Ornamental bushes (51 photos): landscape design of a garden or a plot, beautiful combinations

If every wise owner comes to the bookmark of the garden, then every hostess comes to the bookmark of permanent flower beds with flowers-annuals and perennials, with evergreen bushes. After all, what pleases every new spring? Emerald foliage of leaves, fragrance and aroma, neatness of lawns, prudent lines of rabbit, strict forms of own site. However, not only those shrubs that were used by our grandmothers - lilac and dogrose, hawthorn and terrene, but also decorative shrubs, which were developed in recent years especially for the decoration of the site, will help here. How to choose - depends on desires!

Beautiful composition of shrubs near the stairs of the house

White decorative shrub

Flowering decorative shrubs

Decorative bush with flowers

Decorative shrubs in the country

The beginning began, or the experiment at the cottage

Select decorative shrubs to give on the catalog or a hint of the seller in the local market - it's a simple matter. About competent planting, watering, feeding and even cutting can be "guessed" by experimental and experimental way. However, to provide all the subtleties of growing can be, if you take care of the plant a couple of years. Only then you will know exactly its requirements to the soil, "reviews" for fertilizing with chemical and organic fertilizers, the time of flowering or dropping of leaves in your region. What will it give? The decision on the optimal location for the shrub you like! After all, your goal is to create a harmony of the landscape, to link together the recreation area by the pond or the pool, the barbecue area and the place of the mobile games of the kids. It is the decorative shrubs that will become the unifying element!

Luxury bushes and flowers on the site

Blooming tree in the garden

Decorative shrubs in front of the house

Decorative shrubs in the courtyard


Living hedge from ornamental shrubs

Decorative cactus in the garden

Decorative shrubs in the stone garden

When choosing the variety you like and the type of shrub, you should pay attention to:

  • development of the root system. All roots must be well sprouted, there must be no sick and damaged. Cutting places of the latter should not be seen, they must be competently healed. Only in this way will you be sure that a certain kind of shrub will perfectly acclimatize on your site;
  • emerald green leaves, no rot and any other spots, sparkle and gloss of the outer surface of the leaves. This will indicate a really healthy plant, which, in fact, you need. Gently scratch your nail on the sheet: unscrupulous producers spray wax on plants so that it looks healthy, beautiful, well-groomed. Found a raid on Polish apples? Refuse to buy !;
  • a kind of certificate of quality, which will indicate the farm or nursery, which grew bush, age and other relevant data. This will "offer" the bush the right place on its own site without experience and experiments.
Shrub with yellow flowers, framed with stones
Large bush with yellow flowers
Round green bushes

Decorative shrubs with red flowers

Flowering vine in the garden

Ornamental deciduous shrubs

Ornamental bushes in the autumn garden

Choosing the Right Place for a Shrub

These or other decorative shrubs for cottages - it's the second thing. Task number one is a place for a bush. Here much will depend on the design of the landscape plot and the existing plantings. In the event that a certain style is not traced on the site, you can choose 2 options:

  • make a shrub or a whole group the starting point of the landscape decoration of a particular plot area. Maybe the bushes will decorate the area near the gazebo or become a focal point on the lawn, in front of the house. In the
    latter case, the bushes should be kept as clean as possible, elegant and healthy in order to attract the attention of not only family members, but also guests;
  • organically enter the liked bushes in the existing landscape, make them part of a certain composition, which can include trees, and perennial flowers, and annuals. In such a composition, the main "chip" is in the size and shape of the plantations. In the classical English style of planting - slender lines, between which alleys for a walk. This idea is optimal for large areas. In the event that the bushes form a labyrinth, the prerequisite for their correct maintenance will be the pruning and freedom of passage between them.
Beautiful big bush in landscape design

Decorative palm

Decorative lush bush

The option of a "lonely" standing bush is bamboo. Local producers offer varieties that are maximally adapted to our weather conditions and absolutely not demanding in care. Planted in spring from seed or seedlings and only watered. In this case, the height of the bush-thread can be as 2 meters, and much higher, akin to an acetic tree. Neighborhood - no one, because graceful, slender, unique bamboo is self-sufficient in itself. He - the personification of natural forces and even a kind of talisman plant that gives your family health and longevity. Optimal find for those gardeners who do not have significant areas.

Landscaping of bushes under the window
Beautiful combination of trees and bushes on the site
Shrub on the site

Decorative bush with pink flowers

Decorative rose bush

Ornamental Shrubs in the Garden

Ornamental Garden Shrubs

The art of topiari and lighting: harmonious tandem

A special idea when decorating a plot with bushes is lighting in the evening. Landscaping projects for lighting are a real storehouse for a keen host. Night lights of different shapes, LED tapes are able not only to highlight a certain area in the dark, providing a safe and comfortable path through the site in the absence of injuries and damages. Such coverage is an emphasis on beauty, dignity, the perfect form of a line of shrubs or a single, lonely standing shrub in the courtyard, but playing a certain role. A luminous or bright light, its direction and even color - and the new "resident" of the infield will become the true embodiment of harmony and beauty!

A beautiful combination of shrubs on the site

Decorative shrubs in the form of a ball

Decorative blue shrubs

Ornamental shrubs with inflorescences

Cutting decorative shrubs

An important point is the choice of lighting devices. It should be entrusted to professionals who will take into account the temperature changes, increased humidity and ease of dismantling in the winter. A competent and clear instruction - and you are already building a landscape lighting system yourself.

A bright "chip" - figured pruning of bushes. To learn the skill of topiary is to spend more than one day and to process not one secateur, but to recreate a real miracle, such a fairy tale. At the same time, the choice of the "right" bush is a fundamental thing. Here, a high rate of growth of the vegetative mass is important in the entire summer period. Of course, this can be helped with special fertilizing, but genes must be laid down initially. Only so decorative shrubs for dachas will look stylish, luxurious, glamorous. As an option for beginning gardeners - holly crenate, all varieties of boxwood.

Beautifully decorated bushes near the house

Flowering Succulent

Making out your own plot in the cottage or the territory of a country house, consider the wishes of all members of the family. Make a bush cut - a stylish, laconic and restrained in the event that the design requires it, bright and creative - if it is demanded by children, romantic, lyrical - if there is to it own craving. Draw a piece of paper on the paper that you want to get in the end. Begin trimming with large volume parts and only then go to the image of fine lines and careful details. If something does not work out - it does not matter. After a few days it will be possible to correct!

It should be noted that the decorative lighting of bushes is an amazing way to decorate the celebration celebrated in nature. A little mo
re light and power, colorful garlands and colors of lanterns, even connected music - and a barbecue area, a swimming pool, tea drinking becomes special. Figured shrubs give it mystery, magic, unearthly charm.

Unusual bush on the site
Option of registration of bushes on the site

Tropical decorative shrubs

Curly ornamental shrubs

Moisture-loving decorative shrubs

Ornamental shrubs with berries

Decorative shrubs: the option that is most preferable

Shrubs to the skies without a certain clear-cut form have sunk into oblivion. Today they are replaced by dwarf decorative shrubs, which are becoming more and more every year. At the same time they are not only the basis of landscape design, but also a hedge dividing the territory into parts or framing the site. As an option, an evergreen fence from neighbors, the allocation of a zone of water procedures. This "neighborhood" is a cozy flowery shadow in the summer heat, a pleasant rustle in the evening for tea, a special aroma.

Beautiful lighting and composition of shrubs

Decorative shrubs in Japanese style

Decorative bushes on the fence

Green decorative shrubs

Yellow decorative shrubs

However, the short stature of the species is not the main advantage of modern ornamental shrubs. Each gardener has the opportunity to choose an evergreen specimen of conifers, ornamental deciduous shrubs or flowering shrubs. The second option is most loved by all, despite the fact that the flowering time of the perennial shrub varies from several days to several weeks. And then - only the foliage.

A plot with a fountain and a beautiful landscape design

As flowering decorative shrubs for your own territory, you can choose a refined and luxurious wrinkled rose, or give preference to unpretentious and rustic cobbler, or to amaze many with long lashes-heather colors, which prefers abundant watering, or ... Dozens of options are in the catalog. This is your choice of the height of the bush, its spreading, flowering time, fluffiness and shade of flowers. Play it daring experiment!

A striking feature of grouping is the ability to clearly identify and support the growth of shrubs, while the flowering of each of the selected varieties will occur in succession. In this case, it is better to plant such shrubs by the group, keeping a minimum space for care between them. You will enjoy flowering day by day, from May to August!

Coniferous and deciduous plants in the design of the site

If you prefer ornamental deciduous shrubs, then their choice will not be easy. As an option - frankincense and camellia Californian, convolvulus and erica, eslonia and fatsia, garria and lavender. It is important to consider the size of shrubs and the time when they "change" the leaves. It is important to pick up shrubs with multi-colored foliage. This will make the autumn period rich, kind and romantic.

Decorative shrubs - your special mood, desires and emotions of your garden. Find the best species and varieties, take care of them, take care of them. The return will not make you wait long!

Beautiful big bush with pink flowers
Single shrubs on the site

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