand that in this case the material consumption will be much higher than in case of longitudinal laying.

Give preference to light colors, because they are vested with the ability to visually expand the room.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Linoleum is the cheapest material, resistant to water and easy to clean. Having decided to stop your choice on it, give preference to light one-color options or cover, imitating a boardwalk.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen


Starting to repair the walls, most of you will face the need for their alignment. What to do to properly prepare the surface, but not reduce the size of the room?

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

If the defects are not particularly serious, a small layer of putty will help to solve them. Otherwise it will require plasterboard plating.

You can pre-remove the layer of old plaster with a puncher. As a result, you will go to the same level, while getting a perfectly flat surface.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Another tip: sheets of drywall paste on the glue, because the construction of the profiles "steals" you have about 3-5 cm of useful area. Do not forget to clean and primethe walls beforehand.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

The prepared surface is suitable for painting, wallpapering, applying decorative plaster, laying tiles.

What color walls to choose for a small kitchen?

The main rule here is to avoid dark tones, they visually greatly reduce the space. So, boldly look at such colors as:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Coffee with milk
  • Light Olive
  • Sand
  • Peach

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Glossy ceramic tiles can be used not only to decorate the working apron. The brilliant surface of the wall in the area of ​​the dining area will give the room a visual space.

Wallpaper also choose plain and light. A small unobtrusive pattern or a decorative panel on the wall near which the dining table is located is possible.

Previously, we have already considered all the nuances of choosing wallpaper for small kitchens.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

The same rules should be followed and those who choose for themselves painting or decorative plaster.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Effective and unusual will look like wallpaper. Just make sure that the selected image does not overload the surrounding area.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Excellent seascapes, images of street cafes. The picture itself should be a continuation of your room, visually expanding it and making it more spacious.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Actual on the walls of a small kitchen will be mirrors. It is not necessary to purchase a huge model for the whole wall. Create an original composition from several small mirrors.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Interior design of a modern small kitchen


Often the ceiling in small kitchens is low enough. You can simply paint it with a light water-based paint or cover with white wallpaper.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

But we are talking about modern solutions. We advise you to take a closer look at the plastic panels, suspension and tension ceilings.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Plastic panels - it is inexpensive, aesthetic, easy to install and follow-up care solution. During the installation they practically do not take the already small height of the kitchen.

Having decided to stop your choice on them, give preference to light, preferably white shades.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Suspended ceilings are often used in more spacious rooms, but the proper selection of the material will allow you to apply them in small spaces.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Do not use sheets of drywall in the design. Choose for yourself a mirror or rack design.

The brilliant surface of the material is guaranteed to make the ceilings higher, visually expand the space, and the room is light and free.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

The most stylish and effective will look stretch designs. During the installation they will take only 2-3 cm of height, which will not have any critical impact on the visual perception of the room.

Only give preference to not glossy, but glossy films. Color solution - any, most importantly, that it was in light colors. Several spotlights will make the picture more spectacular and completed.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Textiles & decor

Finishing small kitchen design, for which modern ideas were used, do not forget to give due attention to the selection of textiles and decorative elements.

It is also important to avoid dark and heavy materials, as in the basic finish. For the decoration of windows use light translucent curtains, while heavy drapes are better to exclude.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

In a small space, each free square centimeter is often used. No exception is the window sill, so curtains in a small kitchen choose such a length and configuration that they do not clutter you access to it.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Remember, a well-lit room always visually seems more spacious and cozy. Warm shades (red, orange, yellow, etc.) bring closer and less space, the cold ones, on the contrary, seem farther away, thereby creating a visual expansion effect.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

The material is practical and easy to clean. If you have a kitchen stove next to the window, air curtains will not be the best option, because this is a clear example of a fire hazard situation.

Today, there is no problem in choosing a fabric that would be very durable and practical.

One of these options is tulle. It does not attract dust, it is resistant to dirt, but at the same time it well passes air and sunlight.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

The photo-tulle is gaining popularity. The variety of images allows us to find suitable solutions for each customer.

A rather popular modern solution for a small kitchen are blinds, fabric roller blinds, Roman curtains to the kitchen. They will become a laconic frame of the window opening.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Picking up the decor, you should also adhere to the principle of minimalism, because even slightly overdone with accessories, you will overload an already small space.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Do you want to hang a picture, a photo or a poster on the wall? Choose not one, but a couple of small images, placing one above, and the second slightly below the middle of the wall. This little trick will make the ceilings higher.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Accessories can be selected in bright colors. Against the background of a general laconic finish, they will look especially impressive and attractive.

Transparent and brilliant decor - the choice of many modern designers. It can be small vases, photo frames and pictures, kitchen accessories, coasters for hot, etc.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Live flowers today are found in almost every kitchen. Not an exception is a small room.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Lush houseplants in bulk pots are best rearranged to another room. In the kitchen, limit yourself to small, elegant compositions.

Interior design of a modern small kitchen

Bright multicolored violets, tender orchids, spring primroses and other flowers will fill the room with freshness, give naturalness and naturalness. It will be appropriate to look and the phase with fruit, standing on the dining table.


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