Arched doors in the interior: we manage the space (32 photos)

Arched doors are doors having a cloth with a rounded upper part. Such doors are installed in the doorway in the form of an arch. The same shape should be and door frames.

Features of arched doors

A distinctive feature of arched doors is their unique and aesthetic appearance. They will decorate almost any style of the interior.

Due to the rounded upper part, the upper door hinges in such structures are attached below, so they must have increased reliability and power.

White arched door

Arched door made of beech

Arched doors offer the following advantages:

  • Versatility. Can be installed in private homes and apartments.
  • Reliability of construction. The doors are strong and durable.
  • Visually increase the height of the room in combination with light colors of finish.
  • Compared with standard rectangular doors have a large height of the opening, so high people do not have to bend over.

There are doors of arch type and a disadvantage: high cost of manufacturing and installation.

Black arched door

Arched door with décor

Arched door made of wood


Types of arched doors

There are a lot of varieties of arched doors. They are classified according to the following characteristics:

  • design;
  • type of opening;
  • the form;
  • material;
  • place of installation.

Arched wooden door

Arched door in the house

The doors are produced in an arched opening of various designs:

  • door leaf, coinciding in shape with the archway. They are made of wood. The production process is quite long. The price of such doors is high;
  • standard rectangular cloths above which the arch part is mounted. Their cost is somewhat cheaper, because they are made easier: the arc-shaped part is not scraped together with the main cloth, but is an independent element. This design allows you to create both swinging and sliding arched doors;
  • single-leaf doors;
  • double-wing arched doors. Relevant for wide doorways.

Arched door made of oak

Double arched door

According to the type of opening, the arched doors are divided into the following types:

  • Hinged - open in one direction;
  • swinging pendulum - open and back and forth;
  • Folding - can consist of only two sections;
  • sliding - the feature of such doors is that the arch is visible only on one side.

Arched door in ethno style

Arch arched door

Manufacturers make arches of various shapes. Semicircular arches, which are most popular, are divided into:

  • Classical or semicircular arches, having an even radial shape.
  • Ellipsoidal arches represent a semicircular oval.
  • Arches, made in the Art Nouveau style, have intricate shapes and many different protrusions.
  • Archs made in the style of romanticism are like a rectangle with rounded upper corners.

Arches in the shape of a horseshoe. In addition to a smooth semicircle, they can have an elongated, pointed upper part. They are mainly used in rooms decorated in national styles. Gothic or pointed arches elongated and pointed have no smooth transitions.

Arched French door

Arched blind door

Depending on the installation site, there are:

  • interroom arched doors are inside;
  • arched entrance doors are installed at the entrance to the house, shop, shopping center and other public places.

Also, an arch door with or without glass is made, with stained-glass windows, panels and other decorative elements.

Arched hammered door

Materials manufacturing doors of arch type

Traditionally, the interior doors of the arched type are made of natural wood. The cost of the finished structure depends on the wood species. The lowest price for a canvas made of pine. More expensive are the doors made of ash, beech and oak. To reduce the price of a product, instead of natural wood, materials such as chipboard and MDF, as well as their combination, are used.

Arched door in the kitchen

Arched door from solid wood

As a material for arched doors, tempered glass is also popular. The structure can consist only of it or additionally have a fixing frame, which can be made of metal, made of PVC, MDF and other materials.

Decorate the arched glass door in a variety of ways. Glass can be the most common, have a color tint or a beautiful pattern. Add brightness to the interior doors with stained glass windows. The advantage of glass door panels is high light transmission.

Plastic arched doors are also manufactured. For such material as pvc just to look after, and also it can have any color. Such products are most often used in non-residential premises, offices. In houses and apartments they are practically not installed, because they do not contribute to the creation of a home cosiness.

Arched door made of metal

Arched door made of fumed oak

Entrance arched doors

Most often, the entrance doors in the form of an arch are made of metal. Such doors are not only reliable, but also very beautiful. They are chosen for country houses, an entrance to an office building, an entrance or other public premises. The facade of the building with an arched steel door will give a luxurious appearance, emphasize the status and availability of artistic taste of the owner. Entrance doors can be with one, two or even three doors.

Arched door in Art-Nouveau style

Arched door for painting

As a rule, metal arched doors are installed on the entrance, but constructions made of natural wood, for example, oak, are no less reliable. Also, the front door can be made of pvc. However, such a door is not very reliable, so this option is suitable for installing a double door. The first door (external) is iron, with good thermal insulation and high safety characteristics, and the second (internal) is decorative of pvc or wood.

Arched door in the style of Provence

Arched door with upper expander

Arched door with carved platband

Entrance arched doors can have a variety of design. Designs can be supplemented with transoms, usual glass inserts, stained glass or mirrors, MDF panels, wood, veneer. Also forged doors are made.

The entrance metal doors in the form of an arch are made only under the order that is connected with features of their design.

Arched door in the style of a cheby-chic

Arched veneer door

The use of arched doors in the interior design

The presence of arches in the room visually expands it and makes it airy. Such designs are an excellent option for small apartments. If the room is spacious and has a wide entrance, then you should choose two-wing arched doors.

Arched doors can be decorated in any style, so they are often used in interiors of different styles.

Arched blue door

Arched door with glass

For the classical style, arch designs are suitable, for which design is characterized by restraint. A door can be installed from MDF, chipboard or a wooden arch door.

The arched arched doors of dark wood emphasize the oriental style, which is distinguished by its luxury, exoticism and elegance.

Arched door in the bedroom

Arched glass door

A peculiarity of the style of the shebbi-chic is a slightly noticeable patina of time. This effect is achieved artificially by various decorative methods. To complement the interior in this style will help the arched door in the old days.

Arched light door

Arched front door

Such style as country is ideally combined with arched constructions in the form of a horseshoe. It should be doors made of light wood, without lining and varnish.
Due to a variety of different design options for interior and entrance arch doors made of wood, pvc, metal and other materials, you can choose a design that fits perfectly into the interior and exterior of any stylistic orientation.

Arched Stained Glass Door


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