The three narrowest refrigerators

The narrowest refrigerators: 3 best models, up to 45 cm wide

Modern refrigerators often look like medium-sized space shuttles - huge dimensions, a bunch of LEDs, a large number of functions. However, such a miracle of technology does not fit into any room - what if you have a small kitchen in your apartment? Some are simply not needed - for example, those who live alone or are simply accustomed to limiting themselves to the delivery of ready meals.

We looked and found three narrowest refrigerators for a small kitchen, which will not take up much space and will not break holes in your budget.

Choosing the models for our rating, we focused not only on the dimensions: technical characteristics, brand reliability and consumer feedback were also taken into account.

We hope, our list will help you to facilitate the choice of a compact refrigerator for a small kitchen.


The three narrowest refrigerators

The compact two-chamber refrigerator SUPRA RF-096 costs only 7210 rubles. At the same time, its characteristics are higher than those of some models more expensive.

Dimensions allow you to install the unit even in the smallest kitchen - 45x47.2x85 centimeters.

Take note: Even less space refrigerator will take, if you build it in the kitchen. True, the furniture in this case will have to be made to order.

Pleased with power consumption - class A + allows you to significantly save on paying bills for electricity. As the refrigerant is isobutane - a chemical, safe for humans even when leaking.

Electromechanical control, which allows you to clearly configure the optimal temperature regime of the refrigerator.

Do not be deceived by the presence of just one outweighed door - behind it is hidden two compartments: refrigerating and freezing. True, the volumes of the second are unlikely to allow you to make reserves: only 8 liters. But the main department is quite roomy - 85 liters.

Both the refrigerator and the freezer Manual defrosting. However, no one expected a no frost system in such a budget model.

Of the minuses can still be called absence of an ice generator. But, you see, this is not critical.

And here the noise level is only 29 decibels. A weighty plus, which makes this model suitable even for one-room studio apartment.

The case made of silvery plastic imitating metal provides a stylish and elegant appearance.

In general, for its money, the model is more than worthy and we boldly recommend it for purchase.

Candy CCTLS 542 WH

The compact unit Candy CCTLS 542 WH with the price of 10765 rubles occupies an honorable place in the rating of models of refrigerators with a width of up to 45 cm.

In width and depth, it can be placed even in the smallest kitchen: its dimensions are only 45x55x85 centimeters.

The three narrowest refrigerators

The volume thus inspires respect - 125 liters refrigeration and 7 liters freezer. If you like to cook, but rarely make stocks of frozen food the model will suit you.

One compressor with isobutane as a coolant allows you to quickly cool the refrigerator at full load and maintain the necessary temperature. You can adjust it using the electromechanical control.

You will also be pleased with the drip-freezing system of the freezer - more convenient than the standard manual. However, the refrigerator department will have to be freed from ice in this way.

Noise level is average - up to 40 decibels. This means that the refrigerator can be installed in the living rooms - its noise will not prevent you from resting.

Light weight (30 kilograms) allows you to build it in the kitchen set above the floor - conveniently, taking into account the small height of the unit.

Pleasant bonus: the shelves are made of antibacterial glass. You can not worry if you accidentally put food directly on them - they do not threaten microbes.

The reviews mark a convenient configuration of the refrigerator: compartment for vegetables and fruits, three convenient hanging shelves for small items, solid glass shelves. Washing such a refrigerator is easy and it does not require special care.

Energy consumption of the most economical class A + reduces electricity consumption.

It is also convenient that the door can be outfitted in any convenient direction - an actual option for small kitchens, where every centimeter of space is in price.

Bravo XRD-120

The three narrowest refrigerators

The fridge manufacturer Bravo stands out a little from the general range - at the standard width and depth, it is much higher than its counterparts. The price is 10050 rubles.

Its dimensions, despite the increased height, allow you to place the refrigerator even in the closest kitchen - 45x50x119 centimeters.

Such figures could not but affect the volume: The freezer can hold up to 35 liters of products, and the refrigeration chamber - 73. An excellent option for those who want to have some food in reserve.

Electromechanical control allows you to adjust the required temperature. Thanks to the system of keeping the cold even without power supply, the device will keep the temperature up to six hours.

The refrigerant is used Freon HFC - one of the safest gases. The cooling element is a compressor located behind the rear wall.

The freezer must be manually thawed, and for the refrigerating compartment a drip defrost system is provided.

Energy consumption class A + - the most economical at the moment.

The refrigerator is equipped with two doors; both if desired, you can outweigh the other side.

Of the minuses, one can note the absence of an ice generator. But in general, the internal configuration is convenient: boxes for vegetables and fruits, eggs, numerous shelves made of plastic and antibacterial glass.

The freezer compartment is also divided into two compartments - for ordinary and more delicate products. Agree, amazing reasoning for an inexpensive model.

The case is made of silver-white metal with plastic inserts - a stylish solution that allows you to organically fit the refrigerator into any interior.

Model Bravo XRD-120 we definitely recommend to buy!

We hope that our rating of the narrowest refrigerators of 2017 will help to determine the choice of a compact and functional unit for your kitchen.


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