Interior doors from ekoshpon: pure aesthetics (20 photos)

Many consumers believe that a good quality item can be purchased only for a lot of money. Alas, but this train of thought is often the reason that the consumer just does not pay attention to cheaper counterparts. And in vain! For example, pay attention to the interior doors from eco-doors - these doors are beautiful, inexpensive, marked by an abundance of textures and color solutions.

White door from Ekoshpona

Black door from eco-screen

Ecoshpon: the secrets of production

The starting point for the production of such interior doors is the production of the eco-friendly material itself. Everything begins with the dyeing and gluing of the wood fibers. The next process is pressing, which takes place in the respective shops with 2-band presses. During the working period, the temperature fluctuations are strictly monitored here, as well as for cleanliness, because the smallest mote that got into the press can cause irreparable marriage.

Wooden door from eco-screen

The door from the eco house in the house

This approach helps to recreate exact copies of different types of wood and eliminates the possibility of tinting. The fact that the pressure in the pressing modules increases gradually, ensures complete disposal of gas bubbles inside the material and makes it exceptionally flexible. By the way, the manufacturer of eco-doors is supplied with rolls.

Eco-shade door for oak

Door from the Eco-Shield in the interior of the living room

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you go to the store, you should carefully consider all the pros and cons of these interior doors. Among their indisputable advantages are the following characteristics:

  • Ecological compatibility. Someone will object: what kind of ecology can be discussed if eco-wool is produced by gluing fibers, that is, a synthetic binder is used? This is indeed so. However, polypropylene is used for bonding, which has long been recognized as safe (it is used both in the food industry and in pharmaceuticals).
  • High level of imitation of the surface of wood species (oak, walnut, pine and any others). Only an experienced person will be able to distinguish ecoshpon from natural veneer. And then only after touching. Visually, this is almost impossible. That is why they are often called 3d doors from eco-doors, because they completely reflect the texture of natural wood.
  • There is no specific chemical odor.
  • Doors coated with eco-paint have a moisture resistance, so they can be installed even in the bathroom.
  • During operation, they are resistant to the possibility of scratching or other light damage to the surface. This feature is worth paying attention to those who have small children or pets.
  • Well, the most pleasant characteristic is the price. In addition to the fact that the doors from eco-doors have many positive qualities, they are also considered a budget option.

The door from Ekoshpona in the style of high-tech

Door from eco-house in the interior

That's what tempting advantages have doors with eco-shield. But as there are no ideal people, so there are no ideal doors, so it is worth paying attention to the shortcomings:

  • Poor sound insulation.
  • Light weight is the indirect reason that such doors are regularly "slammed", because they often fail.
  • They will not withstand strong blows.
  • It is almost impossible to restore eco-doors.
  • Polypropylene, used in the production for gluing wood fibers, does not allow air to pass through. In those rooms in which such doors are installed, you should ensure regular airing or install air conditioning. Particular attention should be paid to this for those who decided to choose such doors for the bathroom.

Eco-color door with cappuccino color

The door from the eco-house in the apartment

Imperial construction

Separately, it is worth mentioning the royal doors, because the peculiarities of their design minimize to some minuses of doors from eco-doors. Their frame is mainly made of pine (larch is used for the production of more expensive models) and consists of 3 or more cross strips. This design provides increased rigidity and strength of the finished door leaf, and also makes it heavier. The royal doors have a kind of assembly principle, which provides an easy replacement for any damaged link.

Door from Ekošpona in Art Nouveau style

So, what will happen if the royal doors are faced with eco-paint? All the advantages of EcoShpon remain, but with the shortcomings there are changes:

  • the weight of the door increases;
  • strength increases;
  • the possibility of restoration is increased in case of damage.

Thus, the central doors combined with eco-paint are simply an indispensable option for interior door designs.

Door made of eco-shampoo under walnut

Ecoshpon in the interior

Color trends

Doors made of eco-paint in the interior can help to make the right accent, but may not be in its place. It all depends on how diligently the owners go to the choice of their color and model. First about how to combine colors.

The eco-shade door in the color of bleached oak will suit fans of a low-key style. It will be appropriate to use them both with contrasting elements (for example, dark walls or furniture), and with pastels. Light doors will look very nice, if you adhere to the interior of the style of Provence, which is full of light colors, natural textures and aged furniture.

Eco-door in Provence style

Sliding door from ekoshpon

The color of the whitish oak consists of many shades: snow-white, silvery, pearly, ashy, dairy, etc., so to say that it's just a white door can not be.

Doors made of eco-paint in the color of walnut are suitable for various interior solutions. The nut differs in an abundance of hues from saturated dark to almost sunny. Perhaps, therefore, the color of the walnut is indispensable for both the elegant classical style in the interior, and for the restrained eclectic.

Doors made of eco-shades of cappuccino color are combined with almost any other colors in the interior. Perhaps, it will be inappropriate to look very close to only very bright shades. Yet others only underline the visual appeal of this door. Especially fashionable was to combine the color of cappuccino with black. Such an interior solution is very popular in institutions that adhere to the glamorous style.

Gray doors from eco-shoe will please the eye as fans of high-tech, and those who chose the tenderness of Provence. Gray color is suitable for those who love peace, harmony and confidence.

Color wenge is appropriate for creating contrasting compositions. It is also the best option for those who wish to create a slightly darkened mysterious atmosphere in the room.

Gray door from eco-screen

Folding door from EcoShield

Method of discovery

It is important for the interior and how the interior doors will be opened. There are three ways to open:

  • hinged doors - they can open into the room or outwards, there are two-leaf, one-leaf and one-half-floor;
  • folding doors - open according to the principle similar to blinds, despite the fact that they are convenient in a space-saving environment, characterized by short-lived and very poor sound insulation;
  • sliding doors (they are also called "coupe") - an indispensable option for small rooms.

The method of opening is important for the door, not only as a visual indicator, but also as a concrete practical feature.

Door with glass from ekoshpon

Light door from eco-screen

Glass and doors

Choosing models of interior doors, some consumers do not want to consider those options where the door leaves are deaf. And not in vain - the doors from ekoshpona with glass are really amazing.

The glazed door will decorate any room, make it more light, stylish and fresh. The glass can be chosen frosted or transparent, white or bronze, clean or with a pattern - it all depends on the wishes of the consumer.

Wenge door from eco-wool

Entrance door from eco-screen

However, it would be unreasonable to put glass doors, for example, in the children's room, although the producers reassure that at impact the glazed surface is broken into pieces with blunt edges.

As you can see, the doors from eco-doors have their advantages and disadvantages. Everyone will decide whether he needs such interior doors. However, do not forget that in their price category they are unique and the best of the best.


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