45 ideas for modern kitchen design

45 modern ideas for kitchen design in 2018

Fashion for interior design changes as quickly as on clothes. Do you want to be in a trend? We have collected for you a selection of the most successful kitchen designs: real photos, the authors of which realized the modern ideas of 2018.

1. Loft Interior

At first glance it seems that the repair is not finished. However, connoisseurs love the loft style for its external simplicity and unusual. In 2018, he underwent some changes: now in the fashion of adding bright colors.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

We liked the design as in this photo: the rough finish of the kitchen in gray and the modern satiny yellow glossy set.

2. Two-color facades

Even the most typical set will play, if you use the facades of two contrasting colors. We advise one of the shades to be neutral: beige, white. But the second take a saturated - for example, purple or blue.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

The modern idea: Discard straight lines in favor of wavy ones. They not only look stylish, but also visually make the room higher.

By the way, if you do not want the tone to look foreign, add one more element in the same scale - the edging for a non-standard chandelier.

3. Combination of modern style with vintage elements

How about such a kitchen with an island? Glossy textures, metal household appliances and retro lamps on chains.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Make a stylish design is easy: the main thing is that there are not more than two old objects. They must emphasize the high-tech interior, and not conflict with it.

4. Printed apron

Do not necessarily make it monophonic or try to lay out a mosaic of tiles. Now there are more interesting options - we like these here.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Choose a pattern in the tone of the main design. Reception is suitable for a large, and for a small kitchen. But in rooms up to 10 sq.m. You should be careful with the scale of the image - it is better to limit yourself to accurate patterns or landscape motifs.

5. Pictures on the facades

Not only is the apron now fashionable. Look in the catalogs or make to order a set with painted facades. A good reception that will make the original even the simplest interior.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

6. Unusual chandeliers

Previously, fixtures served only utilitarian purposes. Now they are a full-fledged element of any room. Find a non-standard lamp.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Very beautiful look like a cluster of bubbles - what you need for modernity and other modern design styles.

7. Decorative columns

If they are associated with you exclusively with gypsum plasterboard, it's time to reconsider the views on interior design.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

The round column of ceiling-floor in the kitchen-studio looks original and stylish, especially if decorated with panels imitating a tree. Highlight the joints from the inside with LED strips.

Kitchen in the style of modern classics with the addition of extraordinary elements - a real masterpiece.

8. Window on the ceiling

Of course, in a typical apartment this idea can not be realized. But in a private house, where the kitchen is located in the attic - why not?

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

A small window will become an original part of the design and will add light to the room. If you like the idea, but there are no opportunities to make this window, think about imitation. For this purpose, a stretch ceiling with photographic printing is suitable.

9. In classic style

To the fashion trends-2018 is the eternal classic. However, it never loses relevance.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

The modern idea: Previously, with this design required to adhere to certain traditions. But now it is allowed to retreat from them. Make styling of the fireplace from the oven, the bulk wall panels and the hood. Do you see how harmoniously the high-tech technique looks in the classical interior?

10. Unexpected color accents

Last year, we constantly reminded you of the harmony of the color palette. In this, on the contrary, we insist on unpredictability.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Traditional black and white cuisine looks quite different, if an apron and one or two lockers painted in an unexpected bright color - for example, juicy orange.

eleven. Monochrome interior

But this technique has been at the height of fashion for several years. Maintain a single tone. It is better if it is not very standard - white, beige, brown, not obsolete, but look trite.

But matte pink or muted azure - what you need!

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

However, we advise you to make the walls and ceiling more traditional, otherwise the result will look like a barbie house.

12. In American style

Owners of spacious kitchens in a private house or large studio apartments are lucky: there is an opportunity to decorate a beautiful and functional room, as if coming out of the frame of the movie.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

It is not necessary to take much: natural materials, convenient lockers and, of course, a kitchen island. And the corresponding area - in a small room and this type of design is difficult to implement.

13. 3D wallpapers with prints

The last hit is a bright wallpaper with a three-dimensional print. They look good as a color accent - we do not recommend gluing them to the whole surface of the wall. A good choice for the kitchen-living room. With their help, you can easily decorate the dining area.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

14. Futuristic elements

The door, as if borrowed from a cosmodrome, a strange shape of a chandelier ... All this, combined with a bright suite and an abundance of modern technology, looks amazing and will help create a real kitchen of the future.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Pay attention to the materials - glass, gloss, metallic. The tree and standard wallpaper will be a bit off topic.

15. Look for unusual invoices

Lace on the curtains is familiar to many. And what about the same lamp shade over the dining table? It looks much more original than the usual design.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

In general, in the interiors of 2018 it is customary to experiment - give up standard moves to find your own "highlight" in the design.

16. Notebook instead of wallpaper

It sounds a little absurd, right? Meanwhile, with the help of special panels it will be possible to realize the childhood dream and paint the wall. Or leave some useful notes there: a shopping list, recipes for dishes, but is it not enough, what else is useful?

Choose the material from which the records are removed with a sponge - then they will be easily changed depending on your mood and needs. It's better if the accent wall is not cluttered with furniture - and looks stylish, and it's more convenient to write.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

By the way, this photo has one more modern idea implemented.

17. Refuse to place furniture around the perimeter

Remember what the kitchen looked like 10 years ago. One wall has a set, the other has a dining table. Now it's unfashionable. Try to centralize the interior. For example, take out a small table in the middle of the room, and on the perimeter arrange sofas or chairs.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

It seems to be nothing complicated, but the room looks very different.

18. Emphasis on curtains

Even in a small kitchen in the panel house really create a beautiful interior. To do this, work with textile elements.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

For small rooms, buy blinds or roller blinds. They perform their functions perfectly, without taking up any space.

A little advice: abandon monophonic fabrics in favor of the printed, in the tone of the interior. They look stylish and help to ensure the integrity of the design.

19. We work with decor

However, the main decoration of the kitchen does not necessarily have to be immediately evident. How about an unusual bright carpet? For an interior in a modern style - that is necessary. Choose neon shades, which in part echoes with the overall color scheme.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

In the rest, stick to the spirit of minimalism: do not distract attention from the main accent.

20. Noble metals

At the peak of fashion in 2018, metal textures. But do not limit yourself to the usual details: pens, appliances, countertops - it's trite.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

But the round chandelier with gilding looks interesting and unexpected. It is better, if there are not too many such elements: a good solution is two identical lamps that decorate the kitchen, made in a matte texture.

21. White kitchen with accents

Classical white color, it seems, will never lose relevance. However, now it is increasingly used as a background.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Try to combine a traditional light interior with colored wallpaper of a catchy shade, for example, turquoise with patterns. They refresh the room, making it stylish and beautiful. From here we take the following convenient method:

22. Comfortable dining area

Even in a small room of up to 12 square meters, it is easy to equip a real dining room. Just choose small format furniture.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

The topic will be a round table for 3-4 people. It fits well with a two-seater sofa - an unexpected element in a small kitchen, right?

23. We lower the ceiling on the wall

We have already written about this type of design. But he does not lose relevance. Buy a printed stretch cloth, which on both sides will partially go to the wall. So you will outline the working area of ​​your kitchen.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Interesting move: Choose an appropriate insert on the floor for the style. Place it under the dining table. So the interior will be harmonious and holistic.

24. Backlight a la bar

Do not go out of style cafe style. We advise you to beat it in modern motives, using LED stripes.

Highlight the cabinet where you will put a variety of bottles and beautiful glasses. In addition, you have to work with the bar. She also needs hidden lighting.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Such high-tech interior looks unusual. True, you need to think about how to deal with the refrigerator. You will have to decorate it appropriately or hide it.

Owners of kitchens, combined with the loggia, are in a winning position: most household appliances are easy to take out on a former balcony.

25. Suspended elements

Do you still think that the dishes should be hidden behind the doors of the lockers? This view is obsolete.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

If the kitchen has an island, place a hinged wooden panel above it, to which various utensils are attached.

We advise copper pots and bright potholders or coasters to be hotter. Modern and stylish.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

By the way: On the same panel, attach a few small lamps. However, make sure that they do not heat the decorative elements - it is better to choose models with LED lamps. Or choose a decor that does not melt when heated.

26. Retro Motifs

It is not necessary to think that most modern ideas are based on high-tech or borrowing design trends from other countries.

In 2018, a popular stylization for the classic Soviet design. Unexpectedly, yes?

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Simple forms of sets, muted colors and a matte texture. All this is done simply, but is inexpensive. The only difficulty is the selection of suitable household appliances.

Probably, it will have to be bought to order - in recent times, suitable models in stores are less common.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

By the way: Sometimes you can create the right atmosphere with small accessories, not overhaul.

27. Bar counters with wine shelves

If you combined the kitchen with a balcony, you got a chance to make a comfortable and stylish bar on the sill. Everything is trivial enough. Therefore, we recommend adding a highlight: a high wine shelf.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

For those who do not like alcohol, even as a decor, we recommend replacing bottles with figured jars with jam or marinades. And beautiful, and practical.

28. Round Headset

Another modern trend is the work with the forms of furniture. Discard the usual straight lines and square lockers. In the fashion - non-standard solutions. The main thing is that such a large headset fit indoors.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

29. Thematic prints

Do not know how to decorate a tiny kitchen of 6 square meters? Think of drawings with kitchen motifs on aprons or facades of the headset.

They are not so few, as it sometimes seems at first glance: vegetables and fruits, sweets, spices, coffee beans. Even if the main interior design does not differ by something special, such an accent will make the room more interesting.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Tip: Try to withstand the main color scale in the tone of the image. The exception is allowed only in the form of one or two bright monochrome elements.

thirty. The Living Fire

Not every room will be able to place a real fireplace. But in apartments with modern kitchen layout it is quite realistic.

Try combining classic wooden furniture with high-tech household appliances in black tones: spectacular and unusual.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Specialists' recommendation: If you are afraid of living fire, install an electronic fireplace. In qualitative models imitation looks very reliable.

31. Abundance of light

The kitchen, combined with the living room, looks rather bright, if you supplement the interior with an abundance of lighting. Try to lay out the geometric figure on the ceiling and disguise the fixtures behind the wall panels and under the plasterboard ceiling.

Forces to implement such a project will need a lot, but the result is really exciting.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Important: Do not rush to abandon the use of classic lamps, they are now in a trend.

32. One-piece glossy set

To make a beautiful kitchen in 2018, you do not need special tricks: sometimes it's enough to choose the right furniture.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

In the fashion headset without visible transitions of elements, creating an effect of one-piece design. After the purchase you will only need to pick up a few accessories - an original interior that matches the latest modern design ideas is ready!

33. The combination of gold and bordeaux

If you look at the catalogs, it is noticeable that this is one of the most fashionable combinations.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Please note that it looks extremely luxurious, which means that you will have to carefully consider every detail. Refuse such repairs in the kitchen in Khrushchev - there it seems too pretentious.

But for a spacious kitchen-dining room-living room - what you need!

34. Broken print

For some reason, there is an opinion that patterns and drawings must be holistic.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

A novelty of design thought is a picture, as if cut into several parts. Best of all, this effect looks in the white kitchen: a monophonic apron and a set, on the facades of which are printed parts of the photo, assembled into a single whole.

Modern, stylish and easy to implement.

35. Feng Shui Arrangement

Eastern traditions enter our life at a frantic pace. They touched and the design of interiors.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

If you want to create a cozy and comfortable environment that will bring, according to beliefs, happiness to your home, familiarize yourself with the basic principles of feng shui.

36. We take care of nature

Modern design ideas in the eco-style have undergone significant changes. A couple of years ago it was enough to use only natural materials - now everything is much more interesting.

We offer this option: textured walls with wooden inserts, an abundance of white, green and brown tones.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Thanks to the wallpaper in 2 colors, simulating a real lawn, the room looks very unusual - we recommend!

37. 3D mosaic

Do not want such a complicated interior? Find one original element that will become a genuine decoration of the kitchen. For example, a volumetric mosaic on an apron. It's easy to do, but it makes an impression. Choose a design in the design catalog of 2018 - there are many interesting variations.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

This technique is good with almost any style of interior design, so it is appreciated by designers for its versatility.

38. We protect the kitchen area

In the studio apartment, the zoning issue always comes first. If you do not have the opportunity to make a spacious kitchen, using partitions and a bar stand, it's easy to delineate a small area.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

To make it more harmonious, give up corner suites - give preference to direct ones. Arrange them parallel to the rack, and from the side fence off a thin gypsum plasterboard partition.

Minimum loss of functional space with a stylish interior.

39. Practicality - first of all

Modern kitchen design, relevant in 2018, involves a reasonable combination of beauty and utilitarianism.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

We recommend to abandon stylish, but not too comfortable sets. Choose those where there are enough shelves and boxes. It is convenient and fashionable, like all furniture in a minimalist style.

40. Unusual technique

Very often when you forget about the design of refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens. This is fundamentally wrong. It is better to use them as a bright accent that immediately catches your eye.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

For example, a red refrigerator in a white kitchen. Such a colorful spot attracts attention and makes the interior fashionable and modern.

41. Open shelves

Are you sure you can maintain a regular order? Think about the latest design trend - shelves with glass facades or without them at all. Strangely enough, this technique helps to visually increase the space: we recommend it for use in rooms of any size - from the standard of 9 sq.m. up to large in private homes.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

42. This minimalism

Even this area seems huge to you, because there is simply no place in the kitchen in a small one-room studio?

Modern ideas make it possible to solve this problem without much difficulty. Choose a universal mini-kitchen, which will take no more than 4 squares. In addition, they look great.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

The original exit from a seemingly desperate situation.

43. Smashing walls

If you get permission to redevelop, then you easily realize the popular trend of 2018 - the kitchen with an open exit to the balcony.

Equip there a dining room, a lounge area with a bar counter or a place to relax - everything that seems necessary.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

The only negative: you will have to invest heavily in warming the room. But, in our opinion, the costs pay off.

44. Panoramic windows

This trend is a logical continuation of the previous paragraph. This year, designers appreciate the abundance of light.

It is not necessary to achieve it, trying to establish a maximum of fixtures. Make large panoramic windows.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Nuance: Those who live on the ground floor, for obvious reasons, this advice will not work.

45. Branding

If you think that the term is relevant only to advertising - you are mistaken. Now it's fashionable to put logos on the surface in ordinary home kitchens.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Of course, it's better if they are themed and fit the kitchen theme. For those who prefer the style of the cafe - a very winning move.

46. Communication with wildlife

Bypassing this trend, we simply can not. Expensive, time-consuming, requires constant care ... But how beautiful!

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Still do not know what I'm talking about? About the kitchen, where a huge aquarium made of impact-resistant glass is used as a kitchen island.

Let's not hide: the implementation of such a design project will require enormous costs in all areas. But your kitchen will definitely surprise everyone, so if there is a possibility - we advise you to try it.

45 ideas for modern kitchen design

Let's sum up. The year 2018 is characterized by an abundance of diverse design trends: from the usual classical to the completely unexpected. And this means that everyone will find a suitable option.

The main rule: do not be afraid of experiments, then everything will turn out!


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