How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

Interior design of the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

Kitchen with an area of ​​11 square meters is traditionally considered quite large. In any case, here you can arrange all the necessary household appliances, decorate a spacious work area and there will still be room for a cozy dining corner.

However, the owners of this kitchen should adhere to certain rules of ergonomics and design, so that the room is functional enough and most convenient.

kitchen 11 square meters. m

Convenience is the main criterion of any kitchen

In good textbooks on design, the exact dimensions of each piece of furniture are given, which are calculated for the average person. But to plan the interior design of the kitchen is 11 sq.m. follows, taking into account the individual parameters of the owners - its growth, weight, complexion.

The best way to navigate is:

  • The top cabinets are installed so that the landlady can reach the shelf with her hand. If the upper shelves remain unavailable, please note that you receive a fair amount of "dead zone". Step ladder for 11 sq.m. it's uncomfortable to install, but you do not jump very fast with chairs.
    Pay attention to the cabinets with built-in elevators. These ingenious devices allow you to freely lower the uppermost shelves and even change their places with the lower ones.
  • How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  • The height of the countertop is defined as follows: bend the arm at the elbow at a right angle. The desired height of the worktop will be about 10-15 cm below.
  • How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  • Sink recently in the corner often. Indeed, since it takes up less space, saving space. But keep in mind that if you are a dimensional person, it will be inconvenient to wash dishes. In this case, it is desirable that the angle at which the sink is to be placed is beveled. If the angle remains straight, it is better to install the sink a bit laterally, by sending a dish dryer to the corner.
  • How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  • The most dangerous in the kitchen is the open doors of the upper cabinets. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase furniture not with swinging doors, but with sliding or with lifting, which open like roll-shutters.
  • How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  • Take care that your kitchen set has a cargo. These pull-out sections can have a width of even 5 cm, but here are perfectly placed a variety of kitchen trifles like spices, cutlery, napkins, glasses. In addition, the cargo is simply necessary if insulation is required: for example, between the walls of a nearby refrigerator, washing machine and oven.

How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

The layout with the box

In typical houses often there are kitchens, where one of the walls has an unattractive ledge - there is a vent box. It can not be removed, but you can beat in the interior so that the box will become a fully functional part of your kitchen or hide it, making it a decorative element.

How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

It all depends on which part of the box is located.

Here are a few options:

  1. 1Buy furniture made to order. In this case, the lockers will be closely adjacent to the walls of the box on both sides, visually it will become less noticeable. Especially if it is finished in the same way as the adjacent walls.
  2. How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  3. 2 If the box is located near the entrance, and next to the working area of ​​the kitchen, you can continue the worktop and the box. It will be substantially narrower, but such a single line will unite space. In the narrow part near the box can be placed open shelves, and a narrow table top will serve as an excellent place for arranging accessories.
  4. How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  5. 3 Near the box you can install a small table and organize a dining area here. In this case, the ledge on the wall serves as the object of zoning.
  6. How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  7. 4 You can hang the TV on the wall of the box, and instead of the table, set the bar rack. And the space takes less, and the box is less noticeable.
  8. How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  9. 5If you have a kitchen decorated in one of the classic styles, then the projecting part of the box can serve as an excellent place to install a false fireplace.
  10. How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

In any case, do not leave this part of the kitchen without finishing. In the end, you can always hang pictures, photos, slate to record recipes. The main thing is that the design fits into the style of interior design.

Popular layouts

The layout of the kitchen includes the layout of the kitchen unit and the arrangement of the dining area. Depending on the shape of the room, from where the window and the front door are located, choose the type of planning.

The most popular are the following:

  • Single row. Perfect for a narrow, elongated kitchen. In this case, all cabinets and worktops occupy one wall, and the table is installed either in the end of the room or near the opposite wall.
  • kitchen11 square. m with single-row layout

  • Angular - the most optimal variant of furniture arrangement. Allows the use of a wall with a window. So, near the window you can arrange a sink, hob. And you can just build a window sill - you get a good "additive" to the worktop.
  • How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  • With the peninsula. For a room of 11 sq.m. The role of the peninsula can play a bar. It will easily replace the dining table. If you do not want to refuse from a full-fledged dining table, the bar counter will serve as a splitter of the zones perfectly.
  • How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

  • U-shaped - Ideal for a square kitchen. Furniture is located along three walls, and the dining table is taken out in the middle. If there is no desire to establish an island or a table in the middle, you can close the perimeter of the kitchen with a bar counter.

How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

The style of the interior for the kitchen is 11 sq.m. you can choose any. It is superb to accommodate the classic in its laconic luxury and rigor, ornate Baroque or romantic chic chic.

How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

This area is ideal for interior decoration in the style of minimalism, loft or modern. The chosen style dictates the choice of colors for walls and furniture and the choice of finishing materials.

How to equip the kitchen area of ​​11 sq.m.

The main condition of any kitchen is convenience and functionality. We hope that our advice will help you to equip your kitchen properly.


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