Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen design options combined with a loggia

In an effort to expand the kitchen space, many add a loggia to it - it's easy to do, and the result is convenient. But it's not a trivial task to decorate a room beautifully.

We suggest to consider the design features of the kitchen, combined with a loggia, on real examples with photos. Modern ideas, practical ideas and non-standard chips are at your service!

Advantages and disadvantages

Often in apartments of standard construction, especially in the Khrushchev, kitchens are designed not too large - an average of 5-10 sq.m. Most of this area is not enough.

But if the room adjoins the loggia, you have a chance to expand the territory by combining them. This solution has its pros and cons.

Behind Against
  • The room becomes noticeably larger;
  • Due to the loggia window, the amount of natural light increases;
  • Zoning is facilitated (dining area);
  • There are many interesting design ideas.
  • Procedure of legalization;
  • Expenses for repairs (demolition, heating, lighting, if necessary - sewerage and water supply).

If you are not afraid of the above costs, we advise you to do the redevelopment - the advantages are worth it.

However, there is a simpler, but no less beautiful option.

Partial consolidation

If you can not get permission, or you live in a panel house, where this wall is a carrier, you do not need to completely remove it.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Just remove the window and door. So you will create a visually united territory, where the liberated window sill can be used as a countertop.

In fact, if you do not need a single space, this is the optimal method. In addition, this non-standard configuration provides additional design features and allows you to conveniently zonate the room.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Do not think that the empty door and window opening are suitable only for loft style - you will always be able to decorate them to your liking. There are many original edging: arches, gypsum plasterboard structures, various panels, which we'll talk about just below.

Full association

For those who want a fully integrated kitchen with a loggia, you have to work hard.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

It will be necessary to demolish the walls, make wiring for the former loggia, if necessary, conduct all communications and sewerage. However, if at this point you decide to make a dining area, then everything will be a little easier.

It is necessary to insulate the room, otherwise the power of stationary radiators may not be enough.

In addition, it is necessary to level the walls, floor and ceiling from the consequences of dismantling before laying a finishing finish.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

However, the result is worth it: as a result, the room will expand almost twofold, depending on the size of your extension.

By the way: If you live in a studio apartment, then try to combine the living room with the kitchen and the loggia. Then you will have a really spacious room.

We take the kitchen to the balcony

Sometimes in RuNet there is an interesting idea: to completely transfer the kitchen to the loggia, and use the vacant room as a dining room. There are also variations with the walls left, and with a complete re-planning and subsequent rearrangement of the headset and equipment.

Of course, from a technical point of view, all this is realistic. But why? This solution has many drawbacks:

  • It's not a fact that you will get permission for such a redevelopment.
  • Due to the complexity of the work, especially the wiring of communications, this venture will be very expensive.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

So theoretically this is possible, but, in our opinion, the result does not correspond to the spent efforts.

It is better to use a loggia to place additional cabinets, a refrigerator and small appliances, and leave the sink, stove and dishwasher at the places provided for it.

Regarding the insulation

Without this stage, one can not do - if neglected, the room will be cold, and heating bills will rise significantly.

There are some nuances:

  • Warming the loggia is better from the outside, not inside. So you save a useful internal area;
  • Provide a comfortable temperature will also help warm floors and hidden fan heaters. Then even in the beginning of autumn you will not depend on centralized heating.
  • If the reconciliation is successful, additional heat batteries can be built.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

And one more important point. Warming the kitchen with a loggia is pointless, if you glaze it with windows with a poor level of heat retention. Let's talk about this later.


In fact, there are two options - only special aluminum or PVC profiles are suitable - their width should be at least 70 mm. These are three- or five-chamber profiles that will not allow heat to escape. Forget about wooden and other frames, this is yesterday.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Regarding the configuration of the window, standard openings or panorama, then make a choice based on your taste and ... placement of the apartment. Still, make a huge aquarium from the room on the first floor is not worth it.


Over the arrangement of lighting devices in such a large area, especially in the kitchen area, you need to think carefully. Believe me, even with panoramic windows of daylight will not be enough.

As an option, install the lamps in both the room and the loggia. In addition, on the perimeter of the recommended mounting spotlights, and the working area to illuminate the LED strip.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Speaking of models of chandeliers or lamps, they should be selected based on the style in which the repair is done. More about this you can read in this section.

Given the number of windows in the room, it is very important to choose the right curtains. We recommend proceeding from the side to which they exit: the southern one - from dense fabric or blinds, the rest - tulle or translucent Roman blinds.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Do you plan to achieve the integrity of the interior? Discard the chandeliers - instead, install the spotlights. To achieve this goal will help and LED tape: mount them around the perimeter of the resulting room.

Zoning methods

It does not matter what size the room turned out - 16 sq.m. or 30. If you can not properly distribute it to the functional areas, convenient and beautiful kitchen will not work.

Here are some variants of the arrangement furniture and appliances in the interior of the kitchen, combined with a loggia.

1. The most popular method - putting the dining room on the territory of the former loggia. For example, place there chairs and a dining table, and above it a stylish lamp.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

In this case, it is better to free this zone from cabinets and shelves. Instead, we advise you to make a place to relax with a sofa or armchairs, if the area allows.

By the way, the differences in the floor level need not be masked, thereby reducing the overall height of the walls. Better use this to take one part of the room to the podium.

2. Sometimes in a small kitchen in 4-6 sq.m. are Problems with the placement of the refrigerator. Unification will help to solve them. Just move it to the loggia.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

If you completely demolished the wall, then we advise you to put it close to the corner set. Thus, you visually divide the room diagonally - it remains in the free space to arrange the dining area.

3. Dreaming of modern style kitchen with breakfast bar? In small-sized apartments it is sometimes difficult to put it even after re-planning. With this role, the window sill, which has remained after partial overlapping, will quite manage.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Practical advice: If the batteries are not located underneath, install the small lockers with flat doors on both sides. So your bar counter will be not only beautiful and fashionable, but also practical.

4. Sometimes most of the kitchen equipment is transferred to the loggia. This is justified for those who want a spacious dining room. But, as we have already said, it is not recommended to put a gas stove and plumbing there - it's not safe. But a straight kitchen set, a refrigerator and small gadgets - quite. So part of the room will be released under the dining area.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

5. Connecting the kitchen with a loggia is sometimes the only way for those who like American-style interiors. In the center of the room, at the border, place the kitchen table. On the balcony place a cozy dining area, and along the inner wall - a suite with the necessary equipment.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

6. If the kitchen and the loggia together form a fairly large room, you can try to realize the latest fashion squeak in interior design - imitation of a winter garden. It looks especially good with kitchens in the classical style.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

To do this, you do not even need to demolish the wall - on the contrary, a small separation is appropriate. If the redevelopment is already completed, put a sliding screen, bar rack or arch. And, of course, select plants that are appropriate in the kitchen.

7. By the way, the previous version shows that it is not necessary to use the resulting space exclusively with "kitchen purposes". Now many people are trying to equip a small lounge area with breakfast bar or library, especially if the kitchen-dining room is combined with the living room.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

8. Logging out can be done arch or columns. Drywall in this regard is universal - you will be able to create a design in any style. For example, in Greek for classical interiors. Or make a complex abstraction for high-tech.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Those who do not like monumental elements can advise glass doors, low partitions or screens that can be hidden easily if desired. However, it is relevant for those who want to still split the kitchen and the loggia into conditionally separate zones.

Perhaps these are the most commonly used zoning solutions. It remains to emphasize the interior with decoration and decorative elements.


As for the design and use of various ornaments, it is difficult to give any concrete advice. Still, a lot depends on the chosen style.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

In addition, consider your needs: perhaps, someone does not need a dining room, but from the chair and the TV will seem surprisingly successful idea. Or there is a desire to put a carpet on the floor of the recreation area - why not?

There are also universal options: beautiful decanters, plates, saltcellars and peppercorns are always appropriate. As well as high-quality textiles, suitable for the interior of the kitchen. Do not forget about these little things, they help create an atmosphere.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

As you can see, the possibilities to beautifully and functionally decorate the kitchen, connected to the loggia set. Is it worth it?

On the one hand, this solution requires a lot of effort, time and money. On the other hand, it makes it possible to create a truly unique spacious room, which is especially important in small apartments. Therefore, we advise you to prioritize your decision.

Kitchen combined with a loggia

Kitchen combined with a loggia

If you decide that this is too labor-intensive, look at the design options for small kitchens without merging with other rooms.


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