Doors and laminate “bleached oak” – a noble breed in the house (21 pics)

Doors "bleached oak" in the interior and laminate of the same color successfully complement the style of any room. The versatility of this color gives designers a wide field of action in the implementation of their projects. The whitened oak is perfectly combined with other colors of color.

The door is made of bleached oak

The latest achievement in the construction industry

Over the past decade, the construction industry has moved far ahead. On the market of building materials, the appearance of bleached oak produced a furore. In the beginning, this material was made from natural oak, which was processed with special means.

Oak material is distinguished by a high price, matte and embossed surface, quality and durability.

To design the interior, install interior doors "bleached oak". The canvases are in harmony with the laminate of the same color. Thanks to high technologies, high-precision equipment, the construction industry is progressing in its development.

The door is made of bleached oak

Today there was an alternative to natural material ─ an artificial substitute for wood "bleached oak". The substitute is made from inexpensive materials, which makes it more affordable in cash. It perfectly reproduces the structure of natural material. Industry has developed a large set of color solutions: from light gray tones, pinkish to dirty to "aged" dark tones.

Bleached oak floor

Laminate white oak in the interior

Laminate flooring is divided into strength classes. Today, light colors of floor coverings in the interior are often used.

Laminate"беленый дуб"

Advantages of laminate

  • on the light laminate there is no visible dust and stains from washing;
  • laminate of the color "bleached oak" has a noble, spectacular and expensive appearance;
  • The light tone visually expands the room;
  • The laminate has the appearance of a rough, uneven and embossed surface, which gives it a natural appearance.

The light color of the floor is well combined in the interior with furniture from natural tree species, as well as with their quality imitation. This combination is perfectly suited to the classical style and to a more modern one, for example, to modern or high-tech. Laminate "bleached oak" in the interior will have an interesting and creative appearance if it is used in kitchens or bathrooms.

Laminate"беленый дуб"
Laminate"беленый дуб"

A special highlight in the interior is the kitchen furniture made of bleached oak in country style. Laminate dark shade gives the room a romantic. If you are not a fan of contrasting colors, designers recommend to saturate your room lightly with a cream or coffee tone, where the floor and door are light yellow colors.

Laminate"беленый дуб"
Laminate"беленый дуб"

When installing the entrance doors, the Wenge color does not need to acquire a laminate of the same tone. Laying a dark laminate will give the room a gloomy look. On the dark floor will be visible dust particles. Additional lighting will be required, which will give the room a decent appearance.

Laminate"беленый дуб"
Laminate"беленый дуб"

If the color of the laminate differs from the tone of the blind door, it is recommended to build a design in contrast. For example, a laminate is bleached oak, and a door leaf is wenge. A skillful combination of tones will make the room more harmonious, stylish and comfortable.

Laminate"беленый дуб"
Laminate"беленый дуб"

Recommendations of specialists

  • It is necessary to take into account the tone of the laminate with the prevailing colors in the house. Failure to comply with this condition will give the interior an unnatural style. The room turns out pretentious and pretentious.
  • It is necessary to understand what colors will be used in the interior of the room, warm or cold. If the interior uses warm colors, then for the floor use a laminated coating of the same tones. Otherwise, the unity of the style solution will be violated.
  • A variety of styles provides for the use of different degrees of texture. Clearly expressed texture perfectly suited to the style of country. In a room with a classic style, it is recommended to use a softer laminate texture.
  • Laminate is considered a universal coating, but the selection of a shade and texture is still necessary. Before laying the laminate floor must be leveled. On a properly prepared floor, the laminate will not creak and swell.
Laminate"беленый дуб"
Laminate"беленый дуб"

Interior doors made of bleached oak

The color of the white oak in the design of the premises is used not so long ago, but it has become widely known. It was originally used in the Scandinavian style, which differs from other styles in its cool tone and simplicity of lines in furniture kits. If you make a floor coating in the color of white oak, pick furniture, the door is a "bleached oak" with glass, then the room will look stylish and peculiar.

Door"беленый дуб"

Advantages of light doors

  • light, beautiful material gives the product aesthetic appeal;
  • The doors of the color "bleached oak" have an original and attractive design;
  • Modern technologies allow making doors of various configurations;
  • practical and durable;
  • for the production of doors use clean, eco-friendly, veneered material;
  • resistant to mechanical stress and atmospheric phenomena.
Door"беленый дуб"

Using the doors "bleached oak" in the interior

The external appeal of the blind veneered doors, elegant and refined appearance led to a wide use of these products. Doors of bleached oak color are used not only for residential premises, but also for commercial offices, industrial and government institutions.

Door"беленый дуб"

The use of bleached oak material allows designers to realize their creative projects. Even a stylish blind door made of MDF looks easy, refined and clean. Interior laminated doors are highly appreciated by ordinary people. They create a special atmosphere in the room and positively affect the emotional state of those present.

Combination of the door with the design of the room

Entrance or interior door is chosen depending on the overall interior of the house or apartment. These products serve as an excellent addition to the style of the entire room.

Door"беленый дуб"

Basic styles:

  • Provence. A gentle light style, where dairy, pale green and olive tones are used.
  • Classic ─ use the color of bleached oak.
  • English and Scandinavian. Cloth light color is in harmony with wallpaper marsh or cream color.
  • Techno. In this style, contrasting colors are chosen. For example, furniture sets of dark colors are perfectly combined with a light door.
  • Hiitek and modern. Often the front door in the apartment is decorated with metal details, as well as glass inserts.
Door"беленый дуб"

Veneered door in the color of a white oak

Veneer doors are made from coniferous tree species. Prepared bars first glue together, and then on both sides they are glued on MDF sheets. Veneered oak veneers are glued on MDF sheets.

Door"беленый дуб"

It is made from a huge number of separate painted layers of wood. Veneered door looks more natural and "long-lived" in comparison with laminated. Veneer has a unique pattern and light structure.

Door"беленый дуб"

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