Forged fence for the house- open work on the site (54 photos)

Forged fences are by far the best option for fencing. You can choose the perfect product for a private house, country cottage or villa to your taste. Such fencing not only protects the territory of the house, it is an original option for those who want to make the design of their house special.

Beautiful white forged fence

White forged fence

Forged fence with concrete columns

Forged fences have huge advantages among other types of fences, however, when choosing a fence for a house, one should start, first of all, from their personal preferences, because someone prefers stone fences, and for someone the limit of dreams is wooden fences. So, let's consider the main advantages that have forged fences among all the others:

  • Security is one of the most important criteria when choosing fences. Forged fences look solidly and massively, psychologically setting uninvited guests that such fences hide even more impressive protection inside. For example, surveillance cameras or guard dogs. Such a psychological trick will greatly protect your home.
  • Forged fence will last for many years. Metal is a very stable material, it is capable of withstanding both mechanical damages and moods of weather conditions. This is one of its main advantages. It is much more reliable than a wooden or vinyl fence.
  • Modern forged fences are easy to maintain, do not require frequent repairs and special care. If there are any defects on the fence, they are very easily and quickly eliminated even without changing the section.
  • Each of us would like to protect his privacy from prying eyes, and forged fences will perfectly cope with this. If you ask the manufacturer how best to make a hopeless version, most likely you will be offered polycarbonate or a stone base with a forged decorative finish.
  • The modern market of wrought iron fences, gates, wickets and various forged decor is very large. Thanks to the healthy competition every year there are more and more original variants of forged fences, for every taste, satisfying any requirements.
  • And, of course, it is impossible not to say that forging is always original and very beautiful, exquisite products. Forged gates, wickets - these decorative elements always look luxurious and stylish.
Original forged fence
High forged fence

Forged fence with rubble stone

Black forged fence

Cast-iron forged fence

Classic forged fence

Forged fence with decor


Decorative forging

Forged products look very bright. Unique decorative elements, the opportunity to be original, the creation of their own, unique and exquisite fence design makes such products very attractive, even though the price for such fences differs in the big direction.

Metal forging is made on a special sketch, created with all the requirements of the customer. Thanks to this, any non-standard, bold decisions are possible.

Unusual forged fence

Forged fence with the image of a tree

Forged fence design

Forged fence in the courtyard

Figured forged fence

The price of such products depends on the number of decorative elements and the complexity of the work.

The simplest option is a forged fence, made using a template. This approach facilitates the work of the masters, reduces the execution time and the price of the product.

Forged fence near the cottage
Black-and-gold forged fence

Geometrical forged fence

Deaf forged fence

Fence forging

Artistic forged fence

Wrought Iron Gate

Manufacturing of forged fences

Depending on the manufacturing features, forged fences can be divided into several types:

  • Welded constructions. The simplest and therefore inexpensive version of products of this type.
  • This forging. The most original design of the fence. However, such fences are not very popular due to the complexity of the work. Making such fences takes a long time.

  • Forged-welded products. One of the most popular types of fences. In their production already used elements are used, which allows to save time considerably.
Deaf forged fence

Forged fence with wicket door

Forged fence with brick

Painted forged fence

Metal forged fence

There are many different types of fencing for every taste. Whether it's a cottage, a private cottage or a manor, the modern market offers a lot of options for forged fences. You just need to determine the cost, find a suitable master who can qualitatively forge the gate or gate, a team of masters to install your fencing, and also to understand what type of fencing is closest to you.

Beautiful forged gates
Black forged fence

Forged fence in Art Nouveau style

A small forged fence

Forged fence

Forged fence

Original forged fence

Selection of a fence

Despite all the advantages of this type of fencing, first of all you need to consider your own tastes, because a quality fence is for a long time. Decide what you want to see in the end, choose a design, decide what functions the fence should perform.

Forged fence made of metal and polycarbonate

Forged fence on a stone foundation

Wrought fence in the garden

Gray forged fence

If you choose a fencing for a private house, then perhaps you want to get a reliable, but elegant, combined option. In this case, it is better to use a hopeless design for the entire fence, leaving only one part of the fence - a gate with a wicket. It will also be interesting to look forged elements along the perimeter of the entire fence. The forging looks very original in the design of the entrance doors.

Elegant forged fence

If you choose a fence for a dacha, then most likely you will want more space and airiness. Protective forged fences, although very reliable, but have gaps. In addition, this fence is easier to combine with the door forging. Thus, the whole house will look like one complete composition. This option is suitable for a private home, if you do not seek privacy.

Stylish forged fence

History of forging

Forging belongs to one of the oldest methods of metal processing. Forged creations adorned the gate of castles and mansions from ancient times. This was the hallmark of the nobility. Some, especially important personalities could afford to decorate with their forging even their own entrance doors.

This craft was mastered as far back as the 6th century BC. e. Of course, at that time such products did not resemble art and could hardly have successfully supplemented the design of the dwelling. However, the time passed, the technology did not stand still, like the skill of the blacksmiths. So already by the 18th century the forge craftsmen began to delight their customers with curved details and depth of space. The decorative elements became more and more diverse, and the ideas of blacksmiths are bolder and more interesting. Metal structures began to decorate not only gates or wickets, forged decorative elements began to be actively used in everyday life.

Wrought Iron Gate

An old forged fence

Forged steel fence

Ancient forged fence

Tubular forged fence

The design of decorative forged products varied depending on the epochs. For example, strict, seasoned forging was popular in the Renaissance, and the soft, smooth, light lines of ornamental monograms and the complexity of patterns appeared during the Baroque period. Metallic flowers, landscapes and a variety of complex ornaments - this
became forging, being a real art.

Forged fence on the site

Forged gates

Decor forged fence

Forged fence of a country house

Green Forged Gates

Modern forging

Present metal forged products have become more functional, and the design of their dwellings has become commonplace. It is difficult to imagine a modern private cottage or villa without a forged gate, and a dacha without charming wrought iron gates. Even doors in high-rise buildings often have a forged design, such as an entrance door.

Metal - a very durable material, and if it is a forged fence, then there are already added and aesthetic qualities. It's a real pleasure to admire the forged fence, or its element on its site. Forged gates or wickets will always fit well into the space, add airiness and grace to the design of the house. High or low, large or small, any size and any patterns of fences will find their place in the exterior of a country house.

Forged fence near the house

Iron forged fence

Forged products have long ceased to be monochrome, thanks to constantly improving technology, we can now have forged products of various colors. To change the color of the master cover the finished product with a special paint - patina.

Simple forged fence

When choosing a colored product, care should be taken to ensure that only high-quality paint is used. This determines the frequency of color tinting after purchase.

Properly painted surface has a beautiful, aristocratic appearance. This is achieved through the lower dense coating layer of paint applied to the patina. Always ask the master what color palette he offers, because the properly selected color of the patina depends on the appearance of the product. Appreciate whether it can harmoniously fit into the overall design of the house.

Painted forged fence


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