Garden shower (16 photos): simple beautiful options

In the presence of a country house or giving a question about hygiene. Summer sowing-harvesting and other dirty work requires the investment of forces and time, and contact with the ground and water provides with dirty hands, dust gets on the body, clogging the pores. In the summer heat, the presence of a small shower in the area where it is possible to wash off all dirt, dust, and in a decent form go to the city or go to bed in a holiday home becomes especially important. For this, there is a simple portable garden shower. Now in the shops there are many options for garden showers, there are even models with heating. Their choice depends on the material possibilities and the demands that you make on this useful device at the dacha.

Modern Garden Shower Design

The device of the garden shower differs significantly from the capital stationary structure, at least by the fact that the summer shower for the dacha is reinstalled at each arrival, and leaving, folding and cleaning up. Also come for the winter, thanks to the dimensions and simple design of the device. Garden shower is ideal if you do not live in the country or if there is not even a summer house, and on the site only beds and bushes without buildings. You come there only to care for the plants, and after work you leave back to the city. In this case, there is a need to wash off dust and dirt after a hard day. Installing a portable design will solve this problem.

Simple outdoor shower room

Advantages of Garden Shower

There are many different ways to take a shower in a suburban area. But, nevertheless, they all have common pluses. Consider what:

  • Portable modern summer cottages are well warmed up for the day. It is best if the cabin is made of polycarbonate. It is light, eco-friendly, its dimensions and simple device are great for showering on the site.
  • A properly designed shower cubicle project keeps the heat perfectly. And even on cool evenings in the beginning of autumn you will not freeze, taking water procedures on the site. And even if the floor in the booth - not warm, but ordinary.
  • Modern artificial materials have excellent water-repellent properties, so you will not get an annoying mold on your shower cubicle. Also for this reason it is important to install booths in the sun. Because in the shadows there is much more likely to get mold.
  • Wooden dacha shower is practical and does not require special care. It is portable and light. At any time, you can move it to another location. If you want, you can arrange a new place for washing in every visit to the dacha, most convenient this time.
  • Artificial materials are durable. For several seasons in a row, you will not have a problem with washing in the country.
  • The models that are being developed recently are very easy to install: their dimensions and simple design make this possible. They can be collected without assistance, independently to make including a warm floor. The design can be said to be primitive, which does not reduce its useful qualities in the house.
  • A large selection of colors, shapes, sizes will help pick up the booth, for example, to the color of the gazebo on the site. Such a thoughtful device will create a common harmonious landscape. You can choose the color of the stall or moisture-repellent material for the color of the house or the surrounding greenery on the site.
Garden shower with decorative screen
Shower with hose connection
Two showers on a wooden base
Simple country house shower made from corrugated board
Interior shower arrangement from corrugated board

Requirements for the garden soul

What basic hygienic and aesthetic requirements should the street shower meet:

  • Cesspool must necessarily be of decent size. According to sanitary norms, its size should not be less than 2 square meters. But in practice, few people are satisfied with such a capital construction. You can do with a smaller size, especially since most of the water will be absorbed into the ground. With the use of highly effective septic tanks, the size of the pit can be made substantially less without compromising environmental and hygiene standards.
  • Practicality. Portable shower should take up a little space, it is nice and easy to wash, do not pollute the environment. This requirement is very important, because at the dacha and so people work. And nobody will want after garden work and also mess with the difficult washing of the shower cubicle.
  • Aesthetic requirements are also desirable to comply with. The shower booth should not be distinguished by an inharmonious spot on the background of beds and beautiful trees. It is advisable to fit the design into the overall landscape in such a way that it becomes part of the overall picture. Modern versions of materials and colors quite allow it to be done.
  • The shower, including homemade and beautiful trendy, should not cost a tidy sum. Since this is a design for seasonal use, do not try to make a capital shower. It is easy in the summer season, you can do with a portable, demountable polycarbonate device, especially if you do not permanently live in the country. The floor can be just rubber. Suitable simple simple rubber mat, which is in every hardware store or supermarket.
  • Think about whether you need a heated shower in your holiday home. Such a function can be very useful in cool days, when a warm shower will warm you.
  • Be sure to make a skeleton shower in the sun. Do not install the device in the shade of the trees - in this case there will always be cold water in the tank. And in the first variant the water will quickly heat up, and at the end of the day you will have the opportunity to take a nice warm shower. On the floor of the cabin, you must put a rubber mat.
Beautiful shower room on the plot with curtains

Water tank inside the shower in the area
A small building in which you can fit the shower and place tools
Shower can be braided thin branches
Shower cabin in a section of metal and polycarbonate

Garden shower is easy

If you have some skill, you can make a garden shower yourself. What many summer residents with ease and exercise. It is undesirable for a booth to use a tree, since such a shower will not be too hygienic: it can damp, mold, the tree can start rotting, etc. It is better to take a modern polycarbonate and make a shower from this material on your own.

Designer shower on site

Let's see what basic components make up the most simple design of a garden shower:

  • Container for water. The volume of the tank is selected depending on how many people a day plans to take a shower. One or two people will easily manage and 30 liters, and for a large family may not be enough and 50 liters. To fill the tank can not do on the site without its own well. Can do with heating.
  • Tap water. With it, you will regulate the flow of water into the portable frame shower.
  • Watering can. If you want, you can choose a massage option in the store.
  • Vertical racks. Previously, metal was used as a material for racks, but now with the development of artificial materials, plastic and its derivatives are becoming popular. Also, the appearance of the structure can be trimmed.
  • Rubber foot mat. Put on the floor. In winter, useful in the country house, because it is non-slip.
  • Wet-resistant non-transparent material for walls. Can come matte dense film, light tarpaulin, etc.

With the help of these simple materials it is quite possible to provide the device on its own in a section of a good and functional summer shower.

Modern white shower on the plot

What points it is important to observe, in order to do correctly in the shower area. Shower installation procedure:

  • Four racks need to be deepened into the ground, creating something like a square. Dig with the calculation that the racks withstood the material, which will be fixed from above. But too deep to anything. Still, this is not a capital construction.
  • At the top of the racks, you need to install a water tank. It is desirable, if it is black - in this case the water will quickly heat up and cool for a long time. Therefore, you will have the opportunity at any time to take water procedures. If you want - you can make a tank with heating.
  • Attach the hose to the tank, fix the watering can to its end. By the way, modern choice of objects for garden arrangement and sanitary ware can provide you with even a watering can with massage function. Thus, the dacha will be able to wash in quite comfortable conditions.
  • Rug - under the feet on the floor, with a moisture-resistant material, tighten the posts. If there is a desire, then it is possible to pick up such a stylish material for the flight shower that taking it will be one pleasure. Now there are bright waterproof materials, and dark, and with any pattern.

Everything, simple and practical arrangement of the garden shower is ready.

Adjust the water supply with a tap. This design is easy to rearrange wherever you want - such a portable summer shower to give a mobile, functional and does not require an obligatory cesspool.

A simple open shower, on a stone platform on the site
Shower in high-tech style

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