Roses in landscape design (52 photos): the correct and beautiful design of the garden

What can more elegantly decorate the garden area, if not the queen of flowers - a rose. This plant will look great on any site - large and small, even and stony. Roses in landscape design are a topic that can be discussed for a very long time, but in the article we will talk about the main features of such garden decoration and give useful recommendations for those wishing to grow these beautiful flowers on their garden plot.

Wall with roses in landscape design of the site

Arch of roses in landscape design

White roses in landscape design

Tea roses in landscape design

Flowering of roses in landscape design

Advantages of decorating the site with roses:

  • These flowers occupy a leading position among all other colors. Rose is used to decorate the garden more often than all other flowers.
  • Rose perfectly fits into a variety of compositions in the suburban area, often plays a major role in them, but with its small inflorescences and miniature varieties can also be on the secondary roles. A properly organized mono-flower bed with roses can become a real garden decoration.
  • The variety of varieties of roses makes it possible to pick up any of their colors and the size of the bushes in order to decorate your garden more harmoniously. In this case, even in a small area, a cluster or miniature rose will look exquisitely and beautifully.
  • Roses in the garden look great in combination with trees, bushes, greens and other flowers of the country plot.

Flower garden of roses in landscape design

Roses at the cottage

Variants of decoration of a site by roses

Climbing climbing varieties of the flower are suitable for decorating various curly supports from the wire, decorative obelisks, etc. Any, even a miniature, support with roses, will look stunningly decorative and elegant, decorating the landscape design of the dacha.

Roses at the cottage

Roses in landscape garden design

Roses at home


Roses in the courtyard

Whatever the size of the garden plot, there is always room for a small rose garden. This is the part of the garden where roses bloom - different varieties, colors and shades, sizes - and English, and stamping, and park. This place is always very decorative looks, it is a real gem of design. Some florists with a particularly refined taste often seek to plant rosaries dedicated to some one, especially the favorite rose variety. Such a flower garden-rosary, if properly designed, can look very picturesque and, at the same time, stylish, without variegation and variability.

Flower beds in the country
Roses as a decoration of a site fence

Purple roses in the garden design

Roses in the fence decor

A hedge of roses


It is not a very high hedge, which can be used to zoning the site. For example, white roses can be marked with paths, and a pink one will decorate the place at the arbor.

Excellent looks border decoration of roses along the paths in the garden, recreational areas, arbors, and along the decorative brook on the site.

Making fence roses and other flowers

Roses in flower pots

Chinese rose in landscape design

The border of roses in the country house can alternate with the same constructions from other plants, with which it is possible to distinguish correctly, for example, the working zones of the garden.

A miniature rose can also be framed in the form of a border - yellow or red - such a rose will perfectly allocate a playground or a relaxation zone.

Rosaries with a live curb in the garden
Roses for dyeing a plot and a fence

Hedge and arches

  • Very effective way of decorating the site. In addition, a live pink hedge, unlike a tall brick, looks always appropriate and civilized.
  • The arch is usually a small pavilion of four wires that are wrapped in roses. The garden with such an arch will become especially romantic.
  • For arches, curly varieties are used, which abundantly and magnificently blossom. Also fit some decorative stamps, as well as English and park.
  • If desired, you can make arches of this size, so that under the flowers you can put inside a small bench - and there will be an excellent secluded place for rest on the plot.
Fence with roses
Arch with roses in the design of the site

Flower bed of roses in the garden

Red roses in landscape design

Round flower bed of roses

Solo rose

  • A solitary bush of a rose is also a beautiful decoration of a summer house, suitable for those places where it is impossible to plant many flowers.
  • For solo specimens, you need to select the most decorative, best varieties, and pick up for planting open and well-viewed from anywhere places. In this case, a solo rose will become a real decoration of the garden.
  • Single bushes perfectly set off the brutality of the Alpine hills, stone and brick walls, delicate flowers look great alongside the relief compositions.
Bushes of roses in landscape design
Bushes of roses in the design of the site

Bushes of roses in the garden

Landscaping with roses

Terry rose in the garden

Garden in containers

  • Roses can be planted not in the land of the site, but in special containers, then to place them where they will look most appropriate. What are the places - look at your site.
  • A staircase looks into the house, on the steps of which there are such containers with roses. This design will make the entrance to the house festive and elegant.
  • A miniature rose is especially suitable for containers, as well as Floribunda variety. Stamp varieties - red and white - also look very nice. But the park and English species in this case are used less often.
Roses in a pot on the plot

Roses in the autumn garden

Pergola with roses

Climbing rose in landscape design

Rose in the garden in the style of Provence

The Pink Stream

  • This stream, of course, without water, consists entirely of flowers. It is also called "dry". In fact, this is the same flowerbed, only specially decorated.
  • Correctly planned stream connects with pink cascades and even waterfalls. These decorative techniques make the site a truly luxurious place.
  • Cultivation of such "water" compositions involves the use of ground cover specimens in combination with stones, pebbles and gravel.
Red roses to decorate the fence

Pink rose in the garden design

Roses in the Garden Design

Garden Rose

Roses in the Mediterranean Garden

Alpine hill

This is a popular and luxurious version of the landscape design of the site. In combination with delicate, exquisite colors, massive and rough stones look especially stylish. For alpine slides in the cottage usually use miniature varieties of flowers, also look great ground cover roses in landscape design. These beautiful varieties have the ability to impart "exclusivity" and author's handwriting to the design of the site.

Alpine hill with roses and other plants in landscape design

Bright varieties of flowers will be perfectly combined in an alpine hill with white stones. If you are thinking about what varieties to use, then the answer is this: different types can be used - and English, and exquisite stamping, and unpretentious park, and even curly varieties.

Beautiful alpine slide

Beautiful alpine slide

Some landscape designers recommend breaking the alpine slides on the site with the participation of only one roses, without involving other plants. This mono-decoration with roses looks unusually stylish and beautiful. In addition, some ideas can be implemented only with the help of such a technique to combine different styles of design.

Mobile alpine slide
Alpine hill with a waterfall in the garden
Stylish Alpine hill on the site


Keep in mind that the arrangement of flowers next to each other needs to be wisely. If you are still a beginner florist, it is better to read relevant sites and literature - not all varieties look equally good next to the garden plot. Experienced growers advise beginners to plant a number of tea luxury varieties and their hybrids, and soil cover copies to grow with miniature varieties. These combinations are already tested and look great. They represent a practically sculptural composition with different swings and stairs, making the composition with roses very picturesque. Climbing climbing varieties will look great both solo and in combination with other plants.

Design Alpine slide on the site

When decorating a rosary or compositions, plant flowers quite closely to each other - so planting will look much more spectacular. A dense flower bed is also more decorative than a rare planting.

Beautiful Alpine hill on the site

A dark red rose in landscape design

Rose in the garden

Rose along the fence

Yellow rose in landscape design

For the vertical decoration of the garden area, strong supports must be used. Their design can be of any shape. Using props, you can decorate the site with unusual, sometimes even fantastic compositions, which will give it an individuality. Looks great, for example, a spiral support, wrapped in white and red chic colors. For vertical landscape design, usually a climbing rose is used. You should know that with the onset of cold weather you can not remove the whip from the support, but you need to cover the bushes along with the supports.


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