Sidewalks in the country: a variety of materials (18 photos)

In any private house or in the suburban area there should always be quality garden paths made of concrete, stone or any other material. Unusual compositions, unique in their kind design elements, bold and extravagant decor should seamlessly fit into the landscape design, while also performing a practical mission.

Beautiful unusual sidewalk path on the site

To really nice and practical to equip the site near the house, you will have to make a lot of efforts. It is important to understand that the original decor should not only please the look, but also be practical, reliable and resistant to mechanical damage.

Garden paths made of stones

Material selection

From the choice of material very much depends: price opportunities, nuances regarding the installation of decorative tiles, performance. It is very important that both the design and the decorative solution itself do not enter into dissonance with the basic landscape design on the site.

There are the following categories of materials for the creation of sidewalks and curbs in the country or garden:

  • A rock;
  • Gravel;
  • Wooden fragments;
  • Plastic elements;
  • Classical paving slabs;
  • Paths and borders of bricks;
  • Simulation of pavers;
  • Ornaments for a summer residence from rubber.
The path of tiles and stones

Difficulties in choosing

Garden paths made of stone can be called the most expensive option for the arrangement of villas. The stone looks organically in any landscape design, perfectly resists atmospheric precipitation and mechanical damage. However, excellent performance and a solid aesthetic potential can be costly.

Natural stone is an expensive material. Replace the natural basis for creating curbs and tracks allowed by artificial analogs. The main condition - the products really should be quality.

Plastic elements are more difficult to form an organic pattern. He a priori looks unnatural in any natural locations, so you have to think about all the nuances.

Gravel and brick are not really practical materials. Of these, good drawings and patterns of decorative character are obtained, the main path is better made out of stone or wooden elements.

Unusual stone path in the garden

Nuances that need to be remembered

When choosing materials for creating spectacular tracks in the cottage or private sector in the city, the following points should be taken into account:

  • The quality of the material is confirmed by the availability of a certificate. This should be taken into account even by those who consider themselves to be experts in one or another product;
  • Garden paths made of wood, plastic, paving elements, even bricks and gravel must be manufactured according to a specific technology. This will determine their performance;
  • The correct dimensions and the correct geometry of the products must be thought out in advance. In the store they buy goods that perfectly match the size. "Fit" it during the installation is not always possible. Complex patterns, where many details, will simply be distorted. And if a mosaic is made on a small plot, then there is a danger of not "fitting" into the landscape at all;
  • Particular attention is paid to the appearance of the products. The material should become a worthy decoration of the yard, so all elements should be of standard quality and not have any flaws.
Path in the garden of stones and gravel

Types of dacha tracks, taking into account the particularities of the suburban area

In addition to pricing policy and aesthetics of the future functional décor for the dacha, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the site itself. First of all, they focus on the type of soil and humidity level.

Beautiful path of pebbles


Based on the type of soil on the site, the so-called "pillow" is selected for laying future tracks and curbs. With a high level of humidity, they build a solid foundation, which does not allow the garden path to fade.

At a very high level of groundwater it is better to make heavy tracks. For example, from a brick or concrete slabs, which are then reinforced with high-quality, durable concrete. Thus, it is possible to create a massive coating that will not penetrate and will not collapse under the influence of high moisture and constant "movement" of the soil.


In such conditions, do not use simple gravel or a mosaic of plastic elements on a poor foundation. There is a danger that such a decor will simply disappear with time or is very deformed.

A beautiful path of concrete and pebbles

Moisture and type of coating

If the dacha is constantly wet, often rains and very damp, then you should consider the type of surface of the garden paths. If they are very slippery, then there will be no practical benefit from them. Rather, they will even be dangerous, rather than functional. As an ornament, this is permissible, but for the central path it is better to use materials whose surface is not distinguished by an increased slip.

Path to the house on the site

Paving slabs

Garden walkways made of paving slabs are relatively expensive, but the most beautiful and practical option for arranging country cottages. Today the range of such products is incredibly wide. A potential buyer can purchase goods of any shape and size. There are different types of tiles for stylistics, made in a variety of color formats.

Self-tiling involves a number of specific difficulties. Creating a complex mosaic can be entrusted exclusively to experienced masters. It is better to abandon the products if the area is marked by high humidity.

Path of paving slabs in the country
Path of paving slabs on the site
Path from paving slabs on the plot of land

Garden paths made of wood: the main ideas for a cozy villa

If the first place is aesthetics, you can safely choose garden paths from wood. There are two most popular types of sidewalks made of wood for dachas:

  • Of the boards;
  • From the logs.

The boards do not allow you to show special creativity and refinement in creating a unique landscape design, but they are convenient to work with, and they are appropriate on any site. From wooden blocks it is possible to form beautiful patterns.

Garden path made of wood

Logs are simply cut into small "disks" and laid to the ground. Sometimes, having connected all your imagination, you can create very colorful and unusual variants with an ethnic bias. Drawing from wood fragments always very organically fits into any design on the site.

Garden paths made of wood are acceptable only for the improvement of locations with dry ground and relatively low level of humidity. Sand is used as a pillow.

Light garden path made of wood

Sometimes boards lay out simply on the ground, previously leveling the surface. It is worth remembering that the wooden cover is quite slippery in rainy weather, and in conditions of constant dampness it will quickly rot.

Stylish walkway made of wood in landscape design

Concrete paths for the suburban area

There are the following types of concrete paths:

  • Paths filled with concrete;
  • Tracks formed from concrete slabs.
The process of creating a concrete path on the site

Molded sidewalks are considered the most durable option for suburban areas of any type. Concrete slabs are a worthy alternative to casting.

Similar sidewalks are used as paths along the courtyard, from which special grounds are created to enter the territory by a car or by any other mode of transport. Concrete covering often form a perimeter around the house or the main fences.

A path of concrete and pebbles on the site

Variants of tracks made of concrete stone

Paths made of concrete stone, reminiscent of paving stones, are often used for landscaping. This is the perfect solution for those who love an exclusive design, created by own hands.

Elements can be made by hand, as well as purchased in ready-made form. From small fragments it is quite possible to create a beautiful mosaic.

Path from concrete to stone

With the help of concrete stone, create ornate patterns, decorative mosaics along flower beds, fences, bushes and other elements of landscape design. The main condition - everything should look beautiful, organic and complete. In principle, any ideas can be translated into reality, if with all responsibility to approach the solution of the problem.

Key aspects of harmonious design: the best options

Whatever the main coverage on the site - a complex mosaic or imitation pavers, cast concrete walkways or a colorful pattern of wood blocks, it is important to correctly combine all the elements in order to get a spectacular picture of landscape design. All is taken into account: color, shape, stylistics, character of lines, ratio of volumes and sizes.

Even the most simple and boring coatings for tracks can be made beautiful and even elegant. The easiest way is to plant flowers along the central aisle and around the perimeter.

Beautiful path in the garden

Another good idea - in cast concrete, you can add gravel, gravel or glass fragments that will help make the original painting. Natural materials (wood, stone) can always be emphasized with the help of floral compositions.

Concrete, plastic, brick and paving slabs can be additionally decorated with decorative fragments, aged in the same style. For example, restrained compositions made of stone will become "warmer" in the light of lanterns, which are placed on forged stands.


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