Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

Which kitchen sink is better to choose?

The sink is perhaps the only indispensable element in the kitchen. The oven can be replaced by a hob and a microwave. Mixers and meat grinders are not needed if you bought a food processor. Even from a refrigerator that takes up a lot of space, some refuse to use a small cooler for cans and snacks.

But which one will suit your conditions, criteria and expectations? We will help you decide which type of sink will be better for your kitchen and tell about all practical nuances.

The correct form

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

Modern kitchen sinks have long ceased to be limited exclusively to oval earthenware, popular in the Soviet Union.

Now you can choose a round, square and even polygonal sink! Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each option.

I. Square Washes are considered classical. They are quite capacious, differ in the variety of configuration and design. You can buy just a large bowl or order it with special additions-wings that act as a surface for drying.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

This type is suitable for both large and small kitchens due to its versatility. The size should be selected depending on the size of the countertop, but remember that too large a sink can be uncomfortable, and in sloppy people to provoke the habit of clogging it with dishes until the clean ending.

II. Rectangular washers not less popular. They are well suited to elongated kitchen sets, conveniently located along the countertop.

But for the broader it is better to choose another option - or you will have to leave a large space between the sink and the wall, or stretch for washing dishes. Do not place it across the surface: this technique may look unusual and even beautiful, but very uncomfortable in everyday life.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

III. Most round shells are more spacious and deeper than previous versions. But they can not be equipped with additional sections, so you will have to independently equip a place for drying dishes. They look good in any interior, and a variety of colors and designs make it possible to turn the sink into a stylish decor element. For example, such models as in the photo attract attention and clearly can not be considered a simple plumbing fixture.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

IV. If your kitchen is small, it is better to choose a corner sink, which has a triangular shape. It is easily mounted in the corner and does not take up much space. At the same time, due to the depth, such shells can be quite capacious.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

The optimum depth of the sinks is 16-20 centimeters.

Of the smaller, water splashes, and the deeper ones force you to bend over and strain your back. More on this you will read below.

For spacious rooms with large sets, you can choose a polygonal version, equipped with massive wings.

For example, a hexagonal sink with a surface for drying dishes and an additional reservoir, which is used for glasses or defrosting products.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

Choosing which shell you need: a round, rectangular, triangular or more complex option. Consider the size of the kitchen and the configuration of the headset. In addition, look at the various forms and decide which one will be convenient for you.

Material selection

Most modern shells are made of one of three types of materials that have no fundamental differences, except for visual ones.

However, each type has its own small features. We suggest to learn more about them:

  • The most popular is still a stainless steel sink. Such shells are not subject to corrosion, look good and are very diverse in shape. The disadvantage can be called their noise, for example, with a strong jet from the tap or folding dishes. But manufacturers have learned to bypass it: under the bowl place a soft sound absorber. The surface can be both matte and glossy.

    Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

    Attention: Be careful when buying. Often, you can find a low-quality counterfeit, so we recommend that you check the shell with a magnet. A good stainless steel sink contains chrome and nickel, so it will not attract.

  • Ceramic or porcelain sinks - A great option for a kitchen, decorated in a classic style. They do not scratch, better than other materials cope with high temperatures. But keep in mind that such a shell can be fragile: if you drop a heavy pan or casserole on it, cracks will appear. In addition, they are very heavy and require a strong headset. Yes, and install them yourself is unlikely to work.
  • Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

  • Composite sinks (sinks made of artificial stone) are made of granite chips and acrylic components. They are considered the most expensive: their price starts from 200 dollars. However, high cost pays off with their advantages: they are very durable, easy to clean and do not fear active household chemicals. In addition, the low noise level makes working with them very comfortable. Coloring can mimic various types of natural stone, but still does not differ in special variety.
  • Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

You can find other less common options. There are plastic, aluminum and even glass sinks. But they are not very strong, they easily deform and break, they can crack even from hot water. Therefore, it is better to stop the choice on the above materials.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question, which washing is better - from stainless steel or artificial stone. Consider the design of the kitchen, your needs and price opportunities.

It does not matter which of the options you choose to stop: choose the sink of proven manufacturers and carefully study the reviews of each model before buying.

Determined with dimensions

An important parameter when buying a kitchen sink is its dimensions.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

A small bowl can look good on a wide table top. But to err in the smaller direction is unpleasant. Therefore, carefully measure both the width of the frame and the area that will be required for placing additional wings.

Note that it is better to leave space between the sink and the wall to avoid water from getting between it and the suite, and between it and the outer boundary - so that the drops do not splash on you.

Example: If the width of your countertop is 60 centimeters, it is better to choose a shell not more than 50 cm. So you can leave small five-centimeter gaps on all sides.

As for the depth, everything is not so simple. We already wrote about the fact that the optimal figure varies from 16 to 20 centimeters. If you buy a sink in a store, and do not make to order, most likely the majority of the assortment will be with this parameter.

But if you are actively cooking, you have a large family and often have to wash deep pans, wide frying pans or baking sheets, it is better to choose an enlarged version - 20 to 30 centimeters.

Such sinks allow without special inconvenience to wash off the dimensional dishes, not the bay in the process of half the kitchen. In other cases, abandon them - you will have to constantly bend over, which is not entirely comfortable.

From small bowls, up to 15 centimeters deep, it is better to refuse - the water from them will be constantly sprinkled, which will not add to your kitchen neatness.

Note: Most often, deep shells have a small diameter. Therefore, carefully study their characteristics before buying - perhaps a great depth will only add to your inconvenience, since the overall dishes just do not fit in the width.

Do you need wings?

Wings are called additional surfaces that make up one shell with a sink or are separately mounted on the sides.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

If you cook a little and are content with a small amount of dishes, you probably will not need them. However, a small dryer is unlikely to be superfluous if you do not have the habit of wiping plates and cups immediately after washing.

When planning the purchase of a sink with additional sections, please note that they require a certain amount of space. Therefore, for small kitchens with a small suite they do not fit.

In other cases, wings and additional containers can serve a good service.

Wing-dryer is very convenient in order to accurately fold wet dishes. In addition, it helps protect the surface of the headset from water and damage that can occur if a heavy frying pan or sharp knife slips out of the hands.

An additional tank is useful for:

  • soaking dishes with dried food leftovers,
  • fragile glass and crystal glasses,
  • washing vegetables and fruits,
  • defrosting meat or fish.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

Once using a two-section sink, you will appreciate its convenience compared to a single one.

We recommend that you pick up a car wash with a fairly large second compartment: especially it will come in handy to you after family holidays and feasts.

Important nuance: Carefully calculate the necessary space on the kitchen set, ordering the sink: otherwise you may encounter an unpleasant surprise during installation.

By the way, about the installation ...

When buying a kitchen sink, you must decide in advance how you will install it. It depends on many factors.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

For example, if you own a modular kitchen headset, the best way to you is an overhead sink. In this case, it is mounted in the cube, acting as a kind of cover.

This method is considered the easiest way of installation, which is ideal for those who do not plan large-scale construction works in the repair of the kitchen. The washbasin does not take up much space, under it you can arrange space for household chemicals.

Mortise shells it is necessary to mount directly into the countertop, previously cutting through the corresponding dimensions of the hole. Note that the washing machine installed in this way will protrude slightly above the surface.

Therefore, when planning the design of a room, consider this nuance. If you perform work professionally, then the sink can become a harmonious part of the kitchen set. The method is well suited for multi-section sinks: they will become comfortable in work and will look beautiful.

Choosing the ideal sink: we compare the materials and shapes of the shells

Another method that is better to entrust to professional repairmen is to build a sink in one level with a countertop. Thus, the kitchen set looks like a single monolithic element.

The method is good for both a small round sink, and for a complex multisection. However, please note that it is more expensive than the previous ones.

Choosing between a waybill or a mortise method of installation, it is not superfluous to consult with professionals: they will appreciate the type and material of the headset, the features of the shell design and help you choose the best option.

We hope, thanks to our recommendations, you will be able to purchase a beautiful, comfortable and functional sink for your kitchen.


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