How easy and quick to wash the floor without getting divorced

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At first glance, to wash the floor is not an easy matter. I took a bucket of water, a rag and three of it until it was clean. However, in this case, not everything is so simple. Firstly, floor coverings are of different types and each need to be washed in a special way. Secondly, if there is a dog or cat in the house, additional efforts will be required to wash the sweat. Well, the floor in the kitchen is polluted most often, so you need to wash it often.

Washing the laminate in the living room

How can I wash the floor without spending a lot of time on this? What means to use? This article will tell you about this.

General rules for washing floors

Before you start washing the floor, it is advisable to sweep it thoroughly. Make it better with a broom. Dust should be removed everywhere, even from hard-to-reach places and corners. If it is uncomfortable to do this with a broom, then you can take a broom. A broom can be slightly moistened with water.

It is recommended to start the floor cleaning from the farthest corner from the door, and finish at the door. Or, to speed up the process, you can divide the area of ​​the room into several sections. To clean each section is better from the wall to the center of the room. Then the garbage from each site must be collected in one heap.

Before cleaning out of the room it is recommended to remove furniture, as well as all unnecessary items. Of course, you do not need to remove the wall or wardrobe, but chairs, stools and floor lamps should be moved. It is also desirable to remove a cat or dog from the room.

After finishing cleaning to remove moisture on the floor, it is recommended to wipe it with a dry, clean rag. Otherwise, moisture can contribute to the appearance of deformation on the coating.

An excellent means for wet cleaning the floor is salt. If you wash the floor with a solution of water and salt, then the house will be perfectly clean. If a cat or dog lives in your apartment, using salt to wash floors will help remove the smell.

First you need to vacuum the floor

Features of wet cleaning of different floor coverings

Each flooring requires a special approach when cleaning. For example, the painted floor should be washed regularly, especially in the kitchen and in the hallway, where dust and dirt accumulate regularly. On the other hand, such a floor does not require much effort when cleaning. If the floor is unpainted, then one wet cleaning per week will suffice. However, each cleaning must consist of several stages. First, the floor needs to be washed with warm water and soap. The dirtiest places can be wiped with a brush. After that, the floor should be cleaned with clean water. And then it must be wiped with a clean dry cloth so that the floor is dry.

To ensure that the linoleum is clean, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. If you use a warm soap solution or detergents, it will be generally perfectly clean.

Parquet flooring is longevous and environmentally friendly. To care for such a floor, it should be washed at least once every six months with cool water. Use hot water is not desirable - you can damage the parquet. For proper maintenance of the parquet floor, it still needs to be wiped with a damp cloth almost every day.

Keep the laminate flooring clean and simple. If you regularly wipe the laminate with a damp cloth, it will be clean. Only after this the floor needs to be wiped dry, otherwise the moisture can be absorbed into the coating, and this can lead to deformation and swelling of the laminate.


If you have a floor covered with tiles, then you are lucky. The tile is most unpretentious in harvesting from all surfaces. Wash the tile with soapy water and detergents. For wet cleaning, ammonia can also be used. The tile, in addition, is resistant to moisture. It will also not damage cats or dogs.

So, for each coating, there is a method of wet cleaning, so before you wash the floor, you need to determine which cleaning method is right for your coverage.

Floor Mop Wash

How to quickly wash the floors

Often there are times when guests should unexpectedly come to you, but the house is not cleaned, or there is not enough time for full cleaning. In addition, spending half a day on bringing the apartment in order - it's still a pleasure! Can you wash the floors well without spending a lot of time and effort? It turns out, you can.

Before you start wet cleaning, the floor should be thoroughly vacuumed. On this depends the quality of all subsequent cleaning. If possible, from the room in which the cleaning takes place, you need to take out all the extra things or put them on a bed or a sofa. It is also desirable to remove a dog or cat from the room.

After that, the floor should be well wiped with a whisk, paying special attention to the skirting boards. When the whisk is dirty, it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. If after vacuuming the dust is still enough, then instead of a panicle is better to use a rag of microfiber. In this case, the surface must first be wiped with a wet cloth, then dry.

Spots on the floor can be removed manually

After this, you can proceed to a wet cleaning. To do this, you need the following "tools":

  • bucket;
  • detergent;
  • mop;
  • brushes;
  • sex rags.

Detergent, according to the specified proportion in the instructions, stir in the bucket with water. Water should be warm, but not hot. Then we moisten the rag in water, squeeze it lightly and wrap it around the mop. During cleaning, do not forget to wipe under the sofas and beds. Mop it is desirable to wipe the floor, moving along, and not across the boards (if you have a parquet or laminate). The cloth can be periodically cleaned with a brush.

After that, the washed floor should be well wiped with a dry cloth to avoid divorce. If the floor is parquet, then it is desirable to wipe it again with a soft dry rag. This rag can be brushed. After that, you can be sure - the apartment will be clean.

Washing the floor in the kitchen

Than to wash the floor after painting

So, you started a repair, which involves painting the floor. The floor after that takes a completely different look. How to wash it after painting? This work is not easy.

First of all, after painting you need to wait a certain time (about a day) to make the floor dry. After that you need to wash the floor twice with a warm solution of vinegar, using a soft rag. After that, within the next week you need to do a wet cleaning of the floor to remove oil stains. Do not wash the floor with soap solution. This will negatively affect the color of the paint.


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