Doors from the array: dignities and features (23 photos)

Solid wood - this is a board, timber, wooden canvases. Special treatment of the material reduces the effect of moisture and prevents the appearance of fungus. A special coating varnish, paint creates a protective layer on the surface of the product. But, like any thing, modern doors from solid wood have advantages and are not without flaws.

Arched door made of solid wood
White door from solid wood


  • "Living" surface texture;
  • perfectly decorated (glass, metal);
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • good sound insulation;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • the patterns of the wooden sections are never repeated.
Door from an array in a classical style

Solid wood door with decor


  • hygroscopicity - increased ability to absorb moisture, which leads to a violation of the geometry of the fabric, cracking joints of parts;
  • the high price of products from valuable breeds;
  • a considerable weight of models from some kinds of a tree (more than 30 kg).
Solid oak door
Oak door in the interior

Brief descriptions of various types of wood

Interior doors from solid wood will always be fashionable and in demand.

No artificial materials will replace the natural pleasant smell, the warmth of the wood. Most often in the production of things use coniferous (pine, larch) and deciduous trees. Each breed has its own characteristics.

Doors made of pine

Interior doors made of solid pine are the most common due to the availability of material and a wide price range (given by the type of wood, the presence of visible defects). A distinctive feature of pine products is the ease of processing. However, it is not worth pursuing cheapness, because poorly treated canvas tolerates temperature and humidity changes badly. And then the interior doors of the pine massif can eventually lead, and this is fraught with the appearance of cracks in the box, warping the canvas and destroying the wood.

The paneled door in the interior
Solid wood door in the living room

Doors made of larch

Doors made of solid larch are only slightly inferior in hardness to oak / beech products. This wood is excellent against fungi / rotting. Feature of the breed are the differences in characteristics (color, texture) of trees growing in different regions. Wood from warm edges has the worst performance and low cost. The disadvantage of the breed can be considered a significant weight of products, which explains the high density of the fibers.

Doors made of beech

Interior doors from solid beech are distinguished by a light pink medium-sized structure. Wood is easy to process and strong enough. Before use, the material undergoes strict control. Knots or cracks are not allowed. Surfaces are covered, as a rule, with a bright varnish, emphasizing the pattern of the cut.

Doors made of alder

Doors from the alder massif are quite popular in the construction markets. The breed is very resistant to moisture, so the products perfectly retain their shape, do not crumple and do not crack.

Italian door made of solid wood

The softness of the rock can be considered a disadvantage of the alder tree door, but, on the other hand, the canvas holds well the screws and nails. The surface structure has a uniform and uniform pattern of fibers. The tree is widely spread, therefore doors from an array of alders let out many manufacturers. The prices for products are very even democratic.

Solid wood door in modern style

Doors made of ash

Doors made of ash are very popular. The main reasons for the buyer's liking are good wear resistance, material resistance to mechanical damage, strength (low hygroscopicity).

The door from the stained tree
Wooden door with decorative laths in classic style

The tree on a cut can have various shades: pinkish, brown. As trees grow rapidly, it makes the doors of the ash array quite accessible.

Doors made of oak

Wooden doors from solid oak are not in vain considered the most expensive and elite. High cost is determined by the slow growth of trees and high consumer characteristics. Special features of the breed: a wide range of shades of wood (from whitened to brown), high hardness (over time, only increases). Oak doors from the array are characterized by excellent strength. The reverse side of strength is increased hygroscopicity, reduced thermal conductivity.

Doors made of birch

Doors made of solid birch are medium hard and dense. Birch is considered to be a whimsical material, because it is very dependent on humidity, it is rotting. If the treatment is carried out correctly and thoroughly, the products become smooth and light shine. When staining, it is easy to "disguise" under expensive breeds.

Solid walnut door
Solid wood door with gold leaf

Doors made of solid linden

Doors from the linden array are characterized by resistance to increased humidity and fungus formation. The breed is dense and elastic, so often the paneled area is covered with carved elements. The structure is white in color and poorly colored.

Solid pine door

A variety of tree species used for furniture production, allows you to choose products for every taste and pocket.

Pine door in the interior

Model range of solid wood doors

When choosing a model of doors from an array, one should pay attention to various characteristics. Depending on the area of ​​the room, the way to fix the canvas is of fundamental importance. Also, not the least role in creating the interior of the room is the design of the canvas (with glass / panels, "monolithic" door).

An old solid door

Product design type:

  • sliding doors from the array are installed in small rooms, which allows you to increase the useful area of ​​the room;
  • classical doors from an array decorate the apertures of large rooms. Sometimes it is rational to install two-winged structures.
Solid wood door with glass

Decorative design of models:

  • glass elements facilitate the weight of the fabric, reduce the cost of the product (especially the interior doors of oak). This decor organically looks with any shades of wood (bleached or black oak) and perfectly complements any design style;
  • The panels give the canvases an original look. Interior doors (array), decorated with a similar decorating technique, can be considered a classic interior design.

You can order doors from an antique array or use the services of a designer and install models with non-standard decorations to match the style of high-tech or loft. It is important that any thing with the right treatment will long decorate the apartment.

Door of dark wood

Door maintenance: nuances and recommendations

Wooden furniture for a long time retains its positive qualities while ensuring proper and constant care.

Entrance door from solid wood with glass

Fasteners periodically need to be cleaned. For this, it is desirable to remove the product from the hinges. Regular lubrication of metal parts with a special oil composition is mandatory.

Entrance door from solid wood

If, in time, small scratches appeared on the doors of the array, it is possible to eliminate these defects yourself. First, the damaged areas are lightly sanded, and then thoroughly polished with wax.

Stained glass door from solid wood

The paneled doors should be periodically cleaned carefully from the dust collected in the recesses / above the protrusions. Carved sites are easier to vacuum. White doors from the birch massif are wiped with a damp napkin. For the cleaning of paintings it is desirable to use special means for caring for furniture.

Ash door

You can make a door from almost any type of wood. Modern technologies and craftsmen are able to give a modest product a color and a kind of expensive wood. It is difficult for a typical consumer to hedge against purchases of "luxury" models from similar masters. Therefore, to purchase interior wooden doors from the array is better with proven manufacturers, which provide quality and durability of the product.


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