Decorative outdoor garden lighting – create the right effect (19 photos)

A full harmony on your own home territory is not only well-kept flowerbeds and flower beds, a pool and a vineyard belt, a recreation area with a grill oven, but also competent garden lighting. The one that will allow to hold a themed party late at night, celebrate a jubilee in a family way or organize a banquet-tea and see everything in the garden as if in the afternoon. A few important points - and correctly designed, correctly assembled, fabulous landscape lighting systems pleases you and your guests!

Beautiful lighting of a modern site

Garden lighting: tasks that need to be addressed

Quality lighting of the garden area is an event that requires careful preparation. Of course, if you walk around the yard not so often in the dark, you can do with a powerful flashlight, and fix a simple light bulb at the corner of the veranda.

But if the private house outside the city serves as the main housing, then there are late returns from work of family members to the car, and celebrations arranged in the evening, and situations of force majeure, when lighting the garden at night is simply necessary. Therefore, it is competent and qualitatively to illuminate the access road to the house, steps leading to an open veranda, other complex places are simply necessary.

Adjustable fixtures for the terrace

But landscape lighting is not beautiful lanterns along the perimeter of the veranda or terrace in the summer residence-residence. This is a process that solves 3 important tasks:

  1. Easiness of movement on a garden site on a summer residence or on a court yard of a private house in a night-time. And you will not need to go "to the touch", looking in the dark rattan chair for a guest or trying to hastily pick up a bouquet, which was sprayed by a neighbor yesterday.
  2. Security. The landscape lighting of the garden, firstly, will not allow a hooligan, a thief of apples or a large dog to even approach your site, realizing that if the light is on, someone is awake. Secondly, moving around your site, you will see all the protruding elements, the LFA, garden hoses laid out around the site, someone left by the wheelbarrow, which will save you from falling.
  3. Aesthetic component. Multicolored illumination, plafonds of lanterns of different shapes and colors, uniqueness of the location of light sources, their musicality (as an option of a singing fountain) - and your garden will become a truly paradise place for rest.
Water lamps
Lantern for garden lighting
Lighting decorative fountain in the garden

Lighting decorative fountain in the garden
Lighting for the path at home
Competent lighting of plants and houses on the site

Logicality and consistency, or illumination of the garden plot in practice

So, landscape lighting is not something that you can do yourself. Here professionals are needed, who will be able to take into account all the subtleties and nuances. Unless, of course, you mean by lighting a garden a couple of 40 kW lamps hanging on the corners of the veranda.

Landscaping garden lighting

When evaluating the project of landscape lighting, do not forget about the logic. Landscape landscapes of complex forms, multi-level, with several recreation areas and a patio, a swimming pool and alpine slides will require from you restraint, laconicism, a minimum of delights in lighting. Sources of light simply complement the richness of the landscape, bring together its distant and intimate parts, "finish" the stylistics and decoration. At the same time, it is possible to highlight equally brightly a couple of important zones on the site, it is easy to illuminate the paths-paths between them, to beat a group of bushes, trees, a hedge with light bulbs-lamps.

Illumination of plants and fence on the site

As for landscape design in the English style or the like, which has distinct lines, light and simple forms, a minimum of decorative elements and small architectural forms on the site, there are possible multicolored light streams, lanterns with shades of various shapes, ornate and intricate. Chaotic or orderly arrangement according to the project - it's up to you. A stylish solution is a certain kind of luminaires of one model in a small area, but the overall stylistic component is unchanged.

We take into account several key aspects - and functional lighting of the garden plot is ready! It:

  • high quality of lanterns and other equipment. "Tools" lighting should be created specifically for the yard area, resistant to temperature changes and high humidity, reliable and durable. Easy installation, simple maintenance and dismantling for winter time - and the lights are matched;
  • maximum illumination of the facade of a private house or villa. This will allow everyone to quickly get from the most remote and dark section of the garden to the house and feel comfortable;
  • harmonious lighting of the whole plot. Light sources should not be as bright as possible, cutting eyes. The whole territory should be easily seen, and the emphasis can be made not only on important functional areas (driveway, porch, garden paths), but also visually express aspects in the form of columns and trees, shrubs and gazebo, flower beds with long legs.
Decorative low lantern in the garden
Lanterns for a garden with a pond
Low lights for track lighting
Built-in light and lanterns at the track
Beautiful bright garden lights
Lanterns for a country house

Lights for garden lighting: a variety of options

Infinite range of lamps for landscape lighting allows you to choose a classic, spherical, LED, road or any other option. However, do not forget that each lamp for your site is not only external beauty, but also certain quality characteristics. Competent design - and the choice is made in favor of the best!

Lamps with solar batteries - the best option for a small garden area or local area. They accumulate energy from the sun during the daytime, at night - they give. One of the main advantages - mobility: today with their help you can highlight a strip of fruit trees, creating an atmosphere of magic, tomorrow - a decorative pond, giving preference to the elements of water.

Classic park lights - this model from half a meter to 5 meters in height. The flow of light from such a luminaire is directed to the sides, which does not allow, for example, to illuminate the path, during which they are present. Such a lamp to a greater extent illuminates the space around - decorative columns of a patio, pergola, bushes and trees. The most effective use of classic luminaires is the model-floor lamps on high legs.

High lights for the site

Road (track) lamps - a great idea in case you need to highlight pedestrian areas on the site. The flow of light in them is directed strictly downwards, which will illuminate the path or path, without dazzling the person walking. A bright feature - they can be created in the form of decorative elements of the garden: dwarfs, hedgehogs, snails.

Pedestrian fixtures

Spherical lamps, made of polycarbonate, will give the garden and recreation area not only a soft muted light, but will also become a bright decor element. They, like fairy balls, can be "scattered" throughout the territory of the illuminated site. Another masterpiece of lighting is the alley of spherical lamps, the diameter of which increases or decreases.

Unusual fixtures for the site

Multifunctional and non-trivial option - led lights. With their help, the garden lighting becomes playful, unique, bright and unusual. Add to this the characteristics such as high contrast, the possibility of directing the light flux, reliability and long service life, energy efficiency and no need to replace the LEDs - and you get a great option!

In a word, lighting in landscape design is a creative and dynamic process. If over time your site changes - do not worry! Make it lighted as desired. The main thing - remember, there is not much light!

Beautiful garden lights

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