How to choose a kitchen to order: advice of professionals

How to choose a kitchen to order: advice of professionals

It's no secret that the repair in the new kitchen begins with thinking about what will be the kitchen set. On the one hand - you have complete freedom of action and imagination, but on the other - a lot of questions.

In this article, you will learn how to choose a kitchen to order, what you need to take into account, as well as some nuances and useful tips for materials, furniture, equipment and communications.

The first stage - design

The design of your kitchen should combine two qualities - beauty and practicality. Beauty - the concept of an individual, which may not coincide with the views and advice of designers.

First of all, your kitchen should like you.

But, you see, without convenience and functionality, beauty can lose its charm. Therefore, arm yourself with the drawing, and we will move on to the advice.

  1. 1. Do not hurry to communicate (drainage, ventilation pads, sockets) before installing the kitchen unit. First, make accurate measurements of your kitchen, think about what kind of equipment you need, in what niches and places it will be located, and sketch a few ideas on design.
  2. 2. If your kitchen is small, then the height of the room must be fully utilized, because:
    • this increases the storage space for kitchen utensils;
    • Vertical lines will visually lift the ceiling;
    • in such cabinets it is convenient to hide air ducts from the hood, gas meters, etc.
  3. 3. Did you hear about the working triangle? This is somewhat outdated theory today, because Besides a refrigerator, a sink and a plate, other household appliances appeared. But its meaning is very relevant: the trajectory of your movement around the kitchen should be minimal

    How to choose a kitchen to order: advice of professionals

    Suppose, in addition to the 3 items mentioned, you have a microwave, a juicer, a coffee maker and a harvester, and all of this you use daily and often. And now take a piece of paper and arrange all these items so that you are comfortable using them: imagine how you go to the kitchen to cook something, and what are your main points of travel.

    The main thing is that all 7 of your items are not on the same line - it's quite inconvenient. The most acceptable perimeter of our polygon is from 4 to 8 m. If the hostess does not prepare one, it must also be taken into account and create 2 such working geometric figures in non-overlapping zones.

After determining the number, size and location of household appliances, you can proceed with the selection of materials for your kitchen.

The second stage is the choice of materials

How to choose a kitchen to order: advice of professionals

The most expensive, emphasizing the status of materials for the facades of the kitchen set are natural wood and glass, which require certain care and careful handling.

Somewhat lower in price painted MDF, very popular today due to compatibility with any style, a variety of colors and textures - gloss, mat, veneered or wood.

You can make a table top:

  • cheap, but angrily: from laminated chipboard;
  • more expensive - from natural or artificial stone.

At once we will make a reservation that there are many nuances of a choice of a material for a kitchen countertop and about there is a separate article.

The third stage - choosing the type of headsets and filling it

How to choose a kitchen to order: advice of professionals

So, you have the exact sizes found on the Internet photo of the kitchen of your dreams, and you have already decided on the materials. What should I look for when choosing a kitchen set?

  1. 4. The pledge of a beautiful kitchen and quality design are proportions that are more perceptible to our eyes than you might think. The most acceptable for comfort sizes of boxes and furniture should be a multiple of 15 cm (30, 45, 60, 75 cm);
  2. 5. Do not forget to calculate the distance from the kitchen set to other pieces of furniture, taking into account the opening of the doors of cabinets;
  3. 6. Picking up the color of the headset, you can follow the rule "dark bottom - light top", but you can bravely break it, doing the opposite, or apply bright, saturated colors. The main thing is, do not overload the top of the headset so it does not look massive;
  4. 7. Choosing between the swing doors and kitchen boxes, give preference to the boxes, the inner filling of which can be immediately seen without climbing halfway into the cabinet. It will be inconvenient to place a small box for spoons and forks in a larger box - in fact, you will each time have to perform a simple double action every time, which you could do once;
  5. 8. We need to pay special attention to the choice of mechanisms by which cabinets and boxes will be opened. If the auto-guides are convenient enough, although it is unusual, then not immediately opening and requiring effort at closing the push-up can be uncomfortable for you. And other untested trend devices can quickly fail or prove to be very dysfunctional. Discomfort can also be created by the absence of handles on lockers or drawers. Think, perhaps, we should trust the classical technological solutions;
  6. 9. If you like the built-in refrigerator in the facade, note that the decorative cover and the rack mount take up space, and compared to a conventional refrigerator it is not very roomy, although it occupies the same space. The same can be said for any other built-in technology.

Some general recommendations

How to choose a kitchen to order: advice of professionals

Light in the kitchen should be warm, because the most appetizing food seems at a warm light temperature - and this technique is actively used in restaurants.

A high mixer with a pull-out spout (ideal) for filling vases, 3-liter jars, high pots or even buckets, but to avoid permanent spatter, it needs to install a sink with a deep bowl.

Compact models of hoods may not be as efficient and productive as conventional ones.

On the kitchen apron you can install a special rail for a smartphone or a book of recipes - so you can follow the development of the plot of your favorite movie in more natural poses.

What is important during installation

How to choose a kitchen to order: advice of professionals

The first thing I want to advise is personal presence during installation. Not only for the sake of control, but also in order to personally and promptly tell the masters some particular nuance. This is much more effective than taking and making decisions on the phone.

Joints between the sink, work area and hob are necessary laminate - at what as outside, and inside, preventing the ingress of moisture or fats.

Do not forget about the cut for the gas hose near the stove or the hob, about the other necessary holes for the wires or pipes. At the same time cables from the plate, hood and other equipment must reach the outlet and do not interfere with the opening and closing of cabinets. Perhaps it makes sense to specify with the masters the most convenient for you location of the sockets.

The vast majority of the above nuances are not new to firms that have long been engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing kitchen sets (for example, this company). But now all these subtleties will be known to you.

We hope that our advice on designing, selecting and installing customized sets on order will be useful for you, and will help to equip your ideal kitchen!


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