9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

9 places where you can put the stylalka in your kitchen

Modern household appliances greatly facilitates the life of its owner - cooking, cleaning, and, of course, washing becomes much easier. Perhaps, it has one drawback - it will be necessary for each gadget to find a place, which is especially difficult in small apartments. Let's see where you can put the washing machine in the kitchen so that it does not interfere and organically fit into the interior.

Pros and cons

Should I even do this? We made a detailed table, which described all the significant pluses and minuses of placing a washing machine in the kitchen. We are sure, it will help to decide!

Benefits disadvantages
Empty space in the bathroom. If you select the built-in installation, the repair of the machine becomes more complicated.
All necessary communications have already been carried out. You need to think over where to store dirty things, powder, rinse, etc.
You can install a full-sized (60 cm) model - in the bathroom it often just does not fit. It takes a place that could be allocated for cooking utensils or food.
Security. In the kitchen, less moisture, which means a reduced risk of closure. The open door sometimes hinders, and it is necessary to air a stiralk ..

As you can see, the shortcomings are mainly related to the convenience of operation. But with the right arrangement and choice of the washing machine of the necessary dimensions they can be avoided. What are the options for placing the machine? Now we will see.

1. Embed in furniture

The most popular and common move is to install the unit in a niche in the headset. Moreover, household appliances often look very stylish and do not violate the overall harmony of design. This method is also acceptable in a small kitchen - the working surface becomes larger, and the total area is skimmed insignificantly.

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

The limitation, perhaps, is only one thing: a stylalk with a vertical load can not be installed in this way.

Important: If the machine vibrates strongly during spinning, do not try to cut anything over it at this moment. This is fraught with trauma.

2. Under the countertop

In this case, the machine is located in one of the niches in the lower section. If this is the case with a ready-made suite, then there is a possibility of problems with aesthetic embedding (for example, there will be large gaps or it is extremely difficult to connect communications).

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

Therefore, we would recommend considering this option when ordering a new headset. Then, even at the stage of his project, you can allocate a niche of the correct size to the machine to the nearest millimeter.

3. In the curbstone

Do not know how to place the unit so that it does not spoil the kitchen interior? Hide it behind the locker door. So it will not be conspicuous. But here too there is a nuance: only a front-loading machine will do.

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

In addition, the connection of communications can be complicated by a non-standard furniture configuration. It is necessary to consider and dimensions - indentations from walls of a curbstone should be made not less than 3 centimeters from each party.

In a small kitchen in Khrushchev or in another typical panel house, it will be difficult to realize this.

A unique idea: If the premise allows, place in the tall closet both the washing and drying machines one above the other. Make it one in one with a refrigerator - this symmetry is now in vogue.

4. High installation

Connecting the styralka - not all. It is necessary to think over and convenience of the subsequent operation.

We recommend to place the machine not on the floor, but above - so it was convenient to load things. A good example is in this photo.

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

So you do not have to bend every time there is a need for washing.

5. Near the wall

The most obvious option, which, nevertheless, is losing popularity. Of course, the easiest way is not to bother with a long connection and install the device in any free place.

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

However, we do not dare to call such a solution true: the kitchen immediately seems less visually because of the cluttered space. In addition, often the doors that forgot to close are broken.

Sometimes, when solving the problem of accommodation, the washing machine is placed close to the work surface, as if forming a T-shaped set. Here we again advise you to find another place, because:

  • Part of the countertop is blocked;
  • It will not work anyway. They vibrate during work.

6. With niches for laundry

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

If the walls in the kitchen are high, look for a set where there are special containers under the compartments for the stylus and dryer, in which you can add clothes.

In terms of functionality - very practical. You do not have to look for extra space or constantly run to the closets.

7. Under the windowsill

In the case where the window opening is large enough, install a wide table-top. Under it the washing machine will perfectly stand, and you will receive an additional working surface or a small dining table.

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

However, for this purpose the panel should be dimensional, otherwise the whole place under it will be occupied. In addition, this space is often reserved for batteries - probably, redevelopment is required.

8. Mask in the bar

In the kitchen-living room it is now fashionable to install bar counters as an element of zoning. Most often, there is enough space under them to equip additional shelves.

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

Refuse them in favor of a capacious niche for styralki. If you disguise it with doors, it will be invisible to guests. In this case, the length of the countertop is enough for evening gatherings.

9. In the corner segment, the headset

We have already mentioned that machines with vertical loading are more difficult to integrate into the kitchen interior. There are only two options here: how to put it either on a wall or in a corner, dismantling part of the countertop.

9 places to put the stylalka in the kitchen

The second method is better, especially for small rooms: so do not sneak precious centimeters of the area. The only inconvenience is not too comfortable getting things. However, the reviews say that it's quite possible to adapt quickly.

The bonus is a more simple connection, if you install the unit next to the sink - the necessary communications are located very close.

As you can see, it is impossible to name the correct place for placing a washing machine: everything depends on the configuration of the room, its dimensions and your priorities. However, we are confident that our recommendations will help make the right choice.


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