Kitchen Feng Shui: rules, location, color choice

Kitchen Feng Shui: how to do everything right?

Harmony in the house contributes to mental balance. After surrounding us at work and in the street of stress, we want peace ... And you are really lucky if your house is such a cozy place.

But it happens that despite the exquisite decoration and tastefully selected interior, the room still does not bear the proper comfort and we want to leave it sooner. Or at least feel that something is wrong here.

Kitchen Feng Shui: rules, location, color choice

Met such, right? And it is especially unpleasant if our own kitchen is suitable for this description. After all, this is the place where we used to spend the most time, and not just cooking, but also at the family table.

In this article we will talk about some universal rules of the famous ancient Chinese teachings that will help you change the atmosphere of your kitchen, will bring to you well-being, health, luck and longevity, namely:

  • what should be the color of the kitchen by feng shui;
  • how best to have a kitchen functional;
  • what furniture it is better to put in the kitchen;
  • other useful recommendations.

We will also try to at least slightly affect those who think feng shui is inapplicable to our man by foreign semi-delirious delirium and uses this word only in a joking context.

After all, the methods of feng shui are quite rational - both from the practical side, and from the point of view of hygiene and even safety engineering, and the positive influence of most of them has already been proved by modern science. If you want, you can conduct an experiment - change according to feng shui literally a few trifles and observe the consequences.

In our understanding, "Feng Shui Kitchen" - these are not strict rules, which must be adhered to, but rather tips that help you find the best arrangement of kitchen items for the soul and body.

The photo shows examples of cuisines designed for feng shui. Beautiful and nothing unusual, right?

A bit of history

Kitchen Feng Shui: rules, location, color choice

Oriented philosophy aimed at harmonizing man and the universe has conquered many today. There is an opinion that feng shui is a descendant of the older Vedic teachings of Vastu, which includes the same recommendations.

Where it is best to build a house, what a preferred landscape should be, what colors to choose best for accomodation, what is the best location for windows, doors, furniture and other items-all this has been clarified several millennia ago. It is possible that there are a number of such exercises.

Essence one - is knowledge, confirmed by practice, whose goal is to improve the quality of life both at the physical and spiritual levels. So why not use them?


Now I need to say a few words about the terminology used later. According to Feng Shui, there are 2 types of energy:

1. positive life energy "Qi" which:

  • usually comes from outside;
  • should flow evenly and unhindered through the room;
  • should not stagnate.

2. negative energy Sha, which:

  • is formed in the room itself; - in dark and narrow places;
  • is contained in sharp corners and broken, damaged or damaged objects.

If the first type of energy should be strongly attracted, then the second should, on the contrary, be avoided.

What color should be your kitchen for feng shui

There are 5 types of natural elements that correspond to a certain side of the world, color, materials and form.

Fire Earth Metal Water Tree
Red, crimson, bright orange, bright pink, purple, violet Brown, clay, ocher - all the colors and shades inherent in the earth All shades of gray, metallic Blue, blue, black - all the colors of water All shades of green and wood-brown, all inherent in the trees colors
Triangle Square, a lying rectangle Sphere, circle Waves, undulating surfaces Standing Rectangle
Warm, hot, warm Clay, stone, ceramic products Hardware Water, ice, glass Wood, wood, paper

Color should not contradict the side of the world, in which the kitchen is located. For example, in the southern kitchen it is not necessary to use northern colors, and in the south-east - respectively, north-west, thereby giving freedom to the Qi. Determine the direction of the light can be directly from the windows of your kitchen according to the location of the sun.

Kitchen Feng Shui: rules, location, color choice

It's great if your kitchen is in the south, east or southeast, but if it is located in other directions - it's okay, everything can be compensated with the help of other elements.

Most Recommended Colors Both for walls and for kitchen furniture are white, and also light yellow, light orange, light brown or light green and all pastel colors. Bright, saturated colors are allowed in the form of separate parts.

It is not recommended to use red, bright pink or bright orange colors as basic for walls or furniture. At the same time, dark colors - black or blue by feng shui give an occasion for revelry over your kitchen energy Sha.

Have you already picked up the color? Do not rush, there are other factors that need to be considered.

Placing of functional zones

In room there must be a balance of all 5 elements, and the lack of any of them can be filled with the appropriate color, image, material or form.

Basically, the kitchen is dominated by fire (microwave, stove, oven) and water (washing, cooling units, washing machine and dishwasher). Accordingly, all this must be diluted with other elements.

It is not recommended to have three "fire" or "water" objects in a row - they should be separated, for example, by a tree.

Kitchen Feng Shui: rules, location, color choice

It is believed that this element is present in the kitchen in the least amount, so a house plant, picture with a beautiful or fertile tree or something of "woody" flowers will never interfere.

The best thing, so that the stove, sink and refrigerator are not on the same straight line, but form a triangle. The distance between them should be from 1.5 to 2 meters.

Plate should not be located on the north side, as well as near the window and opposite the entrance to the room. If you can not change its location, you can dilute the situation with a mirror, in which you will see those entering the room. This will also help visually increase your kitchen.

Mirror in feng shui generally is a universal tool for balancing.

The refrigerator is better located in the southeast, north or east, as well as a washing machine and a washing zone.


Since Sha loves the darkness, you should make the kitchen as light as possible, using an odd number of lamps. It is quite logical, because the work area should be well-lit.

Windows should let in as much light as possible and, accordingly, Qi, so they should be clean.


Qi loves not only light, but also space, so the furniture should not be too much, besides furniture is preferred without sharp corners, with rounded forms to avoid the appearance of Sha.

The table is best chosen from wood. Preferred shapes are a circle or an oval, it can also be a rectangle or a square. The glass table is best covered with a light tablecloth.

It is important that pieces of furniture do not interfere with free movement. All shelves should be closed with doors, and if this is impossible - fill them with rounded objects.

Hanging cabinets and shelves should not be hung over the heads of people sitting at the table - this creates discomfort.

Where should the kitchen be located

By feng shui, the kitchen should not:

  • to be combined with other premises;
  • be close to the entrance door (direct access to the Sha), a toilet and a bathroom;
  • located opposite the stairs.

There are things that are not so easy to change - for example, planning your own apartment.

Therefore, if you still have one of these situations in your home, you can:

  • hang a charm, a talisman, a curtain of beads, beads, thread or "wind music" on the conditional or visible border of the kitchen;
  • keep the kitchen door always closed or use the above options;
  • hang a mirror on the staircase, or decorate it in a designer way.

Additional advice from a specialist

In addition to the fundamental postulates, our consultant kindly shared some more tips on how to arrange a kitchen for feng shui:

  1. 1. The kitchen should always be clean - it is believed that order and purity will attract wealth and luck in your life (read 10 super-ideas for storing in the kitchen);
  2. 2. On the kitchen table must be only the most necessary things, so that the Qi does not stagnate - all utensils should be stored in boxes, lockers and shelves. For the same reason, these boxes and shelves should remove what you do not use at all;
  3. 3. Throw away the broken dishes or crockery with cracks - there will be an excellent occasion to buy a new one;
  4. 4. All available machinery and devices should work and be of use, just throw out what does not work;
  5. 5. In the kitchen, and especially with food do not say anything bad or swear, because even our ancestors believed that together with food we absorb this negative;
  6. 6. For the above reason Always prepare in a good mood;
  7. 7. In the refrigerator, as in the kitchen in general should always be only fresh products;
  8. 8. Before bedtime take away from the table and other surfaces all sharp objects.

We hope that you have learned something useful for yourself or even changed your attitude to this doctrine. Still, what should be the kitchen, and whether it is framed by feng shui or other techniques - it's up to you. The main thing is that you feel comfortable!


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