Laminate flooring in your apartment – modern and beautiful

Laminate flooring in your apartment - modern and beautiful

One of the most popular types of flooring today is laminate, which is made of pressed wood-fiber plate.

Laminate consists of several (usually three to four) layers of material, the lowest of which protects the board from deformation, and the uppermost is a decorative layer of paper with a pattern covered with wood tar.

It is the resin that ensures the stability of the laminate to abrasion, shocks, scratches and other damages. The higher the class of laminate, the more massive and stronger.

Types of rooms suitable for laying laminate

Laminate flooring in your apartment - modern and beautiful

Laminate is laid in rooms with heating in the cold season, humidity in which is not more than 70%.

Do not use this coating in unheated rooms in winter, as well as in bathrooms and saunas. You can not also lay the laminate on a warm floor with electric heating, because there is a risk that the board will crack and deteriorate.

In the event that the floor is heated by a system filled with water, lamination on it is permissible, but it should be remembered that between the heating elements and the board should be a distance of not less than 3 centimeters. By the way, earlier we talked about which floor is best done in the kitchen, this is an extremely important topic for any repairs.

What should be the basis for laminate flooring?

As a basis for laying the laminate can be used as a wooden floor, and concrete screed. You can lay the laminate on the old linoleum, if it is not too soft.

The only requirement for the base - it should be flat, otherwise the laminate will quickly become worthless. An uneven foundation must necessarily be leveled with a cement screed or a mixture for leveling the floor.

A bit about laying a laminate

Laminate flooring in your apartment - modern and beautiful

For styling you will need a traditional set of construction tools: a tape measure, a pencil, a construction knife, a hammer, a saw with small teeth or an electric jig saw.

Prepare also bars of wood, polyethylene film for waterproofing and a substrate for a laminate of foamed polyethylene or other similar material.

Before starting work leave the laminate for a couple of days in the room where it will fit. This is done to ensure that the material is adapted to the temperature and humidity of this particular room.

Laying the laminate can be parallel to the walls (economical option) or at an angle of 45 degrees (this requires 7-10% more material).

Laminate flooring in your apartment - modern and beautiful

The floor on which the coating will be laid is thoroughly cleaned of debris and dust, then a waterproofing material is placed on it, and a substrate is placed on top. Some types of laminate already have in their composition a substrate for soundproofing.

Laying of the material starts from the furthest corner from the entrance door, most often to the left, although this is not the point.

Between the first lamella and the wall put wooden bars about 10 mm thick in order to create a small gap, which is necessary in case of expansion of the laminate - without such a gap it will swell, rise up.

The panels are joined by means of locking systems or glue. If a laminated board with a lock, such a coating can be subsequently disassembled without damage, which is impossible in the case of adhesive bonding.

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