5 facts about glossy facades for the kitchen

The whole truth about glossy facades in the kitchen: reviews about practicality and beauty

How do they look beautifully on the photo and live in the kitchen. They shine, reflect objects, slightly enlarge the space visually. But how long does this primordial effect last?

So that you have a complete understanding of the practical side of using glossy facades for the kitchen, we, based on feedback and personal experience, combined them into 5 facts. Which of them are reality, and what are the myths? Well, let's see.

Fingerprints are visible

This is true, but here there are three points.

5 facts about glossy facades for the kitchen

At first, they are visible only near and, as they say, on the skylight. That is, you will notice them in the immediate vicinity and only at a certain angle. Practice shows that they are best seen in natural daylight.

Secondly, they will appear only around the handles (or around the push-points).

You're not going to "paw" the entire headset (especially the top sections)? Yes, it's different if there are children. The lower section in this case will be all in the prints and other traces of children's initiative.

5 facts about glossy facades for the kitchen

Thirdly, There is a definite dependence on the color of the surface and its texture. The greatest visibility "Fingers" show on monochrome colored facades.

But the smallest on the textured gloss: with the imitation of the texture of wood or stone crumbs, blotches of mother-of-pearl or "blestyok", patterns or photo printing.

Strongly visible dust

As with the prints two nuances:

  • looking at what angle to look at
  • depending on the color of the facades

A huge number of reviews of the owners of glossy cuisines suggest that very much visible dust on dark facades. Particularly complain owners of black, brown, color wenge and purple sets.

At the same time on bright facades: orange, red, green, yellow - dust is almost invisible.

But the best in this respect is the glossy white kitchens. They will not be visible on the dust!

And, by the way, no one should forget that on matte surfaces, dust is also very visible and the dependence of visibility on the color of the facade is also traced.

Glossy facades should be washed more often

5 facts about glossy facades for the kitchen

Here much depends on the mistress: from its neatness and the concept of cleanliness of the headset. Someone will not notice the prints for months, and the other will wipe the facade every single day.

In addition, all this is summed up with other factors: the color of the facades, whether there are children, how often you cook and what size the headset is.

Contamination of another plan (withered traces of water and grease, markers and paint) are visible on glossy surfaces just like on matte surfaces. Another thing is how equally easy to wash them off later?

Stains with gloss more difficult to wipe

This is a blatant lie. With a gloss any stains are erased as if they had just been left. In 90% of cases, you only need a fiber cloth and a glass cleaner. All.

5 facts about glossy facades for the kitchen

Another question is how to wash the glossy facades of the kitchen set, so as not to damage the gloss itself. In this case, much depends on the material from which the facades are made, and how the paint is applied (by film or painting).

note: for a detailed comparison of such materials, see this review.

We recommend in any case, do not use abrasive powders (even soda), as well as aggressive household chemicals. The usual means for washing windows will be quite enough.

Otherwise, you risk leaving scratches on the gloss, or even worse - to erase it altogether (there will be a matte stain).

By the way, be sure to look Our article on the super-system for the proper organization of order in the kitchen. It's just a godsend for every mistress!

Looks better than mate

If the facades are high-qualitatively painted, the color of the headset is well chosen and the lighting is correctly planned - then, yes, it is better.

5 facts about glossy facades for the kitchen

But be careful, a glossy set is a self-sufficient and, one might say, central element of the kitchen. It strongly affects the overall picture of the interior of the room and it is important to catch the golden mean of the combination with other elements.

for example, if you want a suite with glossy facades, you will have to abandon the glossy stretch ceilings or the same tile on the floor.

Glossy must be one thing, otherwise it will be, conditionally speaking, a mirror room, where everything is visually in the heap.

It's a terrible dream for any interior designer.

Plus you need to consider the style of the kitchen. Such facades will look great in the interiors in modern styles: high-tech, minimalism, Scandinavian or American, less often in the loft and retro.

And one more factor in favor of gloss is that they are better suited for small kitchens. Their reflective surface gives a small, but still positive visual effect.

This is especially true in very small areas, for example, kitchens 4 sq.m.


As you can see, glossy facades are a good solution. They look more interesting, are not too difficult to care for, although they are more exacting to the accuracy and thoroughness of thinking through the kitchen design.

Be sure to come to the nearest kitchen salon and look at their colors, how they look alive in different lighting, and how the prints are actually visible on them. That's when you decide whether our facts were true in our article or not :).


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