Table for a summer residence – a harmonious combination of functionality and a cosiness (23 photos)

Any owner of the site once faced with the problem of choosing furniture for the dacha. Solving this issue requires thorough preparation. Not only because a wide range of products is on sale. Simply, except for a cozy appearance, you can not lose sight of some other characteristics of furniture.

White table for summer cottages

Beech house table

Buying items, it is important to take into account the design of the entire garden area, the exterior of the building. Determined with the choice, it is desirable to clearly imagine where the furniture will be installed: in the arbor, in the garden near the trees, on the veranda with the roof.

Black table for summer cottages

It is quite natural to look at the wooden table for summer cottages on the terrace of the country house, decorated in country style. To create a style of Provence, both forged tables and wooden ones are suitable.
And any material used for the production of garden furniture has both positive and negative qualities.

Table on the cottage of wood

Wooden table at the cottage

Wooden table

Probably, there is nothing more natural than furnishing a cottage with furniture made of natural material. Tables from solid wood are chosen by many owners due to the following advantages:

  • durability - this quality is most fully manifested in coniferous wood species. And tables of pine do not need special care - just wipe the furniture with a dry cloth (periodically it is desirable to use a polish);
  • Burnout - does not threaten furniture, covered with special compounds. The table for the dacha is resistant to direct sunlight. Over time, it may be necessary to refresh the appearance of objects. To do this, once in 3-4 years, cover the furniture with varnish or paint;
  • environmental friendliness of products, as when processing pine for a dacha do not use formaldehyde. Wood, on the other hand, produces phytoncides that have an anti-allergic effect. An inexpressible coniferous smell is especially pleasant to feel after a day's summer work, in the evening quiet time of family tea drinking;
  • a variety of designs of tables made of wood. You can purchase a stationary model of the required size. And if at a dacha periodically gets many guests, then the folding table will be an ideal option for the reception of friends. Sliding constructions are installed in large rooms, on spacious verandas or terraces.

The following qualities of wood can be attributed to the shortcomings of furniture:

  • low moisture resistance. Even tables covered with special varnishes react extremely negatively to natural precipitation. If during the summer season the table stands on the open area, the rains lead to the swelling of the wood. Then the hot sun's rays drain the material. From such tests, temperatures and humidity on the table top appear small crack networks;
  • high cost of wooden furniture. Although it is possible to select models at affordable prices, combining several materials: glass tables with a wooden base, wood table top on forged legs.

Choosing tables for a garden of wood, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the wood, the reliability of the accessories and protective layer. For a small cottage kitchen, you can also buy folding chairs, which are simply in the pantry for winter time.

Table for cottages from boards

Oak table for cottages

Forged garden furniture

Metal products can be considered an ideal option for arranging a recreation area in the country. Since they organically complement and emphasize any design. Forged tables have the following advantages:

  • furniture has an unlimited lifetime with proper care;
  • products practically do not burn out in the sun, are resistant to mechanical damages and temperature changes;
  • this is a real decoration of the countryside. Thanks to modern methods of working with metal, in products you can realize any style of design and wishes of owners;
  • Modern technologies for applying protective coating and special paints give furniture resistance to corrosion and abrasion;
  • minimal maintenance - the surface of the table is wiped with a dry / wet cloth, as the metal does not absorb dust, is not located to the appearance of mold, which is very important for garden furniture placed on an open area.

Like any furniture, forged tables have drawbacks: in the hot season, the surface becomes very hot, and in cold it is unpleasant to touch the cooled material. In order not to suffer from such costs of metal products, it is advisable to purchase tables from combined materials. As a variant of the original table: the table top is made of solid wood, and the base is forged. Another minus the forged furniture is considerable weight.

Table from the coil to give

Forged table for cottages

Excellent look models with glass tops (rectangular, square, round shapes). If the family has children, it is better to choose an oval table to exclude the possibility of children's injuries.

Round table for summer cottages

Lacquered table for cottages

Plastic Models

Of course, when choosing furniture, one should not forget about the specifics of country life - things are constantly transferred, occasionally they are dropped, water and precipitation fall on them, they have to be regularly wiped, so the plastic table for cottages is the most optimal budget option.

The advantages of plastic tables are lightness, compactness, mobility, aesthetic appearance, a wide palette of color options:

  • mobility - products have a light weight, so if necessary, it will not be difficult to quickly remove the plastic table. The shape of the table also provides the ability to stack objects one on top of another. This storage option saves considerable space;
  • burnout a
    nd moisture resistance - products are able to lose the shade (brighten) under the influence of direct sunlight. But the moisture does not affect the surface of the plastic table;
  • practical - no special detergents are needed for maintenance. A table made of plastic can be easily cleaned by any means, up to irrigation with water from a hose;
  • elegant design gives the models lightness and elegance.

The plastic table for the dacha is made of different materials.

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common plastic of low cost. It is this material that is used to produce a large volume of tables. The material quickly deforms, breaks. When burning, PVC tables deform and give off an unpleasant odor. The main advantage is democratic prices.
  • Polypropylene is a matte material that is easily colored with pigment additives. In case of fire, it does not release toxic substances (since there is no chlorine). The material is used to create furniture at affordable prices (for street use). Not much different from PVF. The main advantage is ecological compatibility.
  • Polycarbonate - has a significant cost. A distinctive feature is an ideal combination of strength and transparency.

In the shape of the tabletop, rounded tables for the garden and dacha (oval, circle) and with corners (rectangular, square) are produced. When choosing a model, it is important to consider that round tables take up more space.

Some models are made with one central leg as a support. It is recommended to buy a table for a dacha with four legs (it's easier to install it on the ground or lawn).

Dacha plastic round tables can be equipped with umbrellas from the sun. Such models have a hole in the countertop for installing a protective structure.

It is interesting to look modern plastic tables for cottages with a surface imitating the structure of wood or wicker texture (furniture from a vine or rattan).

Disadvantages of plastic are the instability to mechanical damage (it is easy to scratch), the fragility of the material under strong and sharp impact.

Table with a bench for summer residence

Small table for cottages

Solid wood table for cottages

A table for dacha own hands

Dacha design very much welcomes non-standard performances of familiar and familiar designs. Resourceful summer residents build any thing. Original flower beds of tires, decorative fences of beds from plastic bottles - there is no limit to imagination. A separate place in handicrafts is occupied by garden furniture, which creates cozy corners of rest on the site and allows to significantly save the budget.

Table from pallets for summer residence

The design of the table can be considered simple to disgrace. To create a table, it's enough to put pallets on top of each other. The top tray acts as a countertop. To make the finished product look up, put a glass countertop, cut to the size of the pallet.

Metal table for cottages

Oval table for cottages

To prolong the life of the structure, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. The surface of all pallets is carefully sanded to give the table an impeccably smooth appearance and prevent possible splinters. All parts are treated with a special primer to protect the tree from rotting. After drying, the pallets for the dacha are covered with paint for outdoor work.

The table of pallets will darken with time, the wood will deteriorate and crumble. To slow down the appearance of such phenomena can be a careful attitude to self-made things. To the table for a long time pleased with the original and well-groomed appearance, in the rainy season it is removed under a canopy.

Plastic table for cottages

A table for a summer residence from plastic

Table from logs

From objects installed in the recreation area, they require stability, quality factor. These qualities are quite satisfied with furniture from logs. Variants of the design of tables from logs are many, from the simplest models to the exquisite creations of masters.

The most accessible and easy way to arrange a dining area is to fit a suitable stump from the sawn wood. This option is suitable in case of coincidence of places of rest and location of hemp (which is not specifically uprooted). To create a structure on the slice, the boards forming the table top or the round shield (from the large coil of the cable wire) are stuffed.

Wicker table for summer cottages

Table for the garden

When making a garden table from logs, it is important to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Wood must be treated with special compounds that protect it from precipitation. Otherwise, furniture will quickly lose its attractive appearance and may rot;
  • grinding of all surfaces and angulation of corners - this will protect against injuries, splinters and scratches.

Such furniture looks very original. And such tables will look organically on the sites with log houses.

Table with a bench for a garden

Wooden table

Profile tube table

Metal pipe - a universal material for making a dining table for the country. Iron objects are distinguished by reliability, durability, and immunity to precipitation.

Basic characteristics of profiled pipe:

  • strength - the presence of stiffeners gives the product an increased strength and ability to withstand severe loads;
  • The geometric shape of the pipe facilitates simple transport. Rectangular shape creates an ideal combination with flat surfaces and provides stability to finished products;
  • availability and ease of assembly. Connecting the construction details can be bolted;
  • resistance to temperature changes and to harmful environmental influences. The dining table for the dacha is preferably treated with special anticorrosive compounds, which protect the table from corrosion;
  • the possibility of making products of complex designs - folding dining tables. Such furniture is very convenient in everyday life. Since the
    model in its assembled form does not occupy a special separate table.

The negative side of metal pipes - they are difficult to bend (if you want to make their own hands on a table on bent legs).

A table around a tree

It is optimal when the country house has several cozy corners with garden tables. In this case, you do not need to regularly carry things around the site. In open areas it is better to install models that are insensitive to weather conditions (plastic round table). Wooden tables or products with forged elements are perfect for placing on a veranda or in a gazebo with a roof.


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