Mixborders as original garden delimiters (22 pics)

Mixborder - exquisite accent in landscape design in the form of a complex flower garden, where a charming composition is created from plants of various species. Here, perennial garden plantations and annuals, ornamental deciduous shrubs and conifers, field flowers and mosses, even pottery are relevant. Competent creation of mixborders is an art that is subject to every connoisseur of beauty in your own garden, it is only necessary to equip yourself with patience and desire to reach the top of the floriculture. To create a beautiful mixed flower garden with your own hands, you just need to understand the basic principles of work and rules for combining components.

Garden in the garden
Flower MixBoard

Features mixborder

The picturesqueness of the mixed flower garden is determined by the abundance of plantings of different species with different flowering periodicity. Such a plant composition at the cottage will delight a luxurious view from early spring to frost, if the key components and annual components are correctly selected. Experienced gardeners include in the design of mixborders conifers to enjoy the beauty of the composition all year round.

Mixboarder in the country
Mixboarder with trees

Mixed curbs are organized on various sites: along a fence or a garden path, near buildings, in the center of a summer cottage. Basic principles of compositional solutions:

  • plants are planted in groups so that the view of the stunted flowers does not hide the tall stands growing nearby;
  • for planting choose flower crops with a different flowering period, so that the composition looks attractive throughout the warm season;
  • so that the flower garden harmoniously fits into the natural concept of the garden, the perimeter is formed with smooth lines without strict angles.

With the help of a beautiful composition of dwarf trees and ornamental bushes, it is easy to create a fence that will hide the nondescript kind of fence or extensions. Such a mixborder device with a one-way view in the background includes branchy bushes, lanes on trellises, and in the front row - medium-sized and undersized perennials with the addition of annual plants and bulbous ones. In the design of the island flower garden, the center of the composition is occupied by higher types of garden plantations, in front is a vegetation of medium height, and the edges are framed by glacial annuals.

Mixboarder in front of the house
Mixborder around the path

Types of mixborders

There are several types of mixed flower beds:

  • mixborders from perennials look like flowering plants, and species with beautiful forms and color of leaves: hosts, buzulniki, ferns with tender leaves, brunner with a touching inflorescence, cuff with a cloud of tiny flowers and round nap foliage, rozgelsia, etc .;
  • Coniferous mixborder - the composition is good at any time of the year. All kinds of dwarf conifers are also relevant, as well as boxwood, Japanese, Japanese juniper, silver fir, cedar stlanik. The beetroot mixer is not demanding in the care, harmoniously combined with perennials, which in the warm season decorate the background with bright accents. Especially popular in the design of the conifer composition are narcissus, daylily, geiger and irises;
  • mixborder of shrubs - its spectacular picture is beautifully flowered and ornamental shrubs. In this case, most often compact compactly-flowering species with a long flowering period: hydrangea, spiraea, rhododendron, peony dendritic, barberry. Among the decorative, especially those who are prone to shearing and shaping the crown are especially relevant.

The shrub mixer includes boxwood, mahonia, Iberis, and as a seasonal supplement is made up of ground cover vegetation in the form of carpet phlox, cleansing and other stelae.

Mixboarder with exotic flowers
Mixer with coniferous plants

Free places between bushes are allocated for perennials, here are appropriate dwarf hosts, daisies, primroses, armies and other species.

Mixborder with stone fence
Mixborder with cabbage

Flower MixBoard

When decorating a flower garden from mixed groups of plants, it is necessary to take into account the correspondence not only in height, but also in the level of occurrence of the root system. Successfully neighboring species with small roots and bulbous, for example, tulips and dwarf phloxes. Also successful are joint planting of spring bulbous and large perennials with a loose root system, such as peonies.

How to make a mixborder with your own hands?

First of all, the place for the future flower garden is determined. Further, depending on the features of the selected site, the composition is designed, choosing suitable plant varieties. If the terrain is sunny, it is easy to combine different flowers and green cultures, and to organize a mixed border in a shady area it is worth more carefully choosing among the actual types of garden plantings. In addition, features of soil composition and humidity are taken into account, since a fertile environment is necessary for the full vegetation and flowering of each crop.

Mixboarder near the brick wall
Mixborder of red flowers

When developing a mixborder design, choose plants that do not grow rapidly. There are also inappropriate cultures with a creeping type of rhizomes. Are not suitable for a combined flower garden varieties of plantations that require separate care, since with close placement there are difficulties with farming.

Give each perennial and bush sufficient area for vegetation. In the first year of the flower garden, more annuals are planted to fill the voids between the key plants. As perennials grow, the number of annual plantings is reduced, creating small inclusions in the garden composition with the help of the latter.


Types of mixboarders in color range

The philosophy of a mixed flower garden excludes dissonance between plants, they are called to coexist in harmony. Chaotic color combination is disastrously reflected also in the concept of the garden, therefore it is necessary to choose the cultures for composition of mixborders extremely strictly. There are the following types of combined flower garden:

  • monochrome;
  • contrast;
  • coloring;
  • motley;
  • harmoniously calm.

For beginners it is better to use 1-2 colors for a mixed border, easily combined with each other.

Mixborder from perennial plants
Mixborder from frost-resistant plants
A small mixborder

Monochrome combination

Stylish and harmonious looks monochrome mixborder, which consists of flowers of a single shade. It is easy to see the variety of shapes and textures, it is pleasant to admire the combination of colorful leaves among the monochrome combination of inflorescences. An elegant mixer with peonies, hydrangea, chrysanthemum and asters of one palette beautifully combines tulips, chamomile and poppy.

Contrast MixBoard

A bright combination of colors in a small garden composition impresses from afar. The combination of yellow and violet is most effective, the mixboarder with roses of white and scarlet colors looks profitable. Successfully combine small bushes with large flowers or small-flowered plants planted in compact groups. Stylists garden exterior recommend to decorate a small contrasting flower garden in the front zone. At the same time, the proportions should be observed so that the composition does not look defiant.

Mixborder from annual plants
Mixblender of wildflowers
Mixboarder with bedding

Correctly form the foreground: plants for mixborders and other components

When arranging the front part of the flower garden take into account the following aspects:

  • the extreme line is made out by plants, which retain ornamentality for a long period. It is desirable to plant undersized evergreen crops or winter-green species: coniferous, hellebore, badan, lungwort and low daylilies, paws or annuals of small stature;
  • It is necessary to create a clear line between the lawn and the flower arrangement. Often, large stones are used, they spread around the perimeter of the chump. It is easy to design an English mixborder with a small groove of black earth framing the flower garden. The easiest way is to fix the perimeter with a narrow curb of brick or tile. As a result, the composition acquires clear boundaries, looks well-groomed.

The classic mixborder design includes not only garden vegetation of various kinds, garden sculptures, flowerpots and bowls with perennial and annual crops, topiary from evergreen shrubs are relevant.

Mixboarder in the garden
Mixboard with sage
Mixborder of tulips

Today the mixboarder of bushes and perennials is actively used in the development of suburban possessions. To properly organize a flower garden, make a scheme for planting with a computer program or manually using a pencil and notepad. Look at virtual examples of mixborders and based on them, plan your own sample, taking into account the features and weaknesses of the site.


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