Interior curtains: style and elegance in modern interiors (20 photos)

Interior curtains are of interest as a multi-functional accessory for stylish interior design, used in the arrangement of urban apartments and country houses. The idea of ​​decorating doorways and arches with textile drapery or exclusive compositions made of beads, threads, bamboo or ceramic details suggests decorative isolation of space.

Interior curtains from beads

Advantages of interior curtains

Exquisite decor in the form of luxurious fabrics is able to emphasize the status of the doorway - the design decision was popular in the antique era, does not lose its relevance in the interiors of modern times. There are the following advantages of interior curtains:

  • the possibility of using in a duet with a door or with a transparent panel to delicately isolate the room from other premises;
  • Curtains instead of interior doors - a practical solution in the arrangement of an apartment, if due to structural features of the premises it is impossible to install a door system;
  • a decorative septum made of textiles or beads can easily be replaced with a new composition from completely different components, which creates the effect of updating the entire interior;
  • with the help of a well-chosen composition of curtains for a doorway, it's easy to emphasize the stylistic merits of the interior or hide design flaws, emphasizing the exclusive design of the interior partition.

Modern interior curtains are able to delicately divide space into functional areas, without creating an obstacle for comfortable movement of household members and guests.

Decorative interior blinds
Interior curtains made of wood

Varieties by material

In the manufacture of curtains on the door or archway, various materials are relevant:

  • textiles - dense or transparent fabric, luxurious drapery or cloth of unobtrusive stylistics;
  • plastic - polymer strips or plastic elements of various shapes fixed on the thread;
  • metal - plates, tubes or balls of stainless steel are used, for exclusive interiors choose exclusive compositions of noble types of metal;
  • glass - transparent or matte elements from a special kind of glass, which are strung on a tight cord or a thick line;
  • stone - semiprecious and precious breeds, including amber, turquoise, agate and other minerals, are used in the manufacture of curtains for rich interiors;
  • wood - beads, diamonds, rings, tubes and other forms of wood are relevant in the design of decorative curtains of ethnic style;
  • bamboo is a popular design material for arches and doorways, a colorful accessory of modern interiors.

As a rule, in the design of decorative curtains, certain elements of other objects of the arrangement of the room are duplicated in the form of color solutions, material or configurations. For example, bamboo curtains organically fit into the interior style, if the room is decorated with furniture with details of bamboo or an exquisite panel of this material.

Interior curtains in the nursery
Interior curtains on the door

Types of curtains for a doorway and an arch

According to the functional characteristics of the interior curtains are divided into types.

Flexible bulkhead of dense material

Skillful imitation of the door. It is made on the basis of textiles, polymer compositions or mixed compositions of various materials. Individual models have the following properties:

  • Do not let light pass;
  • have high noise-absorbing characteristics;
  • contribute to the thermal insulation of the room;
  • stand out by the ability to resist the spread of odors throughout the apartment, which is important to use, for example, in the design of the doorway to the kitchen.

Blade curtains instead of a door of this category in the joint line are equipped with fixation elements in the form of magnetic parts or Velcro.

Interior curtains in the ethno style

Interior curtains made of cotton

Decorative curtain

It is used exclusively for visual division of space, it is distinguished by transparency, ease and simplicity of design.

Interior curtains in country style

Modern models of interior curtains amaze with variety, it's easy to choose a product for decorating the impressive size of an arch or a compact doorway. In the priority, the following types of curtains are used:

  • classic textile composition - freely flowing drapery in the floor;
  • French model - the fabric is assembled into transverse folds along the entire length;
  • with lambrequins - a multilevel composition with overlaps and lines of different directions;
  • Japanese stylistics - is executed in the form of a screen with a skeleton;
  • "Hourglass" - the canvas is formed by folds in the middle of the length;
  • "Sleeve of the bishop" - below the middle of the canvas is collected with a large spurt, the silhouette resembles a well-known detail of the bishop's clothing.

With the help of a well-chosen model of interior curtains, it's easy to bring exclusivity to interior design, so this design method is successfully used by most contemporaries.

Interior curtains for pantry
Interior curtains in the kitchen

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