Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

Top-5 electric meat grinders for the home

Modern kitchen appliances can significantly facilitate cooking. High-tech devices are designed to take on the hardest part of working in the kitchen: cutting, grinding and so on.

It is unlikely that there will be a landlady who will say that twisting meat or fish into minced meat gives her pleasure. That is why the use of electric meat grinders is very popular, greatly facilitating and speeding up the process.

However, their assortment in stores is very wide and choosing a quality product is not so simple. If you are wondering what kind of electric meat grinder is better for a house in the price range from 2500 to 5000 rubles - our rating is exactly for you!

Choosing the best models, we used the following parameters:

  • Power;
  • Customer Reviews;
  • Availability of additional functions;
  • Correspondence to the price range.


The rating is opened by a small but powerful electric meat grinder, worth three thousand rubles. Its maximum power in 1400 W allows to process up to one and a half kilograms of meat per minute.

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

The electric meat grinder is equipped with a system reverse. This option allows you to turn the screw in the opposite direction, which is extremely useful when grinding meat with veins. If they twist around the screw, you can clean it without dismantling the whole grinder, which will greatly speed up the process.

Maximum continuous operation time - Ten minutes. This is enough to process up to fifteen kilograms of products. Those who are fond of conservation during the summer will certainly appreciate such an assistant.

Pleasantly surprising and a set of baits: it is enough for any dishes. The kit includes:

  • Two perforated nozzles for stuffing with holes of larger and smaller diameter;
  • Nozzle-grater for solid products;
  • Nozzle for shredding cabbage.

A small minus it is possible to consider the lack of a sausage nozzle. However, if you are not fond of home-made sausage production, you are unlikely to upset it.

The mincer is made of hygienic plastic with metal working elements. Rubberized feet prevent the device from slipping on the table.

If desired you can wash it in the dishwasher. Here is a review of one of the owners of this model:

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

Summarizing, we can confidently say that for their money the model is more than worthy - most buyers could not name any shortcoming.

Marta MT-2084

This cute little meat grinder has a decent power reserve - 2000 W. Thus, in a minute you can easily grind up to two kilograms of meat or other products.

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

Pleases provided by the manufacturer overload protection option. If the electric meat grinder starts to heat up, it will just turn off. Thus, the concern prevents the electric appliance from burning out under excessive loads. Equipped with a model and reverse system, which will help you quickly eliminate the veins and hard pieces of meat that hit the screw.

The maximum continuous operation time is half that of the previous model - only five minutes. However, at home this is quite enough.

Many users note the extremely quiet operation of the meat grinder. It really works almost silently, so even if you want to cook chops at night, then you will not interfere with anyone.

Included in the package meat grinders include two discs with a perforation diameter of five and seven millimeters and a nozzle-grater.

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

If necessary, you can easily wash the plastic grinder in the dishwasher.


Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

First of all, this model stands out with a maximum power of 3000 watts. At a reduced speed, it is able to break any meat without any difficulties.

So if you need to grind about two and a half kilograms of meat per minute - this is definitely your option. With such capacities, one can not do without protecting the mechanism from overload. Of course, in this model it is provided.

Since the model is not the cheapest (4680 rubles) in it, of course, is provided for reverse system. The maximum running time without a break is also surprising, but it's already nice - for fifteen minutes. Perhaps, this will be enough to cook a meatball cutlet for a small banquet.

Pleases and a variety of different baits: 3 types of perforated disk for minced meat. And, an unexpected solution for the Russian manufacturer is a nozzle for kebbe, traditional Arab sausages from minced meat.

Material of meat grinder - a strong plastic, which is not immediately different from the metal. There is an essential minus for those who are used to quiet technology: the maximum noise level is 78 dB.

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

In general, this product is an ideal option for those who prefer compactness.

Bosch MFW 45020

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

It would be strange in the list of electrical appliances for the kitchen do without the trademark Bosch. The MFW 45020 is recognized by most users of electric meat grinders as one of the best.

At a maximum power of 1600 watts, it successfully recycles up to three kilograms of meat per minute. Agree, this unit will significantly accelerate your work in the kitchen.

Pleases and reverse system: many buyers note that it is very convenient and allows literally a minute to clean the screw in the event of getting on it veins and solid pieces of meat.

But the system of protection against overheating for some reason in the model is not built. Apparently, it is assumed that a person who bought an electric meat grinder for five thousand rubles a person will treat her with care.

The accessories are quite unusual. This includes a perforated nozzle for grinding meat into minced meat, a kebbe nozzle and a little where the nozzle is found to make sausages. In addition, the kit includes two knives - for small and coarse grinding. A rare foresight for producers of meat grinders of this price range.

The overwhelming majority of buyers note this in their reviews:

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

The body of the meat grinder is made of sufficiently durable plastic, the inner filling is made of strong sterile steel. The reviews say that the solidity of the structure causes confidence - it is quite difficult to break such a meat grinder.

Rubberized feet prevent slipping of the meat grinder over the surface.

A pleasant bonus for those who like to optimize the space in the kitchen: In the meat grinder is built in the storage compartment for attachments in the form of a small pencil case. This helps to prevent the problem of feverish search for the desired attachment, if you need to quickly prepare dinner or meet guests.

But this option has the reverse side of the coin: the same pencil serves as a pusher (rammer) of meat, and its shape is not very suitable for this.

Of the obvious advantages - a convenient handle for carrying meat grinders. A useless option as a whole shows how responsible the manufacturer approached to developing this model.


Our electric power grinder from UNIT closes our rating. In its remarkable model immediately attracts attention - there is practically no plastic parts, except for the buttons, rubberized legs and the frame of the case.

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

Such monolithic looks impressive, but due to the large number of metal parts wash it in a dishwasher is still not recommended.

The rated power is 700 watts, and the maximum is 1,500. The engine is reliably protected from overheating and overloads, and the reverse system makes it possible to clean the screw at any time.

The variety of attachments is also the maximum: two perforated discs, three nozzles, graters, special shredder attachments, convenient special attachments for kebbe and sausages. Perhaps, this meat grinder can cope with any dish.

Full minced meat: Top 5 electric meat grinders for home

In addition, it works quietly enough, which, undoubtedly, makes it even more attractive in the eyes of buyers.

This concludes our review. As soon as interesting models appear that are better than those mentioned above, we will necessarily update this rating. We hope we helped you find the perfect assistant in preparing the most delicious stuffing.


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