How to paint the interior or entrance door correctly

There comes a time when you need to make major repairs in the house or apartment. The reasons can be different: we do not like the way our house looks or just the desire to change the style of our home.

The process of painting the door

Among other repair works in the apartment, an important point is the painting of the doors. Despite the seeming ease of this task, the matter is rather troublesome. Qualitatively painted doors, certainly, will decorate an apartment interior, and entrance doors in general can be called a visiting card of an apartment. How to paint the doors? How to paint the wooden door? These and other questions arise during the repair.

How to paint doors?

Before you start painting the door, you need to decide what to paint? The answer to this question depends on what kind of door it is: entrance or interior. Interior doors are almost always under the influence of external conditions: temperature, humidity. While the entrance is under the influence of constantly changing factors. Accordingly, in order to paint the front door, some paint and varnish materials will be required, and others for painting interior ones.

Now there is a huge selection of paint materials intended for painting various types of doors. Often among these paints there are acrylic enamels, oil paints and nitro-colors. It is worth saying that oil paints gradually lose their popularity. This is due to the fact that they dry very long and have an unpleasant odor.

Multicolored doors in the interior

Increasingly, instead of oil paint, alternative options are used to update the appearance of doors. For example, alkyd enamels have the following advantages: high strength and durability. Their lack - an unpleasant smell, which persists for quite a long time (about 48 hours). Acrylic enamels, on the contrary, do not have an unpleasant smell. In addition, they can last up to 20 years. However, they are used in combination with the varnish, which must correspond exactly to them. The advantage of nitro dyes is their durability, but they also have a significant drawback - high toxicity, so nitro dyes are used for painting doors only in non-residential premises.

Service life of other types of paints used for painting doors:

  • water-dispersion (more than 10 - 20 years);
  • silicate (about 20 years);
  • silicone (about 20 years);
  • enamel (about 10 years).

The best option for painting interior doors are alkyd enamels. In addition to durability and strength, they have a huge selection of colors, which is important for painting the doors inside the apartment.

For painting the entrance doors are ideal for paints, which are designed for external finishing work. For example, alkyd enamels have one important quality for external doors - they are resistant to moisture.

White and pink painted interior door

Should I remove the old paint?

Before painting the door, the question often arises: Is it worth removing the old paint? Or you can safely apply on top of the dye layer of the new paint.

At first glance, a simpler option would be to apply a new paint to the old one, however, everything is not so simple here. Before applying a layer of new paint, it will be necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the door: remove all defects (chips, cracks). To do this, you need to use fine sandpaper and a primer.

If you decide to remove the old paint, then the effort will have to put a bit more. However, the result will justify these efforts - the door will look like new! The old paint layer can have significant defects: chips and cracks, and if a new paint is applied from above, these defects will eventually manifest themselves as a detachment of a new layer.

From the above, we can conclude: the old paint is better to remove. Removal can be done with a grinder or with a drill with a special nozzle. You can also remove the old paint with a special solution (20% or 30% solution of caustic sodium, carbolic acid or potassium). This solution with a soft cotton swab should be applied to the old paint. After some time, the same tampon should remove the layer of old paint. If the old layer remains in some places, repeat the operation again.

Painting a white door with red paint

How to paint a wooden door?

A wooden door, especially from pine, speaks of the aesthetic taste of the owner of the house. In addition, the pine smell at first will deliver pleasant emotions. However, from whatever tree there is a door, an oak, a pine, or another array, it should decorate the interior of the apartment, that is, look all the way! For painting a wooden door, the following tools and materials are required: paint, solvent, roller with a bath for it, sandpaper, lighting, putty, sponge, drying oil and brushes.

How can I paint the door under the tree so that its appearance pleases the eye? For high-quality painting of the wooden door, it is recommended to remove it from the hinges and lay it horizontally. So it will be much more convenient to work. In addition, in a horizontal position, the door will dry much faster. Even with the door you need to remove all the hardware.

First you need to pre-treat the door surface: putty and grind. After the old layer is removed, it is necessary to carefully inspect the surface. If defects are found, they must be eliminated. All chips, scratches and cracks should be smeared. At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate even microscopic cracks so that they do not show themselves in the future, especially if the door is made of pine.

Painted multi-colored entrance doors

After the treatment of the surface of the tree is over, you need to wait some time for the surface to dry. Then the door must be vacuumed and wiped with a damp cloth. After that, the surface must be carefully sanded with sandpaper. This operation must be carried out until a completely smooth and smooth surface appears. Then, once again, wipe the door, and the preparatory stage can be considered complete.

The first thing to do is to gently paint the butts and other uncomfortable places (notches, grooves). Then, using a roller or a wide brush, we paint the main area of ​​the door. The paint should be applied evenly. After this, you need to wait until the paint dries and apply another layer. After this, you need to wait until this layer dries and everything - put the door in place.

How to be, if you remove the door from the loop does not work? In this case, it is necessary to stain it in an upright position. At first it is also recommended to paint the ends and other uncomfortable areas. In this case, you need to start from the upper left quarter, then the top right. A
nd only after that go to the lower quarters (first left, then right). After painting, wait for a certain time until the painted layer dries.

Pink interior doors painted

How to paint a metal door?

The easiest way to paint a metal door is aerosol paint from a can. In this regard, there is a huge selection of colors and all kinds of shades: mother of pearl, metallic, fluorescent and others. In order to paint the iron door, there is a special paint for the metal.

Before painting the door it must be prepared. To do this, remove from her hands, eyes, locks and other elements that do not need to be painted. After that, wipe the surface thoroughly with a damp cloth. To eliminate all kinds of spots you can use acetone, white spirit or other means. The old paint layer needs to be removed. For this purpose, a metal brush and special means for removing paint can be used.

After that, the surface must be carefully treated with sandpaper or a metal brush. This is necessary for a good adhesion of the paint layer to the surface. Then the door will need to remove the greasy spots, if any. This can be done with the help of the same white spirit or kerosene. In case of detection of all kinds of cracks or unevennesses, they will need to be plastered. Then the surface should be primed.

We paint the metal door with acrylic aerosol enamel. Its advantages: simplicity, a huge selection of colors, high-quality grip and long life. To fix the result, you can treat the door with lacquer.

Orange interior door

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