Choosing kitchen doors: what to look for (25 photos)

Choose kitchen doors carefully and thoroughly, because they are the first to see when we go into the room, so it is important what material they are made of, what color and what design. However, design is not the most important thing. If the expensive beautiful door is not functional, it will not decorate the interior, but only interfere with you.

White Kitchen Door

Black kitchen door

Types of doors

Kitchen doors are classified according to different signs: material, color, design. It is on the functionality of the design that you need to pay attention first. For the kitchen usually choose the door:

  • swinging;
  • sliding or compartment;
  • folding-accordion.

Many buyers are accustomed to the standard swing doors, consisting of a single canvas. These doors are popular because in stores they are presented in a huge assortment, and their installation does not require much effort, but the drawback of this design is that it takes up a lot of space. The width of the linen is at least 60 cm, and the open door eats just as much space in the corridor or kitchen.

Kitchen door in classic style

Kitchen door in the house

If every square centimeter of space is on the account, then you can install a door-compartment for the kitchen. This is a very popular and practical design. To the floor and ceiling are screwed special rails, on which the door leaf rides. If you do not want the smells of preparing food to fill the whole apartment, choose exactly the sliding doors for the kitchen. They are very tightly closed and do not allow the smell of fried fish and stews to penetrate into the rest of the room. Installing a sliding door allows you to significantly save space, which is especially important for a small kitchen.

French-style kitchen door

Kitchen Blue Door


Interior doors are placed in other rooms of small apartments, due to which there is more space.

For small kitchens and small apartments, folding doors also suit perfectly, which fit into the interiors of both classical and modern styles. Doors accordion for the kitchen, regardless of what material they are made of, look original and aesthetic. The main thing is that when folded, they do not take up much space in the room. Installation of this design requires special skills, so it is better not to mount folding doors yourself.

Black door in the kitchen with glass

The door to the kitchen in country style

Which material should I choose?

After you have decided which doors will be in your kitchen, choose the material. Kitchen doors come:

  • wooden;
  • glass;
  • from veneer;
  • from MDF;
  • from plastic.

Customers choose these options most often. If there is a financial possibility, the preference is given to the kitchen door made of wood. Natural wood, varnished or painted, always looks perfectly in the interior. Especially elegant look white doors of expensive wood. The main advantage of the material is ecological compatibility, but the wooden doors are heavy and massive, so their installation is suitable in spacious kitchens. These doors will fit into the interior in the style of classic, provence and country. Wooden doors for kitchen in loft style should be simple design. For such interiors they are covered with black or gray paint.

Brown door to the kitchen

Door to the kitchen from frosted glass

Glass doors for the kitchen are suitable for interior in the style of minimalism, classic or high-tech. When choosing this door, it is necessary to clarify, whether the glass will burst from a sudden change in temperature and whether it is afraid of blows. If the house has small children, you need only install a shockproof door. Today, glass doors made of frosted glass with an original design are popular. If the door is closed, it is not visible through the matte coating what is happening in the kitchen, but light passes through the glass, which makes it even more cozy in the corridor.

Always been popular combined options - wooden doors for the kitchen with glass. They do not require special care and fit into any interior. The glass insert can be matte, colored, mosaic. In some designs, you can change the glass if necessary: ​​if you broke it or made repairs in the kitchen and want the door glass to match the color of the new wallpaper and floor.

Door to the kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

Door to the kitchen from walnut

Kupeynye and folding doors are often made of plastic. This material costs less than wood, and looks very presentable, that's why it becomes more and more popular among buyers.

Doors of plastic do not need special care - they simply wipe with a damp cloth, so they fit perfectly for the kitchen. Plastic doors can be monophonic or have an original design. If the buyer has not found a suitable option, some large companies are ready to produce plastic for order for a specific interior, but then the price of the door will be higher.

Plastic door to the kitchen

Suspended kitchen door

More budgetary option - doors MDF and veneer. They are installed in the event that they can not afford to buy a wooden door or if a bulky wooden door is impossible to put in the kitchen. Doors made of MDF and veneer are very light, do not require special care, are not afraid of temperature changes. Doors from these materials are presented in different designs: a tree of natural color, as well as all shades of dark and light. The color palette of doors from veneer and MDF i
s very extensive, therefore they can be chosen for an interior in any style. Absolute advantage of such doors is low price.

Door to the kitchen for painting

The door to the kitchen in the style of Provence

The door to the kitchen with the expander

Why should there be a door in the kitchen?

Many, trying to ergonomically use the space in the kitchen, refuse in principle to install the door and make an arch from the doorway, but this is not the most reasonable step, because the door is needed in the kitchen first of all for specific tasks, and then for decorative purposes.

Families with children need to put the door first of all for security reasons. Every day something is prepared on the stove, sharp knives and forks lie on the table. To limit the child's access to the kitchen in your absence, it must necessarily be closed.

Sliding door to the kitchen

The door to the kitchen in retro style

Gray door to the kitchen

It is the door that protects the rest of the apartment from unpleasant smells. If it is not, then over time these smells begin to soak up the wallpaper in all rooms, as well as in textiles and furniture. Even if the kitchen is well ventilated and exhaust ventilation works, an unpleasant smell will still spread throughout the apartment. This problem is easily solved by the kitchen door. The main thing here is for it to close tightly.

Blue door to the kitchen

Folding door to the kitchen

An important characteristic of the kitchen door is a high level of noise insulation. If you do not want your family to be awakened by the sound of water, the sound of cymbals and the clatter of pots, put the kitchen door. This is especially important in homes where there is a small child who can wake up from the slightest noise. Another door protects from drafts and simply decorates the interior. With her, the interior of the kitchen becomes more cozy and truly "home."

An old door to the kitchen

All these functions will be performed by a quality door. When choosing, be sure to specify whether the material from which it is made is deformed during heating or water ingress. Also, the material should not deteriorate when exposed to aggressive detergents: it can get hot oil or fruit juice. And on the kitchen door should be installed quality accessories, then it will open softly and noiselessly.

The door to the kitchen with glass

Stained-glass door to the kitchen

The installation of the kitchen door will not only ennoble the interior of the whole apartment, but it will also prevent the spread of unpleasant odors, but to say for sure which doors of what design and what material are the best are difficult. All these options have their pros and cons, and they are all in demand in the modern market. The choice of a door for a kitchen depends on the financial possibilities, the style of the interior and the size of the room.


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